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    I give up..

    I just purchased mine from digital cranium!! Woohoo! $47 including shipping!!!! Best price I've seen. I don't know their Canadian policy though.
  2. Casey4

    I give up..

    Try eBay. I don't know if you'll get a huge bargain, but you should be able to get it reasonably priced.
  3. For me, exercise has become one of those daily chore type things that have to be done, no questions asked. I don't mean chore in a cumbersome kind of way. But there are just things that we have to do and may not necessarily want to, but we do them anyway. Now it has just become so routine for me, it isn't even an issue. Exercise is up there with brushing teeth and taking a shower and caring for the kids and stuff like that. It's non negotiable. I could find a million reasons not to if I gave it even a little bit of thought, so I don't even think about it.
  4. I use the heaviest weights I have, which are only 10 lbs. I don't know if I'm ready to move up on the other ones yet and I'd rather get the new TransFIRMER first, because I know I won't be needing the heavier weights for those yet. And darnit, the heavier the weights, the more expensive they get! I wouldn't say it's easy But I dunno, I guess I'm comparing it to TMS. And I just feel like I'm not "maxmizing my workout" if I don't do arms when I'm doing the lunges on the incline box or on the tall box climb ones and some of the other ones. In general, I like that one too, Amy. (other than the calf work!) It has the best cool down! I have a love/hate with the ab work. It's tough, but boy do you feel it and get results. Thanks for the tips!
  5. (((Tiffany))) I'm so sorry. That's a lot for one person to go through at one time. Hang in there and pick it back up when you can. Still "sick" but feeling much better after working out. I have a question. If a workout is starting to feel too "easy" is that the time to move up to higher weights? I did the Complete Body Sculpting with Christa. Her workout seems "easier" than the Total Muscle Shaping with Stephanie. Much less "comprehensive" work (arms and legs together, which I like) and I find myself wanting to add in arm work while I'm doing some of the leg stuff and vice versa. Should I heavy up on the weights or is it "bad" to add in some arm work in or altering some things around?
  6. I'm still waiting on a Trans FIRMER too, but I just wanted to add that usually, they come out with newer versions for a reason. They seem to tend to "fix" the little things that aren't working and add in the latest moves and updated equipment. I would always purchase the newest model of anything for that reason.
  7. Waiting to plan my week too as an upper respiratory bug has gotten me. I laid off the exercise yesterday and felt worse. I never ever thought I'd be this way, but now I can't NOT exercise. I felt like this big sloppy blob all day yesterday and it was all I could think about. The family is going out for the day, so I can "rest" but I have to admit, I'm secretly planning a workout. It makes me feel better. I guess if I have to be addicited to something, this is better than a lot of other things.
  8. Hello to everyone and welcome to all the new faces. No TransFIRMer yet, but it's giving me something to look forward to and I'm still really enjoying the ones I have.........so I wait, not so patiently. Amazed that the second time around on the Express Cardio I was able to pick it up faster than with the other ones. I guess the more you have the more you kind of know what to expect. Even did that heel toe thingy. I call it the yeehaw move. I'm sure there's something more technical, but it reminds me of some sort of cowboy dance. I thought for sure I'd fall on my face the first time I saw it. Here's my week: S-Total Muscle Shaping M-Express Cardio T-Complete Body Sculpting W-Fat Blasting Cardio T-Total Muscle Shaping F-Elliptical/Jiggle Free Abs. S-Express Cardio Also wanted to add to any of the new people to check out Joanne's FIRM list at the top of the page. It has been just invaluable to me. I had no idea before about what tapes were old or new or what went with what.
  9. Tried the EC this morning. Eek, do I feel like a clutz! The jury is still out on this one. I liked it, but not, if that makes sense. The music in this one was a lot louder and a little more distracting than in most of the others. I don't know who's idea it was to outfit the women in those tight ugly brown pants and pinky peachy tops, but not very flattering! Most of the DVDs fly by, but this one seemed to take longer than 30 minutes. Anyways, just my observations. I'll probably love it after doing it a few more times. I'm really liking the Fat Blasting Cardio one right now and still searching for a reasonably priced TransFIRMer. Anyplace that has it in stock is too high priced or too high in the shipping. I'll just work with the ones I have now, which I'm really loving.
  10. Got Express Cardio. Thanks for the tip Watched it, but haven't done it yet, but it looks great.
