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  1. Thanks! I tried but I could not find the right combination.
  2. HOw many points is it for 6 pieces of medium sized Cooked Salmon and avocado roll with rice on the outside?
  3. I weigh more at the end of the day than in the morning and after a workout definitely which is why I don;t work out before a weigh in. I also weigh more after a few days straight of exercise. It is all about water weight I think and I was told that the muscles stretch.
  4. Yeah I figured they were one point unfortunately I have been drinking them for over a week and not counting them! Oh well I am in a new week now and Now I can count them!
  5. Does anyone know how many points a 12 ounce crystal light slurpee is ? I think it has 50 cals would that make it a point ?
  6. Does anyone know how many points corned beef and cabbage is?
  7. My leader told me that it included the sauce in the two points. I have been eating it like that for 4 years now. If I remember correctly the pciture on the wall in WW shows it with the sauce.
  8. that is what I counted them as actually-- 2 points each. They are my favorites I could not pass them up...but I will make up for it today
  9. how many points do you think chocolate covered strawberries are?
  10. pudgie

    Just 1 Day

    Of course we all become frustrated sometimes and it is our birthday,anniversary,pity me day why do I have to always count these friggin points to fit into my jeans days---but in the end as stated in the previous post it can lead to more and more of these days and beware it will come back to you in your butt,tummy, etc. SO count count count, plan plan plan, and in the end you look and feel great without guilt. Afterall, I could never have a truly free day I am burdened with guilt till the week ends. It is my birthday monday and tom is the big dinner out. I will try to pick items that I know will not wreck my week and I am exercising in the morning to make up for some extra calories I will consume. Not starving for the rest of the week because of one day sounds good to me. Hope this is honest and helpful.
  11. Anyone know how many points a scoop of gelato is?
  12. Hi what is mastercook?
  13. after cooked they will be about that size and thickness. I breaded them with eggbeaters and bread crumbs and baked them in the oven.
  14. Hi I looked in the book for pork chops but I am not sure if it is the correct value for boneless, extra lean porck chops ? Any suggestions for points ? thanks
  15. I called WW to find out about becoming a leader or receptionist. I am a teacher and would like to pick up some extra hours of work, esp. in the summer. I would love to work for WW and think that being a leader would best suit me because I already teach. Does anyone have any information for me on how to get started?
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