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  1. I've borrowed them from a friend and a I really like them. I find the cardio isn't as good as the Turbo Jam, but it's a fantastic ab work out without the usual crunches. The music is fun. Only thing I didn't like is you can kind of hear Shaun kind of breathing hard during the workout, which you usually don't with exercise video instructors.
  2. Casey4

    Turbo Jam

    I'm totally addicted I love TJ, can't wait to get up in the morning to be able to do it. It's done wonders for my abs and I have so much fun doing it.
  3. Most of the reviews I read have many complaints about "tummy problems" when eating these bars. I wonder if it's the chickory that does it?
  4. I heard the raves about the Fiber One bars and I didn't find them to be anything special either. Not bad, but nothing spectacular.
  5. I think the Alba Shakes are ok taste wise, but I find them a lot less filling than the WW smoothies. The WW smoothies have 15g of protein, while the Alba I think have only like 4 or something. At my meetings, the shakes are "only" $7. The only store around here that carries Alba charges like $4.59...so for me, the price difference isn't as great. I think they are ok mixed with water, but not knock your socks off great tasting. I do think the Alba vanilla tastes better than the WW vanilla. I almost always add in fruit or some type of flavoring no matter what smoothie mix I'm using. I tend to use the Alba more for a "snack" and the WW ones at breakfast because they tend to fill me up better.
  6. I think we all have our strong and weak points with doing program. I know in the beginning, eating vegetables was a huge thing for me. I was never a vegetable eater (obviously, or I probably wouldn't have gotten fat in the first place) and I was desperate for any little thing to get in my 3 for the day. Now, after many years on program and making lifetime, it isn't an issue at all. I eat so many and so many different ones I never would have even considered when I started. But in those early days, it was tough. So if someone needs to count pickles or the lettuce and tomato on a sandwich or the tomato sauce with their spaghetti, then I think it's a positive thing, not a negative one.
  7. I love it and have gotten great results. My abs are more defined and are starting to get a "six pack" look My legs and buns are trimmer and firmer (Booty sculpt is my favorite one, I think) and all the arm work with the aerobics (and the 3T)has given my arms and shoulders a nice sculpted look. Problem is I can't decide which one I want to do in the morning
  8. Just so you know though, the yogurt would be 3/4 of a dairy serving and the cottage cheese 1/4. You can use "partial" servings added together to get the two you need.
  9. It probably will help tone the abdominal muscles. But reducing that area also needs to include overall weightloss and a good cardio program as well. For the $100 you'd spend on one of those, I'd recommend an overall program like the Firm or Turbo Jam, that includes cardio and spot resistance training.
  10. Seems to be a great price for these and something that most of us would like to try, but were waiting for the cost to come down. Oh, and forgot to add core secrets too. http://weeklyad.target.com/target/default.aspx?action=entryflash&ref=nav2_weeklyad
  11. Hm, I've been using ankle and wrist weights for a few months when I do my eliptical because I've maxed out the resistance because I've been doing it for so long and I needed more of a challenge. Is it bad for that too? What else can I do if I don't use those?
  12. Casey4

    Turbo Jam

    Wow, a KitchenAid? You must have been a very good girl this year TJ MR is great, but be forewarned, it is much more intense than the original. Much faster pace, more high impact and stuff. I really like it, but my friend who is still a ways from goal found it too difficult and is staying with the first set for now. I'm at goal and have been working out a long time and I was literally panting and just dripping with sweat after doing the cardiomix3.
  13. Casey4

