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  1. may i ask, what is garam masala. ya must have a great spice rack, TIA Jane
  2. hey, hey chatters everyone is doing great with activity and food choices. i saw millie for 30 minutes today after work. Hava and Emily, come to the chat room when ya have time. Jane
  3. HEY, hey chatters. Emily, i hope your tooth is better. great job on the activity. op-core for me today. no extra activity tho. i had to get the A/C compressor replaced in the car. ouch on the budget. i am so thankful that beans are cheap. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  4. i like to scramble eggs, refried beans on the side, and salsa on top of both. a great core breakfast.
  5. hey, hey, i hope everybody is having a great op-active day. i had w/i today. i stayed the same. no gain,, yeah no extra activity today. i was busy all day taking care of business. see ya all in chat, Jane
  6. great thread, i want to add my opinion. i still go to meetings each week and face the metal monster. he his my feed back, if i have a gain, i get back to more activity. if i am still under goal, i am not paying. the lessons are free, take advantage of it. Jane
  7. hey, hey emily,, great job on the activity, sorry your tooth is still hurting ya, nothin worse than a tooth ache. Hava, congrats on the great loss, ya rock , sis ya both are doing great. i had a good day, op, no extra activity.. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  8. hey, hey, so glad ya all keeping everyone motovated, Emily and Hava. no one is letting me down, i started this thread for folks to post their activity and keep each other op. i feel like eveyone is doing this, and keeping me on track Emily, congrats on the loss, ya rock. Hava, love the "only one pound" post, thanks see ya all in chat room,, Jane
  9. Good to see ya Mike, ya sound well, hope to see ya soon. no extra activity today, but was op core all day. B-nanner, fiber one dry, grapes. L grilled chick, ff cc w/ pineapple, ff refried beans. snak- orange and carrots. D- fake crab, steamed mixed veggies. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  10. Great job everyone on activity and staying op. no extra activity today. we had company. had lunch at Red Lobster, yum. i did pretty good, salad, broiled flounder, steamed veggies. i had a few bites of chris's fried items. i hope everyone has a great active- op w/e. see ya all in chat, Jane
  11. hey, hey new activity log members, so nice to meet ya. Hava, ya be doing great with your activity, feel free to post your menu's. the healthy 8's is a big key. Charlene, ya doing great, keep on trucking, sis Elizabeth, ya doing awesome,, get that walk in with Mattie. all that diggin will pay off with pretty flowers. great menu. ya gotta live and mex is a choice we can live with. no extra activity for me today. menu B- nanner, almonds. L- pinto beans, ff cc with pineapple, small baked spud. Dinner - a can of peas and carrots. well i guess that was my snak.. i will some something more later, not sure what. see ya all in chat, Jane keep on truckin
  12. welcome to the group, Emily. congrats on the loss. leslie is great. hey, hey Elizabeth. great job on seeing leslie. yesterday menu B-boiled egg, nanner, fiber one dry. L-pinto beans, beets, steamed veggies snak, carrots, raw almonds dinner- steak, ww pasta w/peas. i had w/i today. gained 1 lb. not sure why. i am good with it. menu today so far. skipped B, i w/i at 9:30 am Lunch- pork chop w/peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic today is chris's bDay, we got a new grill, so chicken breast for me, bahamma momma's for chris. see ya all in chat and welcome new chatters, Jane emily, do ya do core??
