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  1. What a very good point & comment. With so many people out there trying to improve there health, I'm surprized more places don't have a special WW menu. I know Applebee's will be getting more business from me because of it.
  2. My birthday is this weekend, (the 27th) & every year my boyfriend takes me out to dinner at a place of my choice. Well for all of you that may not know, Applebee's in awesome place to go if you are on Weight Watchers. I knew that, so that is why I chose there. I'm so glad I did. We raved about our meal all the way home. Plus, it's nice to know that so we can go there more often with out trying to balance, guess, & figure. My whole dinner last nite was 8 points! I had a Mesquite Chicken salad for 4 & chocolate cake for 4 !!! They have several entrees to choose from. If you go to there website it's very helpful too. Hope this helps some of you, we can't wait to go back! Take care Lisa
  3. On Monday nite, (the 1st) I made my goal! I am still in shock. I have lost 56 pounds since joining back in January of this year. I feel great, I have'nt weighed this since back in 1988, my junior year in high school. Thank you all for your support & love while I was doing this, I wish & hope I can be a help to all of you, that helped me every pound of the way. Luv Lisa AKA Zoey
  4. Thanks for the awesome info. (()) Hugs to you. Have a good day. Lisa AKA Zoey
  5. Monday nite when I weighed in, the scale said I gained 2 pounds. I know some of it is due to PMS (UGG), & the other part is due to the very hot, sticky, & humid weather we have been having here. My question is, do I live with that, or is there a way to prevent these "false gains" as I call them? I don't weigh in this Monday due to the holiday. I'm not blaming my total weight on all this, or should I ? I did stay on track & used some of my flex points. I'm very close to goal too, could this be why? Any tips & insight would be great thanks. I have six more to go, & I'm at goal.
  6. Thanks for the tip of the game, lol it is a riot!
  7. ZoeyB97

    16 week award

    I got my award last nite, I never knew there was one until you mentioned it, Sandy. My leader felt terrible for not giving me mine sooner. Congrats again.
  8. When I cook my chicken, I weigh it after I cook it. I have been doing that since I started the program & have had no problems doing it that way.
  9. ZoeyB97

    16 week award

    Congrats & cheers to you on your 16 weeks award. That's is truly awesome, keep up the good work.:bcbsalute
  10. I just got my muffins yesterday, & they are awesome! If any one is interested in them, let me know. They are having a sale this month too.
  11. Hi There- Sorry I did'nt answer sooner. With the McDonald's Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad, I get the Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. The salad is 5 points & 1 packet of dressing is 1 point. Plus. I don't even use half the dressing. They have other salads as well, but they are in my book, to high of point values. Hope this helps. What salads were you looking at?
  12. I'll have to check that salad out, it sounds wonderful. I love the one from McDonald's. That one is called the grilled chicken bacon ranch. With the dressing they give you, it's only 6 points for the whole thing.
  13. I bought some Diet Coke with Splenda just the other day. I have'nt tried it yet though. My favorite is Diet Coke with Lime. That's worth trying if you have'nt yet.
  14. Yesterday, I just purchased 2 dozen muffins from the company called "Our Daily Muffin", they are only 2 points a piece, I bought the chocolate & the cranberry orange. I was wondering if anyone else out there has bought them, & liked them. It was a great deal. I should be getting them Wednesday. I can't wait. Thanks
  15. I'm not really sure, but I think they are nation wide. They have a bright orange package. Hope you can find them. Have a good day. Lisa
  16. Three cheers for you! Congrats on your weight loss! The pics are great. Keep up the good work.:bcbsalute
  17. When I lost my 10%, I got a beautiful key ring. I received a magnet, when I lost 25 pounds. Very interesting. You have gotten the key ring. Have a good day & congrats on the 10%!
  18. A few weeks ago, at my WW meeting someone mentioned English Muffins by Thomas'. Well, I went to the store to see if I could find them & let me tell you, I'm so very glad I did. They are awesome. I'm not a big bread, or english muffin eater or should say was'nt until these. They are multi-grain & 1 point for the whole muffin. I quite often don't even toast it. The flavor is that great & I have it that way with a little lunch meat. At the main store where I shop they are hard to find, but worth the search other places:) . Enjoy Lisa
  19. They are very good chips indeed. I tried them about a month ago, & I could'nt tell the difference. So, I had my boyfriend try them to see what he thought & he was totally amazed. Was shocked to know that they were "light" chips.
  20. I just bought a new snack bar from the Carb Options line of things. They are called Chocolate Peanut Caramel Snack Bars. They are very good each bars is 6 oz. & very rich & sure helps with the sweet tooth. The best part is, they are only 1 point!!!
  21. My boyfriend & I eat chicken a lot, & here is one of our favorite ways to have it. Start with boneless, skinless chicken breast. You could use other, but this is all we like. Cut up in several pieces put in frying pan with Pam or other cooking spray. While it is cooking lightly sprinkle with pepper & chilli powder, & a few spashes of hot sauce. When it's done cooking (about 25 minutes) depending on size of chicken put on fat free mozzarella chesse & a couple of tablespoons of salsa let it melt & it's done. Quick & yummy. Plus, 3 ounce of chicken is just 3 points (that's a lot of chicken too) The cheese is only 1 point for a 1/4 cup Only 4 points for all that Serve with baked pototo that is really good with it. Green beans we like & that is 0 points for a cup So you only have a 7 point dinner. Very filling & trust me I love food lol. Enjoy
  22. A couple of weeks ago while shopping, my boyfriend & I decided to take a lunch break. We ended up going to McDonald's & guess what? I had one of the best salads, ever! I could'nt believe it. It was the Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch, I had the Newman's Own Lighten Up Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing with it. It was a total of 6 points with all the dressing. It was very filling too, it for sure one to check out, if you are in a hurry or have kids & take them there often. I will be gettting that again for sure.
  23. Good for You! I'm very proud of you, I can't even begin to imagine how thrilled you must be now. Hopefully I will be there soon, I have lost 35 pounds since January 11th (starting weight 199). I hope to at least weigh 150 by my birthday (August 27th). That's my new step, then go from there. Again so very proud, wish I could be there & hug ya. But, know I am in thought ok.
  24. ZoeyB97


    That's to bad you did'nt like the smoothies, I wish I lived closer to you, I would buy them off you. I have no idea when I will be able to get them again.
  25. When I went to Conneticut a couple of weekend ago & attended the Weight Watchers meeting there, I purchased 2 boxes of the smoothie mix. They are so good, plus an awesome way to get your calcium into you. If you make them with water you still just 1 serving for just 1 mere point:water1: . I can't get these anywhere in my area, which really bums me out, because they are so good & who knows when I will get back down there. For anyone who has seen them & wondered, go get 'em, for I wish I could. I bought & box of chocolate & vanilla, & dread running out:( .
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