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  1. Your rudeness is uncalled for Nancy and your assumptions way off base. For me, "out of control" means eating two cups of canteloupe instead of one. Or grabbing an extra handful of shredded wheat. Or eating an entire pan of roasted vegetables when I'm used to one scoopful. I don't eat sweets or junk food or anything like that. I'm used to eating at the low end of the points range. That is where I'm comfortable and that is how I was successful losing and how I have been able to sucessfully maintain. I'm always looking for a better way and I heard about the benefits of weight training, but for whatever reason, the increased appetite and need for more food doesn't sit well with my body. In theory, I shouldn't gain adding more food with the increased metabolism, but every rule doesn't apply to every person. Jennifer, I understand and agree with WW's philosophy on health. What I meant was, when you weigh in, they don't ask you how healthy you ate, you pay or not based on what the scale says. I know I could raise my goal weight, but I'm small in stature and like being smaller and I like the challenge of having to work hard to maintain it. When I weighed in last time and was over goal the poor lady at the scale kept apologizing for having to charge me. She said she can't believe someone as "tiny" as me could be "over goal" and that I don't "look" like I weigh more than 100 lbs. She kept asking if I was sure I wasn't carrying my purse or left some ankle weights on or something. Even with the gain, I'm still in the 120's. I know others would rather weigh more and be able to eat more, but I don't. I eat very healthfully and follow the 8 healthy guidelines. Perhaps one day, I'll try it again, but for now I think the workout that I do is keeping me lean and healthy and keeps my weight and appetite where I like it to be.
  2. Yes! I have tried weight training several times and every time I end up giving it up because I gain weight. My appetite goes through the roof. I add more protein and points but it doesn't seem to help. It sends me out of control and I can't stop eating! I'm in the process of shedding some "weight training" pounds and it's no fun. It makes me firmer but doesn't really make me "smaller" which is what I would prefer. I work out mostly on an elliptical on high resistance and find thats sufficient enough for me. I'm not muscular but nicely toned I think. I know they say there are benefits to weight training, but it's just never worked well for me. The added weight it puts on and the effect it has on my appetite hasn't made it worth the trade off for me. I'm also at the top range of my goal weight and gaining 5 or more lbs even if it is muscle won't keep me at lifetime. Unfortunately, WW goes by the scale, not how firm or healthy you are.
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