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  1. Would ya believe they oat bran at Winn-Dixie?? I was thrilled. I just made batch two with several key changes (I should be posting this in the variations thread, but think of this as a reeeeallly long bump! ). Oat bran rather than wheat bran (ick) Additional Splenda Added cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla ext., and almond ext. Added 1 T honey (not Core! must count points, but it comes out to much less than a point per serving) Added 1/4 c. raisins (again, not Core! again adds less than 1 pt. per 1/6 of recipe) I'm really excited to see what I get.
  2. Okay, no oat bran at my store (what's new, it's Mississippi!) but I did find wheat bran, so I shall boldly go where no one has gone before (although Ottermum did contemplate an attempt, I see...) They'll be out of the oven shortly! EDIT: Okay, they're a little bit flat and funky, but they still taste good! I can definitely see the potential here. I'm gonna try the health food store for oat bran and see what I get. We sprayed with I.C.B.I.N.B. spray and that was okay, but when we drizzled a little honey on top (counting WAP), it was quite nice. So I'm gonna make my next batch a little sweeter and do them in smaller pan (I did a 9" square pan) and see what I get.
  3. Pat you look absolutely WONDERFUL! So strong, healthy, and inspiring-- I'm so going to go do my FIRM dvd for the day as soon as I finish typing this. My muscles are improving, but looking at yours, I'm so excited to think about how much more they can improve! No underarm flab at all! What a thought! And your bikini is cute! And kudos to you for wearing it-- I took some before pics in mine, and I am STILL trying to recover from the sight!
  4. Woooot! This stuff *is* good-- I just made a batch, a little over 2 c. yogurt, a couple dollops of ff coolwhip in case of bitterness, white choc pudding mix, and frozen blueberries... and it's SO good! I'm going to try the cheescake pudding mix next, but I'm wondering if the tanginess of the yogurt isn't enough without the cheesecake tang (or the ff sour cream tang)
  5. A little mayo and a few pecans add up fast!
  6. I just snorted so hard I think I deviated my septum!
  7. Wow-- this stuff is AWESOME! I halved the original recipe, since it was my first try, and used frozen peaches which I pulsed for a min in the food processor to break them up a bit. I also used frozen blueberries, and so far so good. I dished up a cup immediately after making it and it was already nummy. Such a keeper! Fabulous dessert. GORGEOUS! Love it!
  8. Mine just came too! Isn't it big and purty!? I'm having a getting-acquainted week. I've never done FIRM before, so it's pretty foreign to me. I've decided to take a lather-rinse-repeat approach to it. Right now I'm learning Supercharged Sculpting by rewinding and repeating each part until I can do it with reasonable accuracy. Samba what? Pyramid Huh? No, wait... LEFT. Oh, RIGHT?? hee hee
  9. *bumping up for Wendy* And--- I have found another fruit I ADORE for smoothies. On the canned fruit aisle at super wal-mart, they have apricots halves sweetened with splenda. They come in a clear plastic jar with a blue lid and are made by Nature's Goodness brand, I believe. I can't describe how nummy they are in a smoothie--sort of rich and creamy and delicate... they're particularly good with a smoothie made with a banana and some peaches. You get this gorgeous peaches and cream concoction that's almost like a gelato milkshake. AND they're an EXCELLENT source of vitamin A (beta-carotene) and have lots of vitamin C too. The points, you ask, what about the points!? 79 calories per cup, so about 2. (and since I'm already using a banana and 0 point peaches, I don't use a whole cup) *falls over in smoothie ecstasy just thinking about it*
  10. Of course you're OP! The middle of the night is technically "tomorrow" anyway, so you're right on track. Besides, you've always got your flex points if you want another bit of granola when you wake up. Your metabolism may be speeding up so that your daily amount of points isn't enough (do you use your flex and AP? if not, maybe add a couple)--anytime you are really "hungry," you NEED to eat, even if it's a 0 points food! Think about a fire-- give it fuel and it burns hotter. Your body is the same--give it fuel when it wants it and it will burn more calories. I remember reading that while Hillary Swank was training for Million Dollar Baby (I think she added 15-20 lbs of muscle), she HAD to set her alarm and get up in the middle of the night in order to eat a snack. I'm not sure if you were worrying about the fact that you ate in the middle of the night or not-- but your metabolism doesn't care when you eat, and the whole "no eating after 8 pm" thing is a myth. So you're golden! Enjoy that granola guilt free!
  11. Treeling


    Hee hee hee! Time for you to celebrate this NSV with a can of Veet Rasera (nair with a little plastic-y squeegee thing... no nicks & cuts)
  12. Just a little heads up on the eliptical-- the calorie counters in their consoles can be inaccurate (they tend to exaggerate calories burned). So you may prefer to use the slider or some other method of figuring out points earned/ calories burned rather than relying on the eliptical's calculation. There was a big controversy with stairmaster that forced them to get their calorie counters in touch with reality (hence the decline in their popularity), and there are rumblings that the elipticals will end up having to do the same. I don't mean to rain on your eliptical parade--they're good exercise!
  13. This is a little premature, but I'm so excited-- I just ordered my Transfirmer (along with the extra little sculpting stick package)... so I'll be joining your ranks soon! Can't wait to be a Firmie! Heh--I'm a little intimidated, I haven't tried any Firm videos before, but the results speak for themselves!
  14. http://walking.about.com/library/cal/uccalc1.htm ^^Here's a link to a neat little calculator that can figure out calories burned based on your weight, pace, and the distance. A good rule of thumb, though, is to figure at LEAST 100 calories per mile (or 1 AP), which is what a 150 pound person burns. The more you weigh, the more you burn! When it comes to walking, distance counts more than intensity... Jogging basically only burns calories faster, not in much larger quantities.
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