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    I just love chicken wings, but I realize they are a big no-no & I gave them up when I joined the program. But now, thanks to Morningstar Farms I don't have to. They have made Veggie Wings & let me tell you they are awesome. With the seasoning they use I honestly can't tell the difference. I had some for lunch & I am still in awe of the taste. No grease & no mess an extra plus. 2 minutes in the microwave. You must try these goodies. Serving Size 5 wings 200 Calories Total Fat 9 Fiber 3
  2. Hi There Harmony Rose First of all, hugs to you Sister!!! You did the right thing. You joined Weight Watchers :angel . I can't tell you enough how this program has changed & maybe even saved my life. I am 34 years old & I now feel the best I ever have. If you need any advice on what to eat or anything, I along with everyone else here would be more than glad to help you. Remember "Good things come to those who wait" Another words, the weight will come off, you have that will power & strength & all of us here. It's going to take time. Much love & write me if you need me.
  3. I really like pudding & I have found 3 kinds that I often take with me on the go or to work for my break. They are all just 1 point & help my sugar fix everytime! Plus, it's already made. This kind is new, so it may be hard to find in some areas. Jell-o Sugar Free Chocolate Vanilla Swirls The other 2 are made by Kozy Shack for just 1 point as well. Kozy Shack By Request Tapioca & Chocolate Both are no sugar added
  4. Oh I just love peanut butter:) !!! While I was on my mini vacation last weekend, I found something very good. It's called I.M. Healthy Honey Creamy SoyNut Buter Peanut Free. I was kind of leary about the taste, but let me tell you, I can honestly say I can't tell the difference! It even smells the same. Here is all the info: Hope some of you can find & try this. I am going to have to look in my area for it. I'm hooked! Serving 2 TBSP. 170 Calories 11g Total Fat 3 Grams Fiber
  5. Hi Gang It's Me Again- Well, I found the best products that finally are helping me get my daily water reqiurements in me I'm not a plain water drinker, I had the hardest time getting it in if I would get half of my daily in me that would be something to even brag about lol. But thanks to Crystal Light, Walmart, & Lipton Tea they have came up with these little packs you put right into your water bottle & poof yummy good tasting water with no points. I bought Lipton's green tea & honey Walmart's lemonade (thanks to my mom for turning me on to these little gifts) & Crystal Light Rasberry Ice (my favorite) & Sweet Lemon Iced Tea Now I have no excuse for drinking my water. Hope this can help someone else. Have a good day. Cheers & Luv- Lisa:water1:
  6. Hi Gang- Before joining Weight Watchers I very rarely ate breakfast. If I did it was a major huge bowl of Lucky Charms. Now, I actully look forward to it. I have an Uncle Wally's Wild Blueberry Bliss Fat Free Muffin along with a glass of milk or banana. The muffin is only 2 points for half or 4 for all & they are huge. I get very full & that will hold me to lunch time always. Lisa:)
  7. Hi There- I have several snacks that I enjoy. I list a few for you. Any of the 100 Snack Pack that Nabisco puts out are really good, & would really easy for you. All pack are just 2 points. There are several kinds to choose from as well, such as : Oreo Crisps Chips Ahoy Crisps Honey Maid Thin Crisps Ritz Mix (kinda like a Chex Party Mix) Fruit Snacks Can't think of the other ones right off, but that may be all. They are coming up with different ones all the time though. The Sugar Free Jello cups are good too. You can have 2 of those for 0 points. Hope these ideas help some. Good luck. Cheers to you for being a Hospice Nurse too. Have a good day. Lisa
  8. I'm a real ice cream eater. I always tell people that my two favorite people used to be Ben & Jerry lol. Now I can still enjoy my ice cream fix for just 1 point!!! They are fudge Bars by Klondike & called Slim a Bear 98% Fat Free No Sugar Added Enjoy Lisa
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