  11. Two points can also be a big bowl of oatmeal or vegetarian chili or a gardenburger on a whole wheat bun or some tuna. The list is endless! I know for me, having been on my first diet at 8 years old, that some old misnomers are hard to get over. Eating "fat" is one of them. I get in my healthy oils because I trust WW, but still there are times when I think for the points in that itty bitty portion of oil, I could eat a lot of healthy food! I don't have any really exciting or different suggestions. I usually use mine for oven roasted vegetables or a stir fry. Sometimes I will add flax oil to a smoothie. I agree with you Amy, that following the 8 healthy guidelines has made a huge difference in how I feel.
  12. You can get many of the basic flavors at the stores(vanilla, hazelnut, etc). I've seen them at Kroger, SWM, Marshall's, TJ Maxx and some others. Most of the flavors I like aren't at the stores. Banana and Creme de Menthe are my favorites and I order those online. Amy, the ones I didn't like were Peanut Butter and Caramel/Dulche le Leche. I was really bummed because I bought the caramel first and I don't think it tasted very caramel like. So I figured Dulche le Leche would have that milky creamy taste I was looking for, but it tasted exactly like the caramel! The PB didn't taste even remotely like PB. But, I got my free order today, and the Cherry and Chocolate Chip Cookie dough are delish!
  13. Ohhh, you mean that abs thing that they do in Total Muscle shaping where you are on your elbow and you lift up your hips while you sort of prop yourself by your ankles? I HATE that! I mean it works your obliques like nothing else, but I hate doing it. Some moves are hard but I like them, not that one though. Dontcha wish you could take all the videos and pick out your favorite moves and combine them? I would take out the calf work in Complete Body Sculpting, the planks in TMS and the skip across the box one in Fat Blasting Cardio I think I'll stop by Wal Mart and pick up the Express Cardio tomorrow. Thanks everyone.
  14. A little late as usual. Here's my week. S-TMS M-Elliptical/JFA T-FBC W-CBS T-FBC F-TMS S-Elliptical Questions. My husband got me a "coupon" good for the Transfirmer for Valentine's day (sketched some little "buns" and then said it was more a gift for him lol) Target is sold out, so is Overstock and the other website that had it cheap. Anyone know where it's still in stock? (besides the Firm Website?) Also, I keep seeing Express Cardio at Wal Mart. I've picked it up and put it back a dozen times. I keep thinking I won't "need" it if I get the Transfirmer. I see everyone stocking up, but I'm having this fear of having too many. But it's under $10, so you can't beat that, and I have the Box set that it goes with. Ah, decisions, decisions It's so much better being obsessed with exercise than with food. I keep hearing references to "planks" What does that mean?
  15. Hi all, I just wanted to rave about the great service I received from DaVinci. I had placed a recent order, and while I usually am very happy with most of their flavors, the ones I got left a lot to be desired. They didn't taste anything like they were supposed to (I thought) I politely wrote expressing my disappointment and suggesting making more smaller sized bottles so when we got a flavor we didn't like at least we weren't out so much money. I got a return email in less than 15 minutes, with a sincere apology for my unhappiness with the product. Then she told me to look at the list and pick any flavor and they would send it to me free of charge! I wrote back saying I was a bit unsure of what to choose, because of my recent experience and suggested a few flavors that I had thought of trying, and so she said I'll send them both to you! How's that for good customer service? They have a customer for life
  16. Not a good FIRM day today. Doing Total Muscle Shaping with Stephanie, so I'm getting my weights to set them on the couch and have them ready, I was hurrying and dropped them more than set them and they bounced up and pinched my finger and now it's all swollen. Then I'm doing my side step off the box and my shoe lace catches and I go tumbling. Then I'm doing the pec fly thing with the other weight mishap forgot to get my light weights, so did it with 10lb ones and think I pulled a muscle in my chest. Can hardly breathe or move on the right side. Eek, I should have stayed in bed this morning.
  17. Hi Malie. I'm fairly new to the FIRM and have the same DVD's that you do, and I had the same problem when I started. Time is the biggest factor. The more you do them, the more you get used to them. Got some good tips here which included watching the video when not exercising to it, have the remote handy to hit pause and rewind if you get confused, and just do a march or a basic step if you're confused and pick it back up when you can.
  18. I have been a lifetimer for a while and I was up a few pounds when I started the FIRM back in mid December. I lost initially, but since then have gained slightly. But seeing how much better my body looks is keeping me going. For the first time ever in my life.......my thighs don't touch! And they don't jiggle. They are "firm" I have defined shoulders and biceps (still wish my triceps would catch up, but I think that's a really hard muscle to get) My stomach is flatter than ever and my energy level is way up. I know if I hadn't been through all this so many times, I might be feeling like you do. But you're doing your body good. It will pay off in the end.
  19. Behind again with posting, but FIRMING away and loving it. S-TMS M-Elliptical T-CBS W-FBC/JFA T-TMS F-Elliptical S-FBC/JFA Amy, your new avatar is adorable. What cuties you have
  20. Casey4

