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  1. Has anyone seen these or tried these? I saw them at Target. They are an adustable set of hand weights. They have one's that go from 2.5 lbs up to 12.5 and another heavier set that goes from 5-25 lbs. I'm just wondering if they are easy to adjust. They run about $60 a pair.
  2. Turbo Jam is a great mix of dance and martial arts kicks and punches. A lot of fun and the best cardio workout I've done. It's easy to follow and no steps or equipment needed, so it's great for travel.
  3. It looks like it gives a great lower body and cardiovascular workout, but I don't like the fact it does nothing for your upper body. That's why I went with an eliptical.
  4. Casey4


    I know everyone does things a little differently, but I personally only count actual exercise. For me, it just never felt right to count activity that I was always doing before and will always have to do anyway.
  5. Absolutely love it. Can't wait to do it in the morning. I've done every workout video and have had every piece of exercise equipment and this is by far my favorite. It seems to take all the good parts of all the other workouts and none of the bad parts It's easy to follow and the countdown clock seems to make the time just fly by. My weight is down, my energy is up and I'm having a really hard time staying patient and not ordering the next series because my family says I'm tough to buy for and they want me to wait until Christmas so they can buy me something they'll know I'll like. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do
  6. No problem, Destiny'smom. Hm, maybe I'll post something in the exchange forum to see if anyone wants them. I tend to hang on to stuff too long.
  7. DL, I have the Transfirmer Series, the Box Series, JFA and Express Cardio. Most of the Firms seem to be similar in format and music. I guess it's all personal preference. The music in TJ is more to my liking and gets me going. I really like Chalene the instructor and I was totally prepared not to. In general I hate the perky blonde types, but something about her. She comes off as genuine and she's motivating to me. I was surprised that a lot of the moves that seemed like just filler funky dance moves are really effective ab exercises! Another thing I liked about Turbo Jam was not having to drag out those big bulky steps. Even though they are beneficial, (I love the tall box climb!) they're huge, they don't store anywhere easily and they don't travel well. You need a good amount of space to workout in. I liked that I could take TJ on vacation and workout in the hotel room. You don't need a ton of space to do it in. I also really, really love the countdown clock on the screen. Each segement is broken up into segments and there's always a countdown clock going so you always know how much more time left in the segment and the workout. It just seems to fly by. With the Firm, I was always thinking isn't this done yet??? I know most feel the Firm has a better sculpting workout, but I think TJ's is effective and the Ab series on TJ Live is killer! But fun. I personally never lost weight on the Firm. (I was at goal, or slightly above, wanting to get to a lower personal goal.) I don't know if that's typical or not, but I have lost on TJ and my abs are definitely better. I haven't seen any decrease in my shape or muscle tone from switching either. You sound a lot like me, Diva I like your sense of humor. I would recommend TJ over the Firm based on what you are saying, but just keep in mind, it's one person's opinion. DM, I have all the ones I described above. If any of them interest you (or anyone else), PM me and we can work something out. I'm not out to make a huge profit, mostly just de clutter.
  8. It doesn't demonstrate the moves, but honestly, I found TJ so easy to follow. That was the one thing I just loved about it. I'm a certified TJ addict now I'm even considering selling all of my FIRM stuff. It's just too slow and boring for me to do now. I get excited to do TJ, I can't wait to do it! The one thing I found most beneficial is the "tuck". Always keeping your shoulders back, and pelvis tucked under. It does wonders for your abs. But otherwise, the moves are really easy to follow. That's another thing I liked about it was that it's got a really relaxed feel to it. It's kind of like well, if you don't get this the first time, no big deal. Everyone in the video actually sweats! LOL If you go to QVC, they have the entire set for cheaper than what it would cost on Beach Body.
  9. Casey4

