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  1. Iris77

    Cool 1 point desert

    bump. this was a hit last thanksgiving, so i am making it again. i'm using individual graham cracker crust servings for a 3 pt delight. I put a dab of FF reddi whip and a couple of berries on top...everyone raved!
  2. You know, whenever my TJs is out of something, I always ask to see if they have some more in the back...70% of the time, they do. But, its definitely better to go there in the morning, before the crowd gets to deplete the stock of everything...LOL
  3. Jackie! WOW!!! you look so different! I agree, the full set of bangs had to go...LOL. You look great, kiddo!
  4. Oh yeah, i baked mine...the check out guy actually said "and this is the best product that TJ carries..." mmmm....
  5. gotta love trader joe's... this is sooo delish!!! just like general tso's chicken, minus the spice (which i never liked anyway), and MUCH lower in calories. 5 pts per cup, which is pretty a generous serving. I served it with white rice...even Dh loved it! :bcb_up
  6. Its actually more like a fritter, minus the oil...i kinda came up with this one by myself, and i must warn you, my tastes can sometimes be a little odd...LOL. I think these are so awesome...and they leave your kitchen smelling soo good. Give them a try, let me know if you like them... -chunk of pumpkin (0 pts...sorry, i never measure it...i guess it would come out to about a cup and a half...and YES, use the real stuff, makes a difference). -1/4 cup of wheat flour (2 pts) -splenda to taste (0) -cinnamon stick (0) -powdered cinnamon (just a shake) -one egg white (0) -spray oil (0) Boil pumpkin with cinnamon stick until soft, then remove pumpkin and mash with fork. Add rest of ingredients, mix well. Spoon into pan. I usually put my stove at medium heat, let it cook well. These are sweet enough (at least mine are) where you dont have to eat them with syrup. It makes a generous batch (i make them a little bigger than silver dollar ones, for the visual effect)...
  7. I cant live without splenda. I havent used regular sugar in years, and i'm still in one piece
  8. oooh ive got to try this...my local supermarket gets them, but i havent seen the corn yet...i might have to order them online...
  9. I'm so flipping mad right now... The new lean cuisine pizzas have changed values. The box of garlic and chicken is now 8 pts, instead of the 6 pts that LC advertised them as when they first came out. When I ran the NI values on my point finder, it actually comes to 7 pts....so what gives? Is the NI wrong or is the point value on the box wrong? I'm going with the point value I get on my slider, but still...i feel duped. From eating these I don't see any change, other than the fact that these batches have slightly less chicken on them (which is the only reason I bothered to check the NI anyway...I thought less chicken, less pts...HA!) So first it was my Morningstar veggie burgers, now its the LC pizzas...UGH! CHeck your values, stuff is changing on us out there...
  10. they're great. I've had tried all of them. I will, however, warn you not to eat these a day or 2 before WI, since they are LOADED with sodium
  11. ooh i tried the carrot cake one today (i was really after the chocolate, but they didnt have any...), it was pretty darn good! They are tiny, but good!
  12. Ha, its funny this thread got bumped up...because after i tried the garlic chicken one, i became HOOKED on it. LOL. Its the only type of lean cuisine i've bought for some time now...cant get enough (if you love garlic, you'll love this pizza, its full of it).
  13. Hey buddies, Have any of you noticed that there has been a change in nutritional value for the Morningstar Farms Garden Veggie burgers???? They added an additional 10 calories and dropped a gram of fiber, which OFFICIALLY makes a veggie burger two stinking points. I'm really kinda PO'd. Anyone else seeing this??? I tried to go on the morningstar farms website but it was down last i checked...
  14. Actually, WW caps the fiber off at 4g, so its really 2 pts per cup...
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