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  1. Ohhh thanks for posting this recipe! I have some frozen shrimp that needs to be used. I can't wait to try it!
  2. Funny enough, I still haven't made anything from it yet. I got out my Turnaround cookbook and have been using that lately. I'll have to try something soon and let you know.
  3. Have you tried these? They are so GOOD! They get so soft and sweet in the oven. I put a little olive oil and kosher salt on them and then roasted at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes. I am going to put the leftovers (from last night's dinner) into our chicken soup tonight (along with the roasted yucon and red skin potatoes). YUM, YUM, YUM!!!
  4. I just threw things together for a delicious lunch today! I just had to share it! I took a Dr. Praeger California veggie burger and broiled it crisp. Then, I cut it up in a bowl and added the following: warmed up salsa (artichoke and garlic) ff cheddar cheese ff sour cream chopped up avacado chopped up black olives shredded lettuce I loved it! I'm sure it can be improved upon by your own creations. If you try it let me know. HAVE A GOOD DAY!
  5. Please do Linda and let me know what you think. I'd be happy to hear of any suggestions to make it even better!
  6. Hi! The other day I tried something new (new for me). I seared a pork tenderloin lightly in a little spray of olive oil. Then, I put it in the slow cooker, dumped almost a whole jar of unsweetened applesauce on top and let it go for six hours. It was so moist and tender and juicy and delicious and CORE! I also made the red cabbage/apple recipe from the Turnaround cookbook. I expected it to be good but I didn't like it.
  7. HI! I meant to post this in the WW CORE forum (not the CORE recipe forum). If a mod can move it for me I would appreciate it! If not, no big deal. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Carol, Have you ever heard of vita prep? I was on ebay and it says that vita prep is the same as vitamix 5000. It is supposedly meant for commercial use. It is available for $350. I'm not sure if it really is the same as vitamix 5000 though. Anyone have this model?
  9. Hi again Carol: I have always wanted a VitaMix but wasn't sure that I would use it enough to validate the expense. This recipe sounds so good though and I love reading the posts in the blender forum. Maybe I can get my husband to give this to me for Christmas. Any suggestions on the best place to purchase? Do you use yours often? Thanks!
  10. Sounds so good Christine! My son is turning 1 in November and I have decided to have a chili party. I am going to make 3 or 4 different kinds of chili (ahead of time) and then have tons of toppings. It will be a totally CORE day for me! I LOVE it! Anyways, I am going to use this recipe so THANK YOU!
  11. Carol, this may be my chance to try tofu. I have always thought that I didn't like it. Even though, I have never tried it. I am willing to give it a shot now. Also, I have never tried a tamale pie so I am excited to try something new. Thanks for the recipe!
  12. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share... I am looking forward to the holidays!!! In the past, I was nervous about them and dreaded the fact that I knew I was going to overeat. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed myself when I ate the food but really regretted it afterwards. Also, I had such horrible mood swings because I was depressed and upset with myself. But, this year is different! Actually, I started to feel it last year but even more so this year. I am confident that my new lifestyle will support me throughout the holidays without feeling deprived. I feel good about it and I am excited. Anyone else feel the same way?
  13. Hi: I'm not sure if this has been mentioned here or not... I got the Everyone loves chicken cookbook from WW and love it! I am so excited to try the recipes. There are quite a few CORE recipes in it. Also, there are plenty of non-CORE recipes that can be modified to be CORE. My mil made the chicken barley soup recipe and it was good. It had sweet potatoes in it. YUM! I'll let you know when I try a new recipe and if I liked it or not.
  14. Thanks Dawn1943 for running it through MC! Arlene, I am just not sure about the actual rolling of the cabbage. I have done it before with my mom's help but have never tried it on my own. I'm sure that if I tried it, it would be okay (I think). Anyways, I happen to like the casserole better because I get a little cabbage with each bite and it is very tender. Better yet, my daughter doesn't "see" the cabbage in the casserole and eats it all up! If the cabbage were all in one big piece, she probably wouldn't eat it.
  15. These were YUMO!!! My daughter and I had them for lunch. Thanks for the recipe!
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