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  1. hey, hey.. i am having a good op day. B- tamato soup with h20. orange L- pinto beans, beets D- pork chop, salad no extra activity. see ya all in chat, Janerae
  2. hey, flyball. so ya got to walk with Mattie in the rain, sounds like fun. good job on the w/i. slow but sure, ya doing great. i saw leslie for 4 miles today. i do feel better when i get activity. today menu B- 1 egg, ff refried beans snak- ff cc with a nanner Dinner plan- chick tenders, baked, peas and carrots i will update as the day goes on.. see ya all in chat, and on the track Jane GO JR!!
  3. hey, hey,, glad ya feeling better, Ash. good job on the walk home. i worked this am and took a nap when i got home, should have been w/o. tomorrow, i will see leslie. menu today- B- sliders and ff, i had the crave.{i know sad} L- corn and almonds {again, i know sad} D- lean pork chops, beets, and baked sweet spud. ** making up for my crappy choices} i hope everybody is having a great op-active w/e, see ya all in chat Janerae p.s. anyone can join the tread,, i need more support.
  4. hey, hey,, i just wrote a large post and lost all of it,, the main point i was saying,, i am re-commited to activity. i just feel so much better when i w/o. i saw leslie for 4 miles i had an o.k w/i,, down .2 i am posting my menus,, B- garlic chicken and summer squach/onions snak,, ff cc,, D- beef roast with barley, lima beans where are my activity buddies,, like Nick says "roll call please" see ya all in chat,, Jane
  5. hey, hey. i hope everyone is having a great op weekend.. good luck on monday with your w/i, flyball. i know ya had a succesful weekend. your doing awesome with the F and V. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  6. oh, Mike we are so sorry for your family's loss. we will pray for your family. stay strong .. Jane
  7. Great job flyball on the w/i, activity and Fand V. i did eat some barley today, so i am trying to get in my grains. still stuggling with milk. tomorrow i have w/i, so i am getting back to basics. all core and activity. hope everyone is having a great week. see ya in chat, Jane
  8. hey, hey,, char, ya did awesome,, i bet the core foods gave ya some extra energy. i had a good op day, still trying to get back to activity,, i am off on wed, so i WILL see leslie or millie.. see ya all in chat,, Terrie
  9. congrats to all ya chatters that is gettig activity and staying op. have a great w/e. see ya all in chat, Jane
  10. good job on the walk today, Ash. i hope ya had a op core day. good food day for me. donuts and pizza in the lunch room, i passed on all. i am still struggling with milk and grains. i will try harder to get them in. see ya all in chat, Jane
  11. good evening, i had a pretty good day food wise. my plans changed and i could not w/i or see leslie. tomorrow is a new day. see ya all in chat, Jane
  12. hey, hey, i am well, still need a kick to activity.. i am off tomorrow, plan to see leslie, 4 miles. great job, Elizabeth,, glad ya feeling better. ya can get in the Fand V with a little effort and trying new things,, congrats see ya all in chat, Jane
  13. hey, hey, hope everyone is having a good weekend. i did not see leslie or millie today. i am just not in the mood. i guess i need a kick. beans brewing, eggs boiled, carrots cooked. i got some nice oranges today. see ya all in chat, Jane
  14. hey, hey great job Liz,, ya be rocking with leslie.. 1.8 is an awesome loss, i am so proud of ya,, work on them F and V, sister, ya can do it charlene,, great job on the oil and Joe,, millie loves to see 4.2,, yo go girl, i am proud of ya,, ya still thinking core? i had a good op day, except for some french fries,, yuck,,but i had my beans and ff cc with fruit, ff cheese, nanner, egg, carrots. dinner TBD. activity has been a challenge, i had a change in schedule, so tomorrow , i WILL see leslie for 4 miles. i had a hard time with grains, i really tryed,, i am doing better with my milk, yeah see ya all in chat,, xoxo Jane
