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  1. Jason, wow!! I as the former owner of this site realize the time and dedication it takes to make such a massive update! Good job son!
  2. awww... so proud of my son! I've been burnt out and overwhelmed with trying to maintain the site... technology sped by and I couldn't keep up, but Jason.. he knows this stuff! I feel it is a great situation for Jason, myself and BCB! Fresh, young blood... Kimberley, you're sweet, thanks for scolding some members, that always bugged me as well! Laurie, yes.. we go sooooo far back!! BCB was really you and I in the beginning! Yes, yes.. I've made a few members upset a time or 2 losing threads and posts as I updated the site and not really always knowing what I was doing, of course - one time was beyond my control, due to hardware issues, but I know Jason will always do his best! He knows how hard I worked on this site and he knows how important it is to me, so I know BCB is in good hands!!
  3. Hi CW and everyone. Breakfast, I love it and know how important it is, I still, after all these years struggle with getting the water in! As far as AP's, I was doing great, but had a few surgeries this past year, and it's been rough being able to get AP's. I'm finally 6 weeks post op from the last and have me doctor's "okay to go" so I stated back this week on the treadmill. Hope I bounce back to my 3-5 miles a day quickly.. not close yet!
  4. HONK, HONK, HONK Dottie, Thanks for Sharing!! With so many people here, and my failing memory, I don't always remember everyone, and changing your user name.. no fair!! But after sharing your story, I remember you!! I'm so glad you're back!
  5. Good morning, I just complete my first day yesterday of the new program. I've been on WW for so many years and through so many programs, but as I completed my first day, I was thinking that the new program is indeed part "mental" which isn't a bad thing. I did have a pity party sometimes thinking I only have 18 points, the new program makes me feel like I have more to eat "mentally" LOL. It does however focus on better nutrition, and I ate a banana yesterday. I enjoy banana's and fruit but honestly - I did avoid them because I chose to eat other things for the points instead, so, I do think I will be eating healthier.
  6. I never knew McDonald's did that!
  7. Ginaki, welcome back and happy belated birthday! Glad you're surgery went well, and hope you continue to recover and have a pain free knee soon!
  8. Thanks Linda! BCB is the best - because of the great moderators AND the members here that all make it what it is!
  9. mudpies


    I absolutely love these, and have one everyday. Expensive.. yes, but hit's my sweet tooth and it is full of fiber! I 'm in FL and Publix carries them and every so often they run a "buy one get one free".. I clean the shelf's of the chocolate ones when they do!
  10. Yes. Yes. YES!! Please just jump in on our daily forum and join us! We love No Excuses Newbies!!
  11. I've been seeking help to no avail as to WHY this forum loads so slow! I tried to make a few changes today.. I see an improvement at this moment.. please let me know if you do as well. If not.. I'll try another company to help fix the issues.. very frustrating! P.S. the ads should NOT slow it down... and they do help support the site (so I can pay someone to FIX it)
  12. Thanks Buddies!! Kimberley - thanks for getting the party rolling!! LOL
  13. Want to workout with the Wii Fit.. do the hula hoops for 10 minutes on each side - it's a work out!
  14. PGW = Personal Goal Weight What others did you see and need to figure out?
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