    Firm Question

    I don't know what your taste in music is, but if music is what motivates you, don't get the FIRM The workout is great, but the music is sort of that techo elevator stuff and for the most part, you hardly even notice the music. Definitely something they need to upgrade. I'm a recent Turbo Jam convert, and the music is MUCH more motivating. I'm not generally into the "dance" or "funky" music, but it really gets me going and into the workout. The moves are really easy to follow but are effective and fun and Chalene doesn't take herself too seriously and is upbeat without being phony.
  10. I LOVE it. I didn't think I'd ever like anything better than the Firm, but this is fantastic. Much more upbeat and fun. I found the moves really easy to follow. The other day I pulled out my FIRM DVD's cuz I was kind of missing the tall box climb (I'm sick lol) and I nearly fell asleep! It seemed soooooooo slow and boring. I couldn't wait to get back to TJ. The sculpting probably isn't as thorough as it is with the FIRM, but for me, it's sufficient enough. The Cardio, though is much more fun and I really like the high amount of standing ab work. You're often working your abs during the aerobic portions. Glad you ordered, hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
  11. The first ingredient to this beverage is water. So I don't know as though it would count as a milk serving.
  12. I use the MSF sausage crumbles to make omlettes and "breakfast burritos" with. It's one point per 1/2 cup and I think it's still one point for the listed serving size of 2/3 of a cup, but don't quote me on that! I usually stick with Canadian Bacon for breakfast. 3 slices for one point.
  13. I lost without the fiber cap too The good old days when a big bag of micro popcorn was two points. I have to say, this is the one thing that frustrates me to no end about WW. Why don't they train everyone the same and give them all the same information. I still hear people saying, my leader says if it has 25% calcium, it counts as a milk or my leader says this is core and lots of other misinformation. I know in the past, we didn't have the internet to "compare notes", but still. I think this is something that they really have to work on.
  14. I do it very simply. I use the slider and follow the directions. Move slide to calories, align with fiber, locate fat grams, in the window next to it are the points for your food. I don't care if it's at the high end of the box or the low end, that's the points I use and it's worked well for me.
  15. Casey4

