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  1. Just checking up on you, I know that it's been hard with all the health stuff latley. Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lookin GREAT!! You'r caption to one of the pictures cracked me up, something alone the lines of : "Trying to wear black to look slimmer....... FAIL"
  3. Just printed this as my new "Crockpot Cookbook" - THANKS!!
  4. Gillian - I LOVE your spaghetti cat avatar!!!

    "It's... in other words...art."

  5. There was a good discussion about them in the T-20's here
  6. Lele!! You look like some sort of high fashion model or something in your new avatar!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!

  7. Laurie! I am so glad that things are looking up!! I even looked up pulmonary embolism because I didn't know what it was! It looks scary and I can feel your pain at seeing a loved one sick. My DF is my protector and seeing him sick like that would be terrifying. (((hugs))) and we are all here for you!
  8. The chicken meatballs sound SO YUMMY!! I always want to take pictures of my yummy looking OP food too!! But don't want to be the weirdo always posting pictures of my food on here, LOL! This event must have taken lots of preparation and pre-planning so congrats on not caving and serving (and eating) the usual Pigs-In-A-Blanket (probably 5 points each!)
  9. No points for the avocado?
  10. My demon is always throwing around the word "fair". I feel like, "it's not FAIR that so-and-so gets to eat that." "It's not fair that I can't eat like that without gaining weight." "It's not fair that I am not naturally a size 1." I constantly have to remind myself that LIFE isn't fair and EVERYONE has their own demons to deal with, I am not the only one.
  11. Wow you really look amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!
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