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  1. Good Grief!!! That is amazing!! I am glad I looked at that. We are going in September with the free meal plan and....well I am just speechless!!!! OMG. I guess it's a good thing you walk an average of 6 miles a day while there or everyone would come home as big as a blimp. I tried one when we were there last January for the marathon and they were ok--well they were good--I don't think I would have bought another one, but I would have eaten some if my husband bought one. With those staggering nutrition values I don't think my husband (who could eat a cow and not gain an ounce) would even get one. That should be illegal!!!
  2. where in AL? I live on the TN/AL state line, right above Florence. I run a lot of races in the north part of AL. www.shoalstrac.com they list races all over AL. Maybe we can get together at a race and run!!
  3. Christena-- that rocks--you did great. Where are you from? I watched the first half at mile 3 and 7 (on 16th and 17th ave) then again at mile 10 then at mile 13. I joined mother at mile 17 and finished it with her. It was a great race. I loved being a specatator and seeing all of the runners and the signs. It was hilarious.
  4. We have them at our local Wal-Mart. I have them but haven't tried them yet. I was going to do a search for ideas on how to use them!
  5. Well I unofficially ran the last 1/2 of the country music marathon with my mom on Saturday so that was torture!!. She had some friends who were doing the 1/2 so when the 1/2 broke away from the full marathoners, she put me on a guilt trip to join her and help her finish off. It was pretty fun though. I got to cheer her on in the first half and join her on in the 2nd half. Yesterday I took off and I just got through running 4.2 miles. I am doing a 10K on Saturday in Mississippi. It's supposed to be a really fun run--a big festival--the Coca Cola 10K--I am looking forward to it!
  6. Hello Ladies!! It's so nice to find you. I am sort of new to this board. I started WW about a month ago. I've been running off and on for about a year now. My mom has been running for about 6 years and she got me interested. I have bum ankles so it seems that I'll run for about 3 or 4 months then I'll get an injury or I get sick and I just can't seem to get back on my feet. I've recommitted myself and started back the first of last week. I am up to 3 miles. Planning on a 5K next Saturday. I usually run by myself. I just do it whenever I get a chance--hard for me to plan a time to run with someone else, between work and 2 kids. Anyway--I fill up my Rio player with MP3's and I am good to go. I look forward to talking to everyone! Amanda
  7. At one of the stores I shop at, I've seen it with the dried pasta's at another one, I've seen it with rice. I have no idea how to cook it, what to cook it with or what it tastes like. I am trying to widen my food horizons haha and this along with bulgar are things that I would like to try. Bulgar scares me a little though--the name just doesn't sound appetizing.
  8. oh, Sam's has it!! I'll definately have to get some there!! I'll take it back to Wal-Mart! It was gross!
  9. I forked over 2.98 for a pack (6 rounds) of Laughing cow cheese. So far I've opened 3 pieces of it and 2 of them have had mold on them?! You would think packed in the wax and still having over a month on the expiration date it would be good! Has anyone else experienced this or did I just get a bad batch. Thanks! Amanda Started 3/29/05 190 lbs. 1 week later-185 short term goal 165 Long term goal 140
  10. huh, well I've never heard or thought about that, but I too have the same problem so I am interested in reading the responses!!
  11. I agree, I have yet to find a frozen meal that I like of any of the ww, lean cuisine, etc. choices-with the exception of the healthy choice french bread pizzas. But these Ice cream bars are awesome!!!
  12. Our local Kroger has all of their WW ice cream sandwiches/popsicles on sale. I went and stocked up and let me tell you, if you haven't tried the cookies and cream ice cream bars/popsicles--go, RUSH, to your closest store and get a pack!! They are HUGE popsicles and are FANTASTIC. They taste like those popsicles we used to have in elementary school--they had strawberry and chocolate-the center was ice cream and they were topped in cookie crumbs--these are my new favorite desert--2 pts!!
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