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  1. I bought that brand with raisins and cinnamon in it...I thought it tasted good but kinda had a gritty texture. 2 tbsp 4 points
  2. They have baked tostitos scoops and a serving is 2 points I think 3 at the most. My family loves them
  3. Was wondering if you could do this for me or tell me how to put as my AV.. when it comes to the computer I stink:bcb_smile TIA
  4. I was just curious to see if anyone else does this as their only exercise and has it helped with your weight loss? If so how far do you ride? My foot has gotten so bad since my arch is collapsing that I can't walk too much without pain so thought we would give this a try. Last night we rode 12 miles. How far do you need to ride to see changes? TIA:bcb_bigsm
  5. mommaof2


    sara lee DELIGHTFULS are only 2 pts and are bigger than mini also thomas makes a multi grain square bagel for 2 points and they are also great for making sammy pizzas etc. I have found I like the spray icbinb and sometimes the sf jams. hope this helps.
  6. I am here for my kicks for gaining back 40 pounds since July. I know the mistakes I have made and am back here to make them right. I joined ww again on January 3 and have been doing well so far...my first week was a loss of 7 pounds. I am back on track and will not lose my way this time.
  7. the cupcakes for 2 pts are great but my favorite is the peanutbutter waffers for 2 pts a stick.
  8. Oh I am so jealous...I am rejoining ww tomorrow and their is NO free registration in our areabcb_sad
  9. I love this cake but they have now changed the box and it says 4 points..I am curious to what they changed to make it more points???
  10. I love the lemon pepper tuna in a pouch for 2.5 points then add to your 1 point bread (natures own healthline) is what I like. petter pan whipped peanut butter is awesome 2 TBSP for 3 points sf jelly is 0 points for a tbsp. fruit and veggies maybe some fruit or applesauce cups. string cheese is ok when left out for a few hrs if it isn't hot in the building. if you have access to a microwave you could do things like easy mac 5 points , oatmeal in a cup. lunch meat and cheese is always good in a lunch bag with frozen pack. Hope some of these ideas help.
  11. This is one of my favorite 2 point snacks. When I have points to spare I like to dip them in peter pan whipped peanut butter. They fly off the store shelf.
  12. mommaof2


    peter pan whipped is 2 TBSP 3 points smuckers sf jelly 10 calories a TBSP natures own healthline bread 2 slices 1 point I like to have 1 TBSP pb with a small banana and jelly all for 3.5 points the banana makes it more filling for me. I used to not be a pb person but now crave it all the time and this has been a wonderful treat for me.
  13. I ended up finding a bowflex on ebay that I won so am very happy. I have read alot of great reviews online and hope this is what I need to get my body going in the right direction again. I have been at a stand still since Jan. and hope this is what I am needing. We got a great deal on the bowflex and it is in driving distance to pick it up so no shipping. YEA!!! Thanks buddies for all yout help. You are the best:)
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