    Just 1 Day

    I have to agree with all of the above posters. I can especially relate to what cornflkgirl says. If you take one day "off", it usually leads to more and that's never a good thing. I think it can also be misleading, because often times, the "splurge" day doesn't show up right away. Then you get on the scale and thing, hmm, I didn't gain, so I can do this more often. Then it catches up to you and before you know it, you've got a gain. In the "old" days, I used to think like you did. Like you, I was a new lifetimer and thought I had "arrived" and could take days off and "enjoy" myself more. It got me right back where I started. Thing too, was it never made me feel "better" to take a day off. After I'd wonder why I even bothered, most of the time I was eating just to eat, not savoring something I truly enjoyed. Then I realized, like Joanne said, I can have all the things I want, so there was no need to take off for a day. I think if you look at the long time lifetimers, you'll see they don't take "days" off or plan to go off plan. That says it all for me.
  21. Me too I just wish everything else would shrink as fast as those do. That's why I try and work extra hard on my abs, to at least try and give the "illusion" of a chest
  22. Hm, I've seen Express Cardio at Wal Mart for like 9 dollars and I think it's part of the BSS3 series? Sounds like a good workout. How are the aerobic moves as far learning to follow them? Sheesh, DD's and F's? I'm in the mammarically challenged group. I don't even really need a sports bra
  23. Most of the sculpting exercises, I got right away. The aerobic sections were a bit more challenging. I started in mid December. One of the videos, no problem now. The other, pretty decent. The third, still have stretches that I haven't picked up yet. I need to find the time to sit and watch them and pause it and take a closer look. On my list of things to do
  24. Joanne, have you tried the Dulche Le Leche flavor? I really like caramel, but I found the caramel da vinci to have more of like a butterscotch flavor. I like the smooth creamy caramel type taste. I just hate to buy one of those big huge bottles if it tastes like their caramel syrup. Thanks for any light you can shed on the subject.
  25. Here's mine for the week Sun-Total Muscle Shaping Mon-Elliptical/JF Abs Tue-Fat Blasting Cardio Wed-Complete Body Sculpting Thu-Elliptical/Walking Fri-Fat Blasting Cardio/JF abs Sat-Total Muscle Shaping Amy, you mentioned an "ABS" in last weeks thread. Which one is that? It sounded really good.
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