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  1. E. CONGRATS ON YOUR 10%. I AM SO PROUD OF YA i guess my tip is stay away from the home scale, have dh hide it. sorry i was not here for ya, after i read your post, i thought, she will be fine. we all go through stages of "freaking out". i am upset that you did not eat. ww says ya have to eat to lose and i totally agree. dont do that again. hugs to ya, hope to see ya in chat.. xoxox Jane
  2. hey, i am having a great sunday. we had a good visit with mom and dad. a healthy lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. we went to the mall and Traders Joe's. they were out of Quinoa. bummer. i have my pot of fresh green beans that were picked this morning from my dads garden brewing now. they brough us tomatoes, peppers, squach and zuch.. yum-o so not really any extra activity today. lots of walking though. i hope everyone is having a op/active weekend,, Jane
  3. hey E, so sorry i missed ya the other night. the tip to chatting, is open a new window and check it often, a buddy will come. if ya dont text often, ya will get kicked out. i saw Michelle for 20 minutes today. i still need to get her moves down.. i think i will see Leslie to 4 miles tomorrow. hope every one is having a great op/active w/e. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  4. hey E, congrats on the great loss. ya do rock. ya been doing wonderful with leslie. 40 only comes once. ya have anything ya want. dont freak, my mom just turned 70. i still think she is a young chick!! Michelle is a hard w/o. she makes the moves fast,, but i am learning i can go slower and still get a great w/o. ya will make your 10%, i got the feeling, sis hope to see ya in chat,, xoxox Jane
  5. hey. i had a good day. i saw Michelle to the 20 min w/o, then did another 10 minutes. the w/o is tough, but i am learning the steps. i think tomorrow i will rest. i am gettin kinda tired of talking to myself. anyone can join the thread. i need company. have a great evening, Jane
  6. hey, hey. i had a good day. i was sore from seeing Michelle this morning. i am following her w/o plan and gave her a break today. but i wanting to work some of the sore muscles, so i saw Leslie for 3 miles. tomorrow, i will see Michelle for the flowMotion basics. its a 20 min w/o that works all parts of the body. i am so excited.. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  7. hey E, so good to see ya. we chat in the evenings. no special time, we just show up. great job with the metal monster. he can be challenging. i love the summer veggies too. Mom and Dad are comming next sunday with bunches of veggies from their gardan.. yum-0 OMgosh, i met Michelle today. saw her for 1.5 hr.. wow, what a great w/o. her moves are a bit challenging, but i will get it. leslie is simple, Michelle has move moves that really works the whole body. i am sure i will be sore tomorrow,, yeah,, i was glistenin like a pig.. i think this program is wonderful, i am excited,, rock on, ya are the only one who keeps our chatters going, thanks see ya soon, Terrie xoxoxx
  8. hey, i walked around our office building this morn before work.. 5 times. probally less than a mile. but i got in some activity. we were real busy at work today. after lunch i saw leslie for 4 miles.. then the postman brought me my new w/o program.. i am ready to get to know Michelle tomorrow, i am so excited. kbell, or Kettlenetics is my new w/o plan. i got 5 w/o CD's, i just hope i can keep up!! all core foods today, i got to lose some extra baggage. see ya all in chat, Jane
  9. hey, i have had a good day. i saw leslie for 4 miles after my sad w/i. thank goodness i have 2 weeks, to get back under goal or i will have to pay. i know its not my food intake, its lack of activity. i hope my new w/o program arrives soon. in the mean time i will see leslie or millie every day. again, i refuse to let my weight get to the point where i have to pay. i know what to do!! EM, hope ya are well, i have been missin on ya see ya all in chat,, Jane
  10. hey, hey, i had a great op day.. i was very busy at work, so no extra activity. i got an EM about my Kettle w/o, should get it in 5 days,, i am so disappointed that is has taken over 2 weeks. as soon as i get it, i will give a full report. see ya all in chat,, Terrie
  11. hey E, i am so sorry ya feeling blu. ya been doing awesome, so hang in there. may i suggest more protein and grains in your daily intake. i find if i eat these i am not as hungry. i dont have a sample menu from ya, so i dont know what ya missing. be sure to get in your H8's.. my Kettle has not arrived yet. if i dont get it by thur, i will call and raise he((.. be strong, sis, see ya all in chat,, Jane ps, Emily, if ya want to post a days menu, i might be able to help,, xoxox
  12. hey, i did not receive my new w/o program today. i am wondering if i got ripped off. hope it arrives tomorrow. all core today with my food choices. see ya all in chat, Jane
  13. thank you for the link, i added it to my favorites, Jane
  15. hey, hey. i hope everyone is having a great active/op w/e. E- i have not received my new program yet, i hope it comes monday. i saw leslie for 4 miles today. see ya all in chat ,, Jane
  16. hello, i had a pretty good day. i gave into peer pressure today for lunch. i have been good all week, so i feel good about my choices. i worked till 7 pm, so no extra activity for me. i cant wait to get my new activity program. i hope it arrives tomorrow, i am ready. i will see leslie if it does not arrive. hello shirley, so nice to meet ya. sounds like ya doing great with activity. ya are more than welcome to join us in the chat room. we are a group of ww folks that talks about getting and staying healthy. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  17. hey, hey, i had a great op core day. so glad to get back to work, i eat more Fand V while working. no extra activity today. we got the AC fixed,, 1600 clams later and we have a new furnace. the fan was out, but the unit was 25 years old, so it had to be replaced. my new Kettlenetics program has not arrived yet. i am hopping for tomorrow. have a great week, see ya all in chat, Jane
  18. judy, i will let ya know. i am so excited about a new w/o program.. i love my treadmill and WATP dvd, but i am needing a change. see ya soon, Jane
  19. hey, hey. i am having a so/so day. i am a bit sore from leslies w/o from yesterday. giving activity a rest today. the AC went out today. the unit runs but no air comes through the vents. then, DH washed his cell phone with the load of jeans.. i hate unexpected expences. eggs for BF, veggies for lunch, and grilled chick for din din. i could not brew my beans, did not want the stove on all day. hope everyone is having a great op/active w/e. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  20. thank you for your responce. yes, its the same system.. i cant wait to get it. Jane
  21. hey, hey i saw leslie for 30 minutes this morning,, walk strong.. a great 2 mile walk with strenght training with the strechie band,, great w/o for 30 min. i have made great core food choices, too. yeah Char, great job. have fun, enjoy the sunny skys of FLA. see ya all in chat Jane
  22. thank ya so much for the respose. i was thinking , wow, i must be the only person that fell for the infomercial. i cant wait to get it in the mail. i did walk strong with leslie today. 30 min and strenght training. tyring to get ready for a new w/o. i will let ya know how i like it when the package arrives!! thanks,, Jane
  23. i purchased this program by mail order today. does anyone have this program? if so, can you tell me how you like it. i have a tread mill and do WATP dvd at home. i think this w/o is a program i can follow. i am needing a new challenge with my activity. TIA for any comments and advice Janerae
  24. hey, hey chatters welcome to the thread, Josephsco. great job on the walk. EM, great job on activity, love your new quote. great w/o with Leslie, keep on rocking. i purchased the Kettlenetics Slim and Tone program. i should get in in 7 days in the mail..i am really looking forward to a new w/o program. i walked at a track today for 30 min. i had a very poor w/i today. but no problem, i know what to do to get back. hope everyone has a great holiday, stay op and get moving,, see ya all in chat Jane
  25. i just purchased this program. has anyone used this system and did you find it to be a great workout program? i use WATP and a treadmill at home. this program looked to be a workout i can handle. TIA for any information ya have to share Janrae
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