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  1. hey, hey. i am having another great op-active day. 3 days journaling. all core foods. i saw millie for 30 minutes today after work. JJ, ya are more than welcome to post here. i would love to have a challenge with you. lets think about a healthy 8's challenge.. i am still struggling with milk and grains. anyone is welcome to join in.. see ya all in chat keep on trucking Jane
  2. hey, hey. i had a great op-active day.. all core foods. i have kept my journal for 2 days. i saw leslie for 3 miles after work. thank ya all for your support, i am feeling much better today. hope ya all had a great op-active day. great job Elizabeth , Charlene and Dutch, keep on trucking see ya all in chat, Jane
  3. thank ya dutch,, i need the support.. so glad ya seen biker dude:bcb_up janerae, 0x0x0x
  4. hey, hey, great job charlene, i hope ya feeling better. my meeting was not good,, at least i waited to get to the car before i cryed.. i was up again.. i saw leslie for 4 miles. i am journaling my food. no more carbs of any form. all core foods, just like when i started my journey. i must get back to a fresh start. I WILL NOT PAY for a w/i. i am going to the Tue meeting to see my old leader Jonathan.. i get no moto from my present leader thanks for all your support, bcb buddies, keep on trucking chatters:bcb_march JANERAE oxoxxo
  5. good morning, i am off to my meeting. i will check in later. i will see leslie this afternoon for 4 miles. Great job everybody, keep on trucking:bcb_march Jane
  6. good evening,, char, ya doing awesome,, great job on the loss, Mike, welcome back to op-activity, we have missed ya baked chicken and beets for dinner,, yum-o keep on trucking:bcb_march Janerae
  7. happy sunday everyone. i DID see leslie for 4 miles today.. i am having a great core day. i boiled my eggs. made veggie soup with turnips, yum-o. i am trying to eat more veggies and less beans. having baked chicken and kale greens for dinner. i did have that talking to myself and i am back on track. charlene, great job on seeing millie to work off the extra.. thats the way to work the program. ASH, where are ya? hope ya are well and having a great core w/e see ya all in chat, keep on trucking Janerae
  8. hey, hey. i had a good day at work this morning. i did Not see millie or leslie.. i need to have a good talking to myself,, i been visiting my trigger food, and the scale showed it this week. great job ASH, FLYBALL,CHARLENE, DUTCH hope ya all have a great op-active weekend see ya in chat, and keep on trucking:bcb_march Jane
  9. hey, hey, long day for me.. i did ok op- 2 small slices of veggie pizza for lunch. it was nice for a change from my beans,, no extra activity today. i will see leslie for 4 miles tomorrow after w/i. great job charlene, glad ya feeling better. ash, great job on the walk today. i love the steam bags,, fast and easy. elizabeth, great job on the H20,, and seeing leslie, ya go girl see ya all in chat, Terrie
  10. good evening chatters,, i had a good op-day, i did not get extra activity today. i will on thur,, tomorrow is my late night. great job Elizabeth,, leslie rocks and so do ya, congrats on the loss!! Mike, ya more than welcome to come join us anytime,, only you can decide when the time is right. i can say, sometimes i dont do well with food and activity, but i can always count on our buddies for support. we will miss ya, oh this is BCB,, get your azz back on track, oxoxx see everyone in chat and keep on trucking Janerae
  11. hey, hey. i am having a good op day. no extra activity. my navy beans with lean ham is cooked. got my eggs boiled , and cooked up some carrots. i put a beef roast in the crock pot so we are having beef and noodles for dinner. yum-o. so i have all my core foods ready for the week. nanners, oranges, grapes, and pineapples ready for my snaks. good to see ya Ash, sorry its rainings on ya. everyone have a great op-active week, see ya in chat,, Jane
  12. hello all. i had a good day. 30 min with millie after work, then a 2 hr nap.. great job Charleen, keep on trucking!! see ya all in chat, Janerae
  13. hey, hey, i had a good day. very busy at work. got home and rested, so no extra activity for me today. i will see leslie or millie tomorrow after work. elizabeth, great job on getting back to activity, hope ya had a wonderful op-active day today. see ya all in chat, Janerae
