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  1. Hey everyone - Found this board tonite after losing it (no pun intended). Just turned 51, STILL battling the weight demons and realize that I'm totally capable of getting the fat off - just need some "buddies" to do it with. As a recently divorced woman it's kinda lonely out here dieting solo and thought - well, DO SOMETHING about it so here I am. Historically have always been overweight - most I've lost was 90 lbs about 4 yrs ago and I've gained back about 40 so before it creeps up on me - I want to make some changes! This is my first step toward doing that.
  2. Jello Pistachio FF Poke Cake: Hope I get this right - I only know the cals for the FULL fat version so someone who is a smart converted may be able to help. 1 box LF white cake mix 2 egg whites 1 1/3 cup water 4 cups FF cold milk 2 - 4 oz boxes FF pistachio pudding Bake cake as package directs for 13x9 pan, using the eggs and water indicated above. Remove from oven and immediately poke holes in the top with the end of a wooden spoon. Pour milk into a bowl and add pudding, beating until lumps are removed. Pour half the thin pudding mixture over the warm cake - let the remaining pudding sit for 5 mins until thickened and "ice" the cake with the rest. Pop in the fridge at least an hour - cut into 24 squares. I know that the FULL FAT version which uses real milk, full fat pudding, full fat cake mix is 150 cals/3 FG which would be 3 pts but I believe using FF milk, FF pudding and LF cake mix would knock this down to approx 2 points - I'll repost on the main recipe board. Maybe someone can confirm.
  3. Oh sure - laughing cow cheese. Thats a danger in my house! But I've heard of the mashed cauliflower being done - I think my Atkins friends do it
  4. Anyone out there have a substitue for mashed potatoes? I'm looking for something with the same consistency but with less points that I can use for a side. Thanks
  5. Tried this and LOVE it - thank you.
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