    Turbo Jam

    Hey, Kimmi, did Santa bring your MR TJ? My mom got it for me and I just love it. Wow, do those weighted gloves really add to the intenstity. The Fat Burning one with all the Turbos is great and I was really surprised how much resistance the tubular one offered. My favorite gift this year for sure.
  14. Oh, nothing exciting Heidi, mostly just fruit smoothies. I use the plain nonfat yogurt or vanilla Alba/WW and add in frozen fruit like strawberries, cherries or peaches and for whatever reason a capful of almond extract just seems to really make it taste yummy! Not unusual for me to have two in a day, so 1-2 capfuls a day out of that little one ounce bottle makes it go quick. I like to get the real stuff, but even the imitation is over $3.00 a bottle. I really like the Creme de Menthe Da Vinci (for the chocolate smoothies) and the big bottle seems to last a long time, so was thinking maybe doing the same with the Almond/Amaretto. BTW, Heidi, you are just absolutely beautiful. Not that everyone here isn't, but it seems like every new picture you post is prettier than the last.
  15. Don't know if this is anything "new" or not, but new to me. I had to buy my son some Chocolate Reddi Whip for school for some sort of thing they were doing. He brought home an extra can. Looked at the NI and it was 15 calories, 1g of fat, for 2 T. and oh so delicious! I'm not even a big chocolate lover, but it's so light and creamy and chocolatey, it tastes way too sinful for 0 points. I topped a double chocolate vitatop with it and it seemed more like a decadent dessert than a low point substitute. It was also good atop a choc WW smoothie and sf/ff hot choc.
  16. I find I stay OP much more easily if I journal before hand and plan the day the night before or that morning. Things happen, like an unexpected lunch invite or you find you don't have all the ingredients or something for a meal you had planned, but when I have too much time to "think", I'm screwed. It's a lot easier to come home after a busy day and go oh, I'm having......chicken, pasta, Mexican, whatever...then to say...hmmmmmmm, what sounds good right now?...and in the process, I'll usually nibble until I think about what it is and it's a recipie for failure for me. I tend to use very few AP's and WPA's in general, but I have them there if something really unexpected comes along, which is nice. I'm also on 20 points a day and tend to stick to a 3-4 pt breakfast, a 4-6 pt lunch, 2-4 on snacks and then the rest at dinner time.
  17. Would anyone know which daVinci syrup tastes most like almond extract? Not sure if I should get the amaretto or the almond flavor. I used to think it was a lot for a bottle, but when I see how much almond extract I'm going through and how much it is for that little bottle, the daVinci doesn't seem so unreasonable now.
  18. Casey4

    Turbo Jam

    Me too, Kimmi! I'm counting the days
  19. It isn't bad to discuss other programs, but I believe this board was set up for Weight Watchers and ONLY Weight Watchers. There's a board called 3fatchicks.com that compares and caters to all weight loss programs. That said, weight loss and maintenance is hard work. There is no way around it. If there was something easy, we'd all be thin. I personally don't see any advantage to overpriced, bad tasting, high sodium prepackaged food that comes in a box. There are plenty of healthy convenient foods that can be purchased at the grocery store.
  20. Eating the sugar alcohols might not kill me, but I can't say the same for the people in close range, if ya know what I mean Don't have to worry about any gas shortages when I eat that stuff. That's why I avoid it at all cost
  21. I think a big misconception is that zero POINTS must equal zero calories. That isn't the case. WW makes most vegetables within reason calorie wise zero points to encourage you to eat them. They know that they have calories, but the nutritional benefits make them worth eating in abundance Like Joanne, I have never counted zero point veggies in any quantity and have lost and maintained fairly well.
  22. Ah, not so fast. It may say splenda on the label, but if you look at the ingredients list, the first or second thing listed is malitol, a sugar alcohol, which can have gastrointestinal side effects and is a known laxative. I won't go near the stuff and I definitely wouldn't give them to my kids.
  23. Casey4

    Turbo Jam

    I absoslutely LOVE it! I've done every excericse tape in the book and this is by far my favorite. I found it easy to follow, no complicated sequences to remember, no changing props every few minutes (weights, steps, etc). Best of all, I've seen great results. The aerobic workouts include a ton of standing ab work and it's made a noticeable difference. I also really love Booty Sculpt+Abs. It's a 30 minute scupting video. Works all the muscle groups and has an excellent ab workout.
  24. Turbo Jam's Ab Jam has a 10 minute section of only standing ab work. Also, they incorporate a ton of standing ab work into the aerobic workouts. Most of them you don't even realize you're working your abs until you're done because they seem more like dance moves than an ab exercise. My abs have improved greatly since doing the TJ workouts.
  25. That's what I was hoping to find out, Nancy, if they were practical and if they were actually "speed" weights I have a bunch of the hex weights, but as I'm progressing and needing more and heavier weights, the clutter of weights is taking up a lot of space and if I could replace those with just 2 sets, that would be great, but I'm just not sold on the fact that they are easy to change. I know Bowflex makes a really fancy version that are like $600.
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