  14. i had a good day today. had w/i, i stayed exactly the same, next week will be better. i had my hair cut, oil changed, and food shopping. then saw leslie for 4 miles. a good w/o. flyball, hope ya having a great op-active day. full speed ahead:kickbutt: where are all my chatter w/o buddies? see ya in chat, Jane
  15. hey, hey, buddies,, so great to see ya all, i been op but a bit slow with activity, tomorrow is a new day, i will see leslie for 4 miles..i have my meeting, oil change, hair cut, food shopping, cooking, a busy day off. we all have to make time for activity:bcb_up flyball, welcome home,, now ya can plan for another trip, i am sure ya learned some lessons, next time will be easy, ya strong,,hugs charleen, great job at the shower,, ya really showed controll, congrats on seeing millie,, see ya all in chat,, Jane
  16. hope everbody had a great op-active weekend. i saw millie for 30 min today.. tomorrow i will do a bit more. Ash, hope ya staying warm.. good job on the walk,,hope ya saw leslie,, she misses ya, haha have a great monday, and see ya all in chat, Janerae
  17. i had a good Bfast, but poor lunch,, but it was "fish and spuds", just not the healthy cooked ones. when i got home from work, i wanted to nap, but instead i did see leslie for 4 miles. i feel better now. i had some ff cc and pineapple after my w/o, so back op for me. yeah i hope everyone is looking forward to an op-activie weekend keep on trucking, Janerae
  18. hey, hey chatters.. i had w/i today, down .2, yeah. i had a great w/o with millie. from the advice of fitsoon, i changed my w/o a bit.. i did 50 minutes at 3.5 speed at 2 incline. i burned 332 calories, it felt really good, but my feet started to burn,, haha, i guess i need some new shoes. so great to see ya punkin JJ, hope ya are well. we really miss ya in chat!! i hope everyone has a great op-active day, keep on trucking Terrie
  19. good evening, no extra activity fo me today, i worked till 7pm. i will see millie tomorrow. great job ASH!!!!!ya did wonderful,, core rocks elizabeth, i knew ya would love 4 mile,, its a great w/o Mike, ya have alot of friends that enjoy chatting with ya. we only razz ya becouse we care and want to see ya succeed, see ya all in chat,, Jane keep on trucking
  20. i saw leslie for 4 miles after work today, good w/o.. all core day. the girls in the office had KFC, man does that food stink up the office,, haha elizabeth, cant wait to hear how ya like the 4 mile. ya rock i dont really count ap, but i called leslie and they told me it burns 100-125 calories a mile..hope this helps keep on trucking buddies:bcb_bravoJane
  21. great job, Ash,, hope ya had a great core day i had a busy day at work but all core. had my beans and ff cc and pineapple for lunch. no extra activity today. see ya all in chat, keep on trucking Janerae:bcb_march
  22. hey, hey, i been trying to get to bcb all day,, grrr, thanks Denise for all ya do to keep us connected,, we all truly appreciate your efforts to keep us together!! i saw leslie for 5 miles today,, with the 3 lb hand weighs, waist belt and the strechie band,, a great w/o,, hope ya all had a great op-active day,, have a great week, see ya in chat,, Jane keep on truckin,, Mike where ya at??
  23. i had a good activity day, seen millie for 30 min. walked 30 min straight on 3.7 speed, i worked up a nice sweat, haha. i tryed to jog on 4 speed, but that makes my knee hurt, so 3.7 is a good walking speed for me. i had a very non-core Bfast, core lunch and will have a core dinner. great job, Dutch, 400-600 is a great burn, ya go , sis hope everyone is getting activity and staying op this w/e. see ya all in chat. Jane
  24. good evening chatters. i saw leslie for 4 miles after work today. millie is missin on me, so tomorrow 30 min with millie is my plan.. i had a op-core day. sending ya skinny vibes for tomorrow, Dutch. hope Z was a good w/o today. Great job Mike, keep on truckin Ash, hope ya having a great op-core day. good job on the walk and shoveling today. charleen, ya doing awesome with millie, keep up the good work. see ya all in chat, Terrie
  25. i had a good w/i today, up .2, no problem. i saw leslie for 4 miles today. it really felt good to see her again. char, hope ya feeling better, good job on seeing millie flyball, please dont ever be afraid of a weigh in.. the scale is feed back.Great job on seeing leslie at work.. ya girls rock. see ya all in chat,, Janerae
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