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  1. Get them tailored...It isn't that expensive and then you get to keep your old clothes with your new body...
  2. I'm going to be the dissenter here. I find summer to be the most difficult and winter to be the easiest. First of all, I'm very anal retentive and I love a strict schedule. The kids are off school, have few activities, etc, so in the summer we tend to wing it a little bit more with dinner and what not. When it's hot, it's easier to not want to cook, pick up something or eat out. I find I get more exercise in the winter, because living in a cold climate, what else is there to do? So ya might as well work out. I also play hockey (ice hockey for the Southerners ) and nothing else makes me sweat like that does! Many healthy foods in the summer, but unhealthy ones too! How good does an ice cream taste when it's 90 degrees?!?! Plus there's always a lot of parties, graduations, weddings and events to attend where you can't be in as much control of the menu. Being on maintenance for a long time, I've learned to adjust to the summer challenges somewhat, but I'll take winter any day for ease of weight loss!
  3. I started WW when I was young, so things like diabetes and heart disease just weren't in my thought process at the time. I lost weight because I didn't want to be the "Fat mom". While I appreciate now having my cholesterol at 115, while my sibs all take blood pressure and cholesterol meds, for me, appearance is still the major motivating factor.
  4. Casey4

    Wasting Food

    I always say better in the waste than on the waist
  5. Casey4

    Red Robin

    Yeah, definitely a good news/bad news kind of thing
  6. My response wasn't directed at anyone personally and wasn't meant to be a criticism of anyone. I was just making a general statement that not all fat free or processed foods are necessarily harmful to you nor are all "natural" foods automatically good for you. For instance, am I better off consuming the very harmful saturated fat in butter, cheese and whole milk or the "chemicals" in the fat free vesions? It's a catch 22. I happen to have a strong family history of heart disease. So for me, I'm more apt to take my chances with a fat free dairy product than consume high quanitities of saturated fat. Others with different situations might make different choices. When it comes to sweeteners, I absolutely cannot consume sugar alcohols, though they are considered to be a natural product. It gives me plenty of natural gas though But I'll use splenda on occasion, and I haven't had any problems with it and I haven't read any genuine research that has discouraged me from doing so. Sugar is a processed food. It doesn't come out of the fields white and granular Sugar is a known cause of many health problems, but most tend to overlook the risks of eating sugar because they consider it a real or natural food. For all of us the bottom line is weight loss and maintenance. For myself, acheiving that takes mostly whole foods complimented by some processed or fat free products. It's what has worked best for me and I don't feel as though I'm less healthy because of it.
  7. While I try and eat as many whole foods as I can, there are some fat free and low fat items I do consume.That said, I also think there's a huge misconception about "chemicals" in foods. Most of the fillers and replacements aren't chemicals at all. Just because you haven't heard of them or don't know what they are doesn't make them "chemicals" or unhealthy for comsumption. Many of them are plant based derivatives.There are also a lot of "natural" foods that aren't healthy. If you do some reasearch, there are many who believe that soy is poisonous. There are mushrooms that can kill you. Sugar causes all sorts of health problems. So like anything, do your reasearch, make your own choices and do everything in moderation.
  8. At the center where I went, it was 6 months to get back to goal. I don't remember if there was a nursing stipulation, but I'm thinking that sounds familiar...
  9. Momaste, don't worry about gaining "strength and endurance" for labor. If you're hurting and can't workout, DON'T! And ask your doctor, don't ask us. When I was pregnant with my first child, I gained 60lbs, had milkshakes every day to get my dairy (lol) and my only exercise was going to the fridge to get more junk to eat! I was in labor over 30 hours, pushed for 3 and managed just fine. If you're feeling fine and can workout, that's great. But if you're in pain and uncomfortable, I think forcing yourself may cause more harm than good.
  10. Sorry, Duroc, but I don't think your statement is correct. I think people have this misconception that zero points should mean zero calories. That isn't the case. Like that article says, you can't go consuming loads of non veggie zero point foods and not expect them to add up, but if an item comes into the tracker at zero points, I count it as zero points just as I would if something was 2 points of 5 points or 10 points. That isn't cheating the program, that's following the program. I always wondered too why people say, well I count it as a point. Why? If it's zero, than it's zero. If something came in as 6 points would you count it as 7 just because? I don't consume very many of these foods, but when I do, I weigh or measure, and count the points as written, be it zero or more.
  11. When you exercise your muscles get tiny microscopic tears in them and retain water for repair. That can cause a temporary weight gain. But in the long run, exercise will help burn more calories, boost your metabolism and shape your body.
  12. The premade food might help you lose the weight. But are you going to eat that way forever? Probably not. The premade meals always left me feeling still hungry and most are at least 5-6 points. They're not a points bargain and not a money bargain either. Have you checked out the recipie boards? There's so many quick easy low point meals. I have 4 kids involved in a lot of activities (one has 3 sports going at once right now) and I make dinner every night. It may take some time to get used to, but it's something that you're going to eventually have to adjust to in order to make this a long term lifestyle change.
  13. I don't think I agree with this. For one, in the "old days", people DID die of cancer and heart disease, and if they didn't they died of things like simple infections or TB or measles or polio or whatever. I remember my dad telling me he used to go to bed crying every night, scared he'd get polio. People died routinely in their 50's and 60's and that was considered old then. It kind of reminds me of that Billy Joel song "We didn't start the fire". It's like there's always been "stuff" around, it's just different stuff now and we just hear about it more now.
  14. Just wanted to post a review. These were unexpectedly tasty! and only 1 pt for the burger. I made the patty, put it on a lite whole wheat bun with some salsa, lettuce and some FF sour cream. Way too good for only 2 points. I added some low point sides with it, WW SW Vegetable soup (0 pts), 10 baked tortilla chips and salsa (1 pt) and my own cheesy mexican rice dish, 2 pts. (1/2 c instant brown rice and 2 T Tostitos Salsa con queso) A huge filling meal for only 5 pts total. It tasted like something you'd get at a restaurant. I got them at Kroger in the Organic freezer section.
  15. I get 5 points, too, but I was surprised at how good they were and still much less points than the standard ramen.
  16. I guess it depends on what you mean. Over the years, the amount of processed foods I eat has gone down dramatically. I don't think it was a major concious decision, just a matter of realizing that they don't fill me up, I get hungrier quicker, and not a lot of bang for your buck point wise. Have I given up whole grain breads, pastas, rice, potatoes, etc? Heck no! I LOVE them, they're a good source of nutrients and generally a good points value. I think when you start eliminating things, it becomes more of a diet and much harder to do for a life time. The same with sugar. I've never had a major sweet tooth, even when I was much heavier, but I've never felt the need to completely eliminate it either. I think moderation is the key to getting the weight off and more importantly, keeping it off for a lifetime.
  17. Gosh, I WANT to love these. The texture keeps me away. But maybe I'll try again. Anyone have any pointers on how to keep sauce or whatever sticking to the noodles? This was my biggest problem with them, other than the texture. They're so slippery that nothing stuck to them.
  18. Casey4