  13. hey, hey chatters Great job Mickee on your activity. your menu looks yummy. no extra activity today, i had to work late. menu B- boiled egg, nanner, fiber one L- 16 point non core crap,, i blew it for lunch. snak- carrots D- unsure, i need to eat healthy see ya all in chat, Jane
  14. hey, hey chatters Jeanne, so nice to meet ya. great job on the activity. i did Curves and loved it. its a great w/o. if ya have a chance, come to the chat room and meet everybody. no extra activity today. menu B- boiled egg, fiber one dry, love to munch on that cat food. L- pinto beans, ff cc, orange. snak carrots. D- last of the spegh sauce w/o pasta, 2 ears fresh corn. i hope everyone had a great op-active w/e. keep on truckin,, Jane
  15. hello. i saw leslie for 4 miles today. i have my pinto beans brewing. eggs are boiled, carrots cooked. menu fake crab, corn on the cob, mixed fruit so far today. not sure about dinner. it will be healthy. see all in chat, Jane
  16. hey, i hope everyone is having an active op w/e. i saw leslie for 4 miles. ok food day. 14 point Bfast. i had the crave,,haha. L- spegh sauce with a small amount of pasta. snak- lf cc, mixed fruit after w/o. dinner, pork chops that i did not cook yesterday. i have some fresh mushrooms and peppers i need to cook,, might stir fry them. where are all my chatter active buddies, i am really getting tired of talking to myself, oh well, i guess it keeps me on track, and thats most important. any one can join this thread. Jane
  17. hello, i had a great op-active day. saw millie for 30 minutes. menu- B nanner, fiber one. L- spegh sauce w/o pasta, cardboard. snak after w/o, orange, cherrie tomatoes, lf cc, 4 chicken livers. dinner- lean pork chops, mixed veggies. carry on chatters, Jane
  18. hey, hey. i had a good day. not very hungry today, not sure why. menu-L chicken livers and onions/peppers. Dinner-ground chicken spegh. my healthy 8's really stink today. i saw millie for 30 minutes. w/i, lost .2 next week will be better, i really think it takes my body two weeks to show a good loss. stay strong Flyball, ya will do great.. keep on visiting leslie!! see ya all in chat. Jane
  19. i had another great op-core day. this week was a real struggle with all the work food porn.. i stuck to my plan. no extra activity today. i am off tomorrow, so i will see leslie or millie. i did get in 4 days of activity this week. i hope the scale moves south. menu.. B- boiled egg, orange, nanner. L- green pea soup, tomatoes and red peppers with ff dressing snak, ff slice of cheese, dry cardboard, snak 2 -chicken cubes, steamed cauliflower dinner, not sure,, hope everyone is having a great op-active day. see ya all in chat,, Terrie
  20. hey, hey chatters. i had a good op day. i have had salad for 3 days,, i think i am getting to many veggies and not enough grains,,tomorrow for lunch will be tuna and cardboard. menu today B- boiled egg, nanner L- chick with various veggies salad, green pea soup D- steak, and mushrooms no extra activity today.. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  21. hey, great job flyball. sending ya skinny vibes for today w/i. good to see ya Mike,, ya more than welcome back when ya ready. carry on chatters, Jane
  22. hey, hey. i hope everyone is having a great op-active w/e. i saw millie for 30 minutes after work today..i gave leslie a break. menu B-boiled egg, cherrie tomatoes, carrots. i graze at work. L- pinto beans. i took a nap snak- steamed cauliflower dinner-unsure, i will make a good choice as last night i had 2 slices of pizza..and 6 chicken wings. not core..but i am ok with it,, as someone told me the other day, ya gotta live, hahaa see ya all in chat go JR Jane
  23. great job charlene, sending ya skinny vibes for monday. i know ya can do it. i had a good op-active day. i saw leslie for 4 miles. menu-B-boiled egg, very small part of a whole wheat bagel w/ ff cream cheese. snak- orange,, Lunch- salad with greens, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, grilled chicken, ff dressin. a few chips with salsa, not sure about dinner,, i figure some veggies. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  24. i just lost my 20 minute post.. gurrr. in a nut shell, congrats Flyball and charlene on w/i, activity, and op. i saw leslie for 5 miles, had a gain this week. all core and more activity is my plan. see ya all in chat,, Jane i will post my food tomorrow,, if i dont get booted again
  25. i just spent 20 minutes posting on chatters activity log and lost my post.. gurrrr.. i seem to get timed out. when i hit submit reply. the page says i am not logged on.. and the post is lost.. any tips?? TIA, Jane
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