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  1. Same here. I tried one of their dressings and it just tasted so off. After one taste, I threw the rest of the bottle out too. Perhaps it was also a bit of psychology too, because I just can't wrap my head around anything being ff/calorie free without it being so infused with chemicals.
  2. Tried this yesterday... it was very good I didn't have hot sauce or crushed red peppers, so I added in some cayenne pepper & jalapenos instead. HOT! (But I like it that way)
  3. Lele!! You look like some sort of high fashion model or something in your new avatar!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!

  4. It is not a problem if you continue losing weight beyond the set goal. A lot of members set their goal weights at the highest weight in their range so they can stop paying the weekly fees earlier.
  5. These are super yummy apples! Another fav of mine are the pink lady apples. They are also super crunchy and sweet.
  6. I can definitely see a difference too! You look great. Don't worry, as you shed more... it will really hit you. The first 30 for me didn't really make much of a difference, but after that... every 10lbs was a major metamorphosis.
  7. I loved it, especially with a hearty shaking of some black pepper.
  8. When I first started WW, I lived off of WW products. I really had no self-control when it came to portion sizes. So yes, I paid extra prices for the extra accountability. It was worth it to me. Over time, I slowly incorporated other foods and eventually "learned" to wean myself off of the WW products and eat more healthy. It was a process and I think, if it's something that *helps* you on your journey.. so be it.
  9. Starbucks NI can be found here: http://www.starbucks.com/retail/nutrition_info.asp But I generally get a venti skinny vanilla latte (this is non-fat and sugar-free), a total of 3pts. There are a few other sugar free syrups that you can get which are still the same pts. Grandes are 2pts!
  10. Whenever I have a "latte" in my menu... it's usually from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts
  11. Congrats! What an awesome feat! I have yet to do a century ride. My longest one so far was 72 miles, and that wiped me. It took me a week to fully recover, hah! It also surprised me how those earned APs were quickly eaten throughout the ride, but we definitely need to replenish our body for energy. BTW, what bike do you ride with? I love love love my Specialized: Dolce! It was a great investment.
  12. You deserve to be vain bc you look freaking awesome!
  13. FF feta crumbles FF Soy Sesame dressing Organic frozen brown rice 0% fage All the cheap produce Mini-shredded whole wheat Good variety of soy milk Frozen fruits (for all those core-liscious smoothies) Frozen veggies (fire roasted corn is one of my favs) And of course, there are a ton of low point items there that you can fit in using your WPAs, eg: Turkey Meatballs Gnocchi Sorrentino Veggie burgers (cheaper than regular grocery stores)
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