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  1. 60 min spin class. The first class I've been able to do the whole class instead of having to modify moves for my tired legs or sore butt!
  2. Hi, All! Well, I did it. I signed up for a half-marathon today! Can you believe it? It's in February, so I am working on my training schedule as we speak. I have plenty of time to train, but no time to waste! It's the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, which is supposed to be a lot of fun. My BFF is doing it with me. She's a marathoner, but she's promised she'll run at my speed. Other than that, things are good. I'm losing steadily, thanks to the fact that the kids can go to daycare at the gym for two hours/day. And I like the break. And since I'm at the gym, might as well make it worth my while. HA! Really getting back into spinning and strength training. And obviously now running. One of the big plusses to living in FL is I can do all my long training runs outside instead of on a boring treadmill. We've now been in FL for 2.5 months, and while I admit I'd like some cool fall temps, we are really enjoying it down here. I've just started dipping my toes in the "apply for some jobs and see what happens" pool, so we'll see what happens. DH is loving his new job! DD just potty-trained, finally. And DS gave up the bottle about a month ago, so we are really moving out of the baby stage quickly. THANK GOODNESS! Hope all is well with everyone! Amy
  3. Elise said, "Good job, doggie" after seeing the Odie video!
  4. Hi, All! We're all settled in and loving life as Floridians! We use our pool almost daily, and my being a SAHM has certainly brought a sense of calm and peace to our lives. It's nice that when DH is off, we can spend time doing fun things, rather than all the mundane day-to-day stuff (since I can take care of that during the week). The kids and I joined a gym yesterday. I went to BodyJam today, which was fun! It was like hiphop aerobics, which normally would not be my thing, BUT I actually enjoyed it. The kids love the daycare, and I love the gym, so I plan to use it regularly. It also doesn't hurt that it gives me a break from the kids, so it's added incentive to go workout! Lynn asked for some pics of the kids, and you know I always share! First, one of DH and I: In our pool...mine are the two on the left My sweet girl Making a mess with fudgesicles:
  5. Hi! I'm checking in from our new place in sunny FLORIDA! Yep, we are all moved in...it's been a crazy few months, but things are finally falling into place. I am now officially a SAHM, at least for a few months. Today was my first real day, and we all survived! Tomorrow (or Friday) we are going to check out a gym and a YMCA to see which one I want to join. It'll probably come down to the quality of the childcare, since I'm doing it as much for the kids to get some 'preschool' as I am to get workout time by myself. The weight continues to come off - I'm just shy of 87 lbs lost. I have to say, when I focus on other stuff more, it's easier. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but it's what works for me. When I plan, eat, breathe, sleep, think, etc. about Core/WW/food/meals, I get obsessive with it, and I can only obsess over it for so long before it makes me crazy. When I just make it a part of my life, it seems to just fit in and work in the background. I don't know if I am explaining it well, but hopefully, someone understands what I am saying! Hope all is well with everyone! Amy
  6. Hi, All! I'm here, just crazy busy. Things with the move to FL are moving along. Hopefully, I'll be putting in my two week notice tomorrow, assuming we get a call today that the owner signed a contract on the new warehouse/office. DH has been home since Wed (after 26 straight days gone!), and we have sorted and packed 50% of the house. We're going to have the mother of all garage sales in a few weeks. Anyhow, he leaves tomorrow to go back to FL until it's time to come home, pack the moving truck, and leave for FL. That should be around June 11-12 or so. We still need to find a place to live in FL, but his dad is doing some preliminary looking and DH will make a decision later this week (the company is renting us a house for a year). So, whew! It's all happening sooooo soon, yet there are still so many things unanswered. I've had to let go and just go with the flow, which is totally not my personality. ARRRGGGHHHH! But I am learning, slowly but surely! In the mean time, weight loss continues to go well. I hit 70 lbs lost this morning! I am so excited. Imagine when I actually can concentrate on getting some real exercise! Sounds like everyone is doing well - the MG sounds fun, Becky; your mileage is impressive, Lynn!; and your weight loss was awesome, Linda, but glad you're back to Core! Make it a great one, buddies, Amy
  7. Hi, All! Thought I'd stop by for my monthly check-in! Lynn, I applaud you with all that fundraising. I did it professionally and it is SOOOO much work! Bridget, sleep issues are the worst, especially when you can't pinpoint their cause. Karen, hope you get a pedi in! Things are going fine here. The weight continues to come off with a little effort on my part. I swear, DH being out of town helps so much, because I don't feel compelled to make a big meal in the evenings. The kids and I are happy with some fresh fruit, a baked sweet potato, some easy kind of lean meat, and so on. DH would be happy with that, too, I just feel like I SHOULD make a big meal when he's here. Speaking of DH, he has been in Orlando since Monday, working in their store. He's down there indefinitely, which is difficult for me, to say the least. I have a 1-year old, a 2-year old, 3 cats, a house, a yard, a full-time job (and no one to watch the kids on Fridays), and more to take care of on my own. Fortunately, we should absolutely have an answer this week as to what the plan is for when we move down there for good. Whew, because I am TIRED! Make it a great one, buddies! Amy
  8. Sorry I missed it, but happy birthday! Sounds like the drama may have a happy ending...glad to hear it. Amy