    Turbo Jam

    MissJane, I'm a recent Turbo Jam convert. I did the FIRM for a long time and liked it. I loved the way it shaped my body, but the scale often went up or stayed the same. I'm at goal, but I want to get to a lower personal goal, and that frustrated me. I tried Turbo Jam just for something different. I never thought the FIRM workouts were boring until I tried TJ. I really, really like Chalene, which I didn't think I would. She's not stiff and formal. She's fun without being fake and scripted. I love the countdown clock, it seems to help the time just fly by. I like how she shows you exactly what to do in the instructional part. I like the examples she gives like "pretend your pulling someone down by the hair and umph!, kneeing them in the head". Sounds crazy, but her descrptions really give you an idea of how your form is supposed to be. The steps are easy to follow and I never felt awkward or uncoordinated like I did when I started the FIRM. I also like that you need very little space to do these, where as you need a lot more with the TransFIRMer. I'm one that appreciates the 20 mintue workout. It's nice on those "I don't have time" days. I did that this morning, then did an hour walk this evening. It's a nice little pick me up in the morning. Not enough for an every day workout, but nice to have a little something as opposed to doing nothing. I've lost weight since I started Turbo Jam and I feel like those "core muscles" are much stronger. I do miss the Tall Box Climb from the FIRM, and how it shaped my butt, but doing TJ has me really re engergized.
  16. You can find it at most grocery stores with the other Boca and Veggie Burgers. I agree with Mrs. BE, I found the chili to be way too spicy but yet the Lasanga was really bland. (It's 5 points, I think). I think the bowl of chili is misleading because there's a big hump in the bottom of the bowl, so the serving is a lot smaller than you think, and it's over $3.00 per bowl! I like making my own chili with the boca or MSF crumbles, beans and tomatoes and onions, or as my spice loving husband calls it, ketchup soup.
  17. I would go for the light and not the fat free. The FF is really an acquired taste, and even many "dieters* can't stomach it, though I personally have no problem with it.
  18. Question for the Firmies......does anyone else ever use the 8" step for the older DVD's that called for the 6"? I did FBC today, and was feeling guilty for not doing a longer tape, so I thought I'd use the 8" to give me a "little" more intesity. Wow! Never knew 2" would make such a difference. My buns are feeling it today! OT to Joanne: Love your new avatar! Can't wait for Friday. Hate to be greedy, but one more for the Captain would be wonderful!
  19. Joanne, for what it's worth, I looked at your pictures and I think your arms look fabulous, and so does the rest of you. I think Allie would probably want to look like you!
  20. Joanne, La Tortilla Factory has a new (to me anyway) Fat Free Tortilla. It is 90 cal/0 fat/9 fiber. These aren't the low carb ones that they make. I used to eat those, even though I didn't think they tasted all that great, but it was hard to beat the point value. But the FF ones are excellent. They aren't grainy at all they are thick and fresh and taste like one you'd get in a restaurant. These are the "soft taco size", but they are huge. They also have a burrito size that is enormous and 2 ponts (120/0/9)
  21. Thanks, Joanne. I did it before the workout. Hmm, a bit challenging, but I liked it. As I have only done the BSS3 ones, this is the first true only aerobic one that I've done. I liked it, and the steps weren't too bad either as far as following them. I like the new set up with the incline so you're actually facing the tv and can follow along. But it was cruel to say we were doing cool down and then go into PLANKS! Argh! You're right, Amy! I thought the box was good and sturdy, but after using the TransFIRMER, it feels so flimsy! Going to do the one with Pam tomorrow. I know this sounds terrible, but I really don't like Allie, even though I want to do the workout. For one, you can often hear her "breathing". Not that you can't not breathe when you work out, but it's distracting to me, and I haven't noticed that with the other instructors. Also, this is even worse, but her, er, chunkiness, is also a distraction to me. I know fit bodies are all different shapes and sizes, I guess in my mind she just doesn't fit the typical "FIRM" instructor type body and I want to be able to look at the instructors and say ,"I want to look like that!" One more thing, has anyone tried those Reebok "adjustable" type weights? Where you can kind of dial them and adjust the amount of weight you have? They look cool, but I dont' know how complicated it is to adjust them, and for over 60 bucks, I want to be sure I like them.
  22. I'm just getting back into the FIRM after a bout with pneumonia. My TransFIRMer arrived while I was sick, so I started back into what I had, the Firm box series, and am getting mostly back to normal and was going to start today with the Ultimate Calorie Blaster. I had a question regarding the extra abs workout. Do you do those before or after the aerobic workout?
  23. Casey4

    WW Muffins

    Super Wal Mart has muffins, Uncle Wally's Smart Portions. They are delicious. Two small (not mini, but small muffins) are two points total, 140 cal/1gfat/3gfiber. They are fresh and moist and very tasty. I had the banana nut, but they also have blueberry and apple cranberry (I'm going to go buy some more now that the banana were so good). They come in boxes with 4 twin packs and were about $2.79. Much better and cheaper than the WW muffins and a LOT cheaper than vitamuffins(but no chocolate flavor ) They are found with the lunch/snack cakes. They don't have any sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. One is a good little snack with tea or coffee, and two is good for breakfast with a smoothie.
  24. I can't imagine drinking so little. Could it be you're having problems because of dehydration? What about ice? Chewing or sucking on some ice chips or making a sno cone or slushy type thing and adding sugar free da Vinci syrups or like a low cal slurpee?
  25. Amy, I hate, hate, HATE that calf work section. Mostly because I feel like my calves get enough work doing everything else and it's so intense and it seems like the time could be spend doing something else. I've never looked in the mirror and got upset over how my calves looked That one sequence with stepping up on the tall box and then the kneeling back. Not my favorite either. What really stinks is she puts the push ups in the middle of it. Challenging sequence for me. But I love the aerobics too. I also think it has the best cool down. Waiting for my TransFIRMer to arrive, still doing my usual BSS3 rotation.
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