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  1. I sure do although I don't cook by measuring...so you may have to wing it! I use bread crumbs mixed with Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb blend...I like a lot of garlic so I use quite a bit. Then I spray boneless/skinless chicken breasts with pam, and cover with the bread crumbs. I've also dipped the chicken in water instead of using the pam...the idea is to give the bread crumbs something to stick to. I cook them in my non stick cookwear with a tsp of olive oil then serve with 1/8 cup of prego tomato sauce. I think they are aprox 4-5 points each with the sauce. Sorry its not really a "recipe" but I think you will really like it.
  2. Onions are so good on the grill...get some great big Vadalia onions...they are a little sweet and very good. I also read on these board one time that someone suggested grilling brussel sprouts. I've not eaten one of those babies in a 100 years, so I tried it. Put them in an aluminum foil pan, tossed them with a teensy bit of olive oil and Mrs. Dash and they are WONDERFUL! Thanks for the reminder...I need to do that again!
  3. Congratulations! This is a great way to make exercising fun, and you have your reward right there waiting for you, calling you to make it! AND, it sounds like fun to! I'm going to Floriday in September, maybe I can at least "walk to the airport" before then. Thanks for the idea!
  4. I don't know of a site, but wanted to tell you...it will take as long as it will take. Our bodies have their own rate to lose. Ive found in the past whenever I've calculated 2lb loss ever week, my body shows me who is in control, lol.
  5. Congratulations seems like a small word for such a big victory. I got chills reading your post, and hope someday I can post the same. Thanks for being such a great inspiration to us all!
  6. If it keeps you from gorging on high point chocolate, and you work in the points, then its worth it.
  7. OMG!!!!! That is soooo awesome. Congratulations...you are an inspiration ...I need to know that it CAN be done! BIG HUGS for a smaller you!
  8. I saw you!!! and I must say...you look fabulous dahling!
  9. I want to make a watch! I 've got instructions for it, so take lots of notes, you may have to help me!
  10. I was in the same place you are now...walking into my doctor's office for a regular appt. and almost cried when I saw that I needed to lose 100lbs. Then I started feeling like an alcholic and truly needed help and hope. Joining WW was that one step in the right direction. I've learned its baby steps that make great strides. You took that first step today by walking into that meeting...you took another step by posting here. It will all add up and will equal big gains, and not on the scale...that will go down. It all depends on doing what you KNOW is right and making this a lifestyle change. Another word of advice that I got here that I'd like to pass along, is not to concentrate on the total amount of weight you have to lose. Make 5lb mini goals, they are much easier to attain and are fun to achieve. Okay, its up to you...make a plan and move forward. Welcome to BCB!
  11. Bead board...don't have one but have considered it. My wal-mart doesn't have them, but I'll keep looking. Thanks for the recommendation.
  12. Several years ago I started walking and got "hooked". I did a couple of 5K's (quickest time was 42min) but didn't consider it something I trained for, I just did it. Since it was so much fun, I would like to do several this summer but I'm wondering if I'm ready. Does anyone have advice on if this is something I should train for, and what you would think is adequate. Also keep in mind, that running is out of the question and I've had problems with plantar fasciat...oh, can't spell it but you know what I mean, lol. Thanks!
  13. I would chose Chex Mix over chips anyday, so I've been looking for a good way to fix this also. I realized when I bought the bags of it, the only things I really ate were the Corn and Rice Chex...I'd pick through and only take those, so that's a good place for me to start, no need to put the other stuff in if I'm not going to want it anyway. The Chex website has a low-fat version with less butter, so you might want to check that out. I'm planning on making it in the future, and measuring and packing it up immediately but half a cup seems like such a small portion. I've gotten the Ritz 100 calorie pack and really like it, but wish it was a little more substantial. Seasonings in it are very good though.
  14. WOW! Expensive is right! I've found that Walmart sells beads now and Hobby Lobby has a great selection too, but all of it is in small bags so you can't buy 4 or 5 of just the bead you want. Right now, while I'm just starting their selection is fine for me.
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