  9. Hi, my friends! Long time, no check-in. But rest assured, I'm plugging right along and losing slowly but steadily again. I am finally into a routine with DH gone every week (he travels Sun-Thur for work now) taking care of the two littles. It's quite the chore some nights, but hopefully, it'll all be over soon. We should have an idea of when we'll be moving to Orlando next week when the owner heads down to find a new location and sign a lease. I have a feeling after all these months of waiting and waiting, it's going to happen quickly! Other than that, Beckett turns ONE next week. ONE. ONE! Oh my goodness! We're having a birthday party for him that weekend with just some close friends and family. I'm doing a Mexican fiesta (crockpot salsa chicken, lean taco meat, all the fixin's, etc.), so easy AND SF. YEAH! I really just wanted to say hi, and of course, I can't stop by without sharing a pic of the littles. This was their Easter picture (that I took and am proud of as I am working on becoming a photographer!): Later, my friends! Amy
  10. Hi, All! It's my random check-in! Life as a single mom five nights per week is really draining me. I am hanging in there - this is week four - but I hope we know soon what the plan is, because I deal much better when I know how long I have to do it vs. not knowing. The owner is heading to FL next week, so we should have a timeline soon. Which is good, because losing my mind isn't really an option right now! I got my pressure cooker lid and made barbacoa in it on Sunday. Problem was I tried to use the new lid, and for some reason, it didn't work. Steam and pressure just poured out the pressure valve, and while the clock started counting down, it never came to pressure (the light was still blinking). So then I changed lids (put the new part on) and it worked the second time. I cooked a chuck roast for 60 min (it was 2.75 lbs) on low pressure and let the pressure come down naturally. The meat was cooked, but not very tender. Was it because it basically boiled it the first time I tried to bring it up to pressure? I was disappointed. I've never had a tough chuck roast out of my slow cooker, so I was sure this was going to be awesome in the pressure cooker, and it wasn't. It was edible, but not very good. Help! Yes, once again, Amy has PC problems. Sigh. We rehired our cleaning lady, and she was supposed to start Monday, but because of the snow delay for schools, she had to cancel. I was bummed, but she's coming next Tuesday. If you are even considering it, I highly suggest it. Best money we spend every month. V, that stinks about the backup! No fun at all! Good luck to all who are interviewing...my fingers are doubly crossed for you! Make it a great one, buddies! Amy
  11. You might remember that I dropped a little, itty-bitty piece to my PC down the drain when I was trying to rinse it. I couldn't rescue it, so I called Cuisinart to replace it. They put in an order for a complementary one for me, which was nice enough. But that was in December, and it still hadn't come, so I called yesterday. It's on backorder, so instead of making me wait longer, they are sending me an entire new lid! At no cost to me. They just earned a very loyal customer! Amy
  12. Hi, All! New positions, interviews, workouts, and such - what a busy bunch we are! I know I've only been checking in weekly, but I often read the daily while nursing the little guy. I just hate typing with one hand. Things are going well. We are digging out from the financial hole we've been in (DH hadn't worked for six months, and no unemployment, because he was self-employed), which has alleviated a ton of stress I didn't even realize I was under. I am starting to stress a bit over the unknowns - when are we moving, what is the company paying for (a full-on moving company or just a truck), where are we going to live, and such. But I am just trying to take it day-by-day and not get ahead of myself. With it being just the kids and me during the week, I've simplified dinners and am enjoying it. Yesterday E had chicken tenders, and I had chicken tenders cut up in a bunch of stir-fry veggies with a little sauce that I concocted on top (soy, brown sugar, garlic). I was going to have it with brown rice, but we were out, and to be honest, I didn't even miss it. Today's lunch will probably also be dinner - romaine, mushrooms, onions, cukes, avocado, chicken, bleu cheese, a few pecans, and evoo and vinegar. YUM! I can hardly wait. Make it a great one, buddies! Amy
  13. Just a quick check in. I have a freakin' sinus infection. Ugh. It's killing me, so this is going to be short as I'm off to get my prescription and the kids. Hope everyone's doing better than me! Amy
  14. Man, I just typed out a whole reply and it got POOFED. Lynn, those pics are crazy! We only got about 4" - so I am not complaining! Nothing going on here, just busy with work and home. Need to hit the grocery store and prep for another sifi week. Make it a great one, buddies! Amy
  15. Hi! I actually had a chance to check in! I miss you guys! So, here's the scoop on our move to FL. DH's aunt works for this company that is moving their headquarters to Orlando. She has hired him to be the inventory/warehouse manager. We should know when we are moving in the next two weeks - they are going to Orlando next week to look at warehouses and hopefully sign a lease. In the mean time, he's working with her 4 days/week until we move. Good news is we have two salaries for the first time in 6 months and can dig out of some of this debt we've accumulated. The bad news is it means I'm alone with the kids 4 days/week. I had a nanny all lined up to come to the house, but she broke her ankle! So, now I have to take them to and from daycare every day, which stinks. BUT it's all for a very good reason, and we are sooooo excited to move! I'll be working until a few weeks before we move (they are hiring us a moving company, thankfully), and then I'll take a few months in FL to get us all settled and then decide if I want to work full time, or perhaps get my marketing/PR/communications consulting going. I have been doing some side work lately and just got another gig, so I might be able to make a go of it. One of the best things about this is we can finally afford to insure our whole family! Through my current employer, family insurance is $1100/month! Through DH's new employer, it's $300/month, and get this - same insurer, but BETTER coverage. DH hasn't had insurance in almost two years, so this is a huge blessing for us. OK, enough rambling. I hope everyone is doing well. I can't wait to live near Veronica. Sailorwoman, I am so excited to hear more about your wedding. And to everyone else - HI! Amy
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