  15. hey, hey,, i had a good day with dad and mom,, we had a great op lunch. w/i was good, i stayed the same weight, so i am happy about that. i will get back to more activity tomorrow. char, glad ya feeling better and seeing millie. how is your oil intake? Joe? ash, hope ya had a good time at lunch today with your freind. how was w/i? see ya all in chat, Jane
  16. hey, hey,, op today,, not any extra activity, seems like the snow and the time change has made me kinda lazy, i will get back to activity tomorrow. good job ash on the walk , and i hope the gas man is kind to ya, hahaa i have mom and dad visit tomorror,, they like to eat healthy, so we will be good.. see ya all in chat, Jane
  17. hello all. we got dug out and to the store. they were out of nanners, i about cryed, haha. i saw leslie for 3 miles. i am having popcorn for my grain today. i got some ff cheese to work on my milk. beans brewing, eggs boiled and carrots cooked. fish and spinach, and barley for dinner. ash, good job on the walk, hope ya did not get to much snow. liz, ya got to make F and V a top priority. how can we help ya?? great job on seeing leslie for 3 miles on friday. Dutch, charlene, mike, JJ, where ya all been?? i really enjoy seeing your progress. it helps to keep op-active when ya see it in writing.. see ya all in chat, Jane
  18. hey. snowed in here today. i am being lazy. took a nap. i was up at 5:15 am. DR. closed the office. welcome back, Mel. ya are more than welcome to join us here. we log our activity. right now we are doing a healthy 8's goal challenge. we would love to have ya post with us. i am having couscous for a snak. day 3 of my goal reached. hope every one is having an active-op weekend, keep on trucking Jane
  19. hey, hey. all core day, no extra activity. we are having a bad snow storm,, bummer. i had couscous and bite size shredded wheat with bran. second day grain goal reached. i still need to work on my milk. good job ash on your milk and fruit. i hope ya have no big issues with your furnance. Liz, good job on journaling,, it can be a great tool to get in your H8's. see ya all in chat, and keep on trucking Terrie
  20. happy thur everyone. great job charlene, glad ya feeling better and back to activity. be creative with the oil. i will try to find the link i was talking about. ash, i just know ya can get in your milk. i also struggle with milk. i am going to have it in the mornings before work. elizabeth, sorry ya had a tough day, but ya did get activity. i bet ya back op today. good luck. the drum roll,,,, i lost 3 lbs this week. i saw leslie for 4 miles today. grain goal-- eatin popcorn now. couscous with dinner. i started a new journal for the week keep on trucking, see ya in chat,, Jane http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=175992&highlight=healthy+oils for charlene
  21. good evening chatters. i had a good op day. journaled all my food. thats 7 days straight. i hope the scale slides south tomorrow. i am going to start my H8's goals tomorrow. 5 of 7 days this week, i will get in my grains. Who is joining me?? have a great op-active day, see ya all in chat. keep on trucking Janerae
  22. great job, elizabeth,, leslie has a way to make ya feel great. see less of ya tomorrow, Jane
  23. hey, hey.. no extra activity for me today.. i had to work late. all core day. i did not get to see Jon. have a great wed. see ya all in chat, Jane
  24. hey, hey, another op core day, and i journaled all my foods.. no extra activity today, my legs are sore from yesterday. JJ and char, i am going to start the H8's challenge on thur..i am going to work on grains. i commit to 5 of 7 days. ya can pick your H8 and the day ya want to start. just post your decision. we can support each other. char, congrats on the loss and getting in your oil.. i "fry" food in evoo, eggs, meat, spuds. ya can do this. there is a thread on getting in your oil, mabe a fellow bcb will post the link. Dutch, i ate a salad and pork chop for din din,, thanks for your help. see ya all in chat and keep on trucking anyone is more than welcome to join the H8's challenge Jane
  25. hello, i got in 67 minutes of activity with leslie today. 4th day journaling, all core foods today. hope everyone had a great weekend. see ya in chat, Jane
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