    Turbo Jam

    I'm a Turbo Jam addict. It's fun and you see results. The moves are easy to follow, but yet it never seems to get boring. Chalene is motivating without being overly cutesy or perky. I like that she doesn't expect you to be "perfect".
  19. My own personal opinion is that you seem to be in the diet menatility and kind of setting yourself up to fail. I don't eat Lean Cuisines. Not that I have anything against them, but for me, it wasn't enough food. It always left me wanting more and I felt like it wasn't points well spent. What always worked best for me was planning ahead. I start with the 8HG and then if there's a special treat I want, I use my WPA's, AP's or any left over points for the day. It does take a little more time and effort than just grabbing a frozen meal, but well worth it. For instance, why not buy a small single serve bag of chips if that's what you REALLY want. It's not a total points killer. And seriously, do rice cakes take the place of chips? Or does a LC pizza have anything on real pizza? I think learning portion control and working in the foods you love is key to long term success. I think with time, there are foods you find you just don't really have a taste for anymore. I know that's the case with me and fast food. But that didn't happen overnight, it took time.
  20. I used to think that. But what I found is that change is where it's at. I know often times the common feeling is, "well, I've been eating this or doing this exercise for x many months, and it's worked, so why not keep doing it?" But for me, constantly changing the foods I eat, the workouts, etc, makes ALL the difference.
  21. I'm in the minority. Not many Kashi cereals I do like. I was hopeful this might be one of them. While the flavor is there, all the competing textures, the flakes, the twigs. the nuggets and all that makes it odd to eat.
  22. That's what I was kind of thinkin' Kimberley. It would make a nice Christmas gift Still am undecided though. A teenage neighbor kid, who is a total jock and in extremely good shape said HE had a really hard time with the P90x ab routine. That kind of scared me
  23. Thanks a bunch, Lesa! How many days a week do they have you working out? I'm in a phase right now where I'm at goal, semi happy with things, but feel like I need to push myself, take it to the next level, kick it up a notch. But I do like that comfortable thing too, knowing the workouts, knowing the moves and all that. But I feel like I'm being lazy and settling by sticking with the same old same old, even though I enjoy it. Thanks again, you look fantastic!
  24. Lesa, would you mind sharing a little about p90x? I've been so tempted to buy them, but I don't feel like I have enough information on them. How long are the individual DVD's? What kind of rotation do they put you on? Do you find it "too" intense or a good heart pumping sweaty workout? Thanks for any info you can provide
  25. You look 20 years younger! And your eyes are so much more visible now. Congratulations!
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