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  1. That is way too funny. Thanks for sharing lol:D . Lisa
  2. ZoeyB97

    Just 1 Day

    I have a question... I have been on the program for over a year now, & I was wondering if any of you have ever taken just 1 day out of the blue, & decided to eat whenever & whatever you have wanted for just 1 day, & then gone right back on program the next day? I see no harm in this as long as it does'nt become very often. Thanks for your feedback. I did it yesterday, & I was honestly looking forward to getting back OP this morning, because I knew playtime was over. Have a good day. Lisa AKA Zoey
  3. Just curious, how many wait until after your meeting to eat dinner? Some people in my group eat before, but 2 of my close friends & I wait until after our meeting & weigh in. It's a 8:00 right now, & I am starving. I'm eating while on this site. I usually won't eat after 4:00 on weigh in days. My meeting is at 6:00. Would it make a lot of difference if I eat a lite meal before, & save my usual dessert until I get home??? Lisa
  4. It was'nt very exciting, but I had a peanut butter sandwich, on Weight Watchers bread, carrot sticks, & I cup of Pumpkin Mousse. I don't don't know why, but I have'nt really wanted to eat much lately, which is ok, I'd rather eat a bigger dinner. Lisa
  5. I use all my flex points, I never used to. I'm glad I am now, because if you wait too long, it may backfire. That is what my leader tries to drill into our brains. I could kick my self for not using them sooner lol. Lisa
  6. ZoeyB97

    WW Pie

    I love Key Lime Pie, but there are 2 problems, major point overload & I am the only one in the whole family that would even eat the stuff. Well, good ole Weight Watchers saves the day once again, tadah! While Collier & I were grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago, I found some made by WW. I thought I would give it a try. I tell you what, it's awesome. I could'nt believe it! It's better than at a resturant or diner could do, & that's the truth, I'm impressed. The slice is very plentiful & only 4 points. If you like, it's a keeper!!! Enjoy Lisa PS I'm eating some right now:D
  7. Very interesting question... Humm... with veggies I would say yes, anything else would made me too scarred to do that. Lisa
  8. :bcbsalute Congrats to you for making Lifetime Membership. You should be very proud of yourself. I know I found it very hard believe it when I did it. And it's one of those feelings that are hard to explain until you get there. Lisa AKA Zoey
  9. Sorry about your bad experience:mad: , that's really stinky:buddysmoo . You should try Applebee's. They are awsome, very WW friendly. I have been there twice, & have been thrilled. I've even gotten dessert:p yummy:headover: . Lisa
  10. For the past month, my favorite snack is 1 cup of Froot Loops cereal. I usually eat a cup for my "dessert" at lunch time or my bedtime snack. I never have them with milk, just dry. I can't stand having them for breakfast, but any other time a day yummy! Silly silly. FYI 2 points for 1 cup! Lisa
  11. ZoeyB97


    When I first joined WW in January of last year, I never ever used my flex points. I think a lot of the reason I did'nt was because I was too scarred to use them honestly. When I dropped down to 22 points a day, I was still hungry & I thought I would use them, & I'm so glad I did. I could kick myself for not using them sooner lol. My leader always brings up this point, use them because the longer you wait, it could cause the scale to not be very nice as you get closer to goal. Hey they are there & they are yours USE 'EM!!! I have 5 extra every nite 99% of the time. That balances me out fairly well. 5 bonus a nite, are a lot when you think about it. Take care all. Lisa Zoey
  12. Cheers & congrats to you. 1 year is an awesome feeling, you should be very proud of yourself. My 1 year was earlier this week. Keep up the good work, may we have many more years together (()). Lisa:)
  13. Do you ever find yourself wearing more of one color over another because it is your favorite one, or because of what others say...? I wear a lot of purple because it used to be my favorite when I was kid, now I do because it reminds me of my Gramma that passed away 4 years ago. See, when I was really little she made us grandkids blankets, & asked us all what color we wanted, & I guess when she asked me, I said, "Make mine purple Gramma, I really rikes purple". Notice rikes, that's how I said it lol. She always remembered that even on her death bed she told me that story with big love & smiles. So, of course when she passed I had to run out & get purple to wear for her service, what else is there ? So now I find my self wearing it a lot in different shades. What color is your favorite to wear. Lisa
  14. Guess what Gang??? I did something today, I never ever imagined in my wildest dreams. Collier took me shopping today, & while I was there I bought jeans in a Size 8!!! I am so pumped up. Last year at this time I wore 18 jeans & 20 in work pants!!! I even got a Size Medium Fitted Jean Blazer. I have wore Medium for awhile, but size 8 pants, I have never ever worn. In school I wore a 12. Thanks for letting me ramble, so pumped!!! Luv to All Lisa
  15. :crazy: Question... Since joining the program, in what will be a year in 2 weeks. I can honestly say that, I never ever went off program once. I made Lifetime by loosing 59 pounds already. So guess what??? Christmas Eve & Day come along & BAM! They kill me, I mean I ate like I had never ever seen food before in my 35 years of life. Today I wake up, & I can say I was glad to be back on program. "Pigging Out" did'nt even sound good to me. As a matter of fact, I did 50 crunches tonite, while watching a movie. Me 50, crunches that is amazing for me. So my question is... Should I still feel like a WW failure because I could'nt contain myself on the 24 & 25th. I almost guilty. Kinda like the cat that swallowed the canary... It's maddening Lisa
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