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  1. Well, my favorite barley recipe is definitely not new, but it is delicious. Beef barley soup is a dream, as far as I'm concerned. I like to use those homemade-style Grandma's noodles, as well as carrots and cauliflower in mine. Mmmm, good!
  2. Oh man! That is funny from both perspectives!
  3. Of course, if a person went any amount of time without those things, wouldn't they up and die on their own?!
  4. Oh. My. That is just great, Mrs. S!
  5. The light pb I got (either Jif or Skippy) has fewer calories and less fat. The points for that alone may or may not be the same as for regular pb, but when added to the recipe totals, the difference may drop the points for the recipe a bit. Sounds like a good recipe, hhkk33.
  6. I think the ones with sick and twisted senses of humor are the swimsuit creators! Your friends' seem fine to me.
  7. Happy Friday, Buddies! I ran @ 2.5 this am doing speedwork. I just made a date to run with a friend tomorrow am, although she has been off for 10 days so she may walk a bit, she said. And on Sunday, I'll do 6+. For the record, I have never run on consecutive days before, let alone 3 days in a row. I know some of you tough chicks do that all the time though! Enjoy the weekend everybody!
  8. I would probably use teriyaki sauce equal in amount to the soy, brown sugar, and olive oil combined, then add the honey and balsamic vinegar and taste it before using it on the tenderloin. You can adjust the amounts based on how it tastes. Sounds tasty!
  9. I agree that exercise versus working out is not a meaningful contrast. It's fine to think of them in the different ways some of you have described, but there's not much difference in their actual meanings. Mrs S- you make a great point: the status quo is only bad if we're unhappy with it or need to do better. If we're doing well and are happy with our health and shape, staying with the status quo is excellent!
  10. Hanna- you might try Sierra Trading Post for good prices on brand name running shoes. Tall Chick- Sounds like you've got a great go-getter attitude. My answer to your question is that I run only twice a week, one shorter (3-4 mi) and one longer (6-8 mi). My other workouts are involve weights and tennis, usually one of each. I ran 4 this am, partially in the dark, which was wonderfully cool and quiet.
  11. Wow, what a fun stretch of reading since my last post. You guys are funny! Sara- It's great to have another Buddy join us here! Trudie- Your post just put a huge smile on my face- CONGRATULATIONS, Runner!!! Danielle- I've got my fingers crossed for you. MrsS- you're so smart to recognize the signals telling you to slow down or give yourself a break. I ran somewhere between 6 and 7 mi Sunday. It was hot and I sweated miserably, but I made it. I am already dreaming of Fall!
  12. Tamara, that is AWESOME! Crazyfrog, I'm sorry your DH is hurt! I hope he recovers asap and you are able to get back to your routine. I did a great 3 mi this am- I really got my buns moving!
  13. Dressage Q- I BET your legs were shot! Maureen- I agree, it's cool to have a running hubby to add a little extra motivation to your life. I think it's neat that you're from Nova Scotia- I would love to visit that part of Canada someday! MrsS- I hope your grandma is ok now? It's great that you and your sis are able to help her like that. Sarah- you okay? You're even scarcer than I am around here! I did well in my 10K on Saturday, considering my low level of running lately. I kept it under 11 min/mi, was only passed once near the start, and passed that person and 2 others, including 1 man! That's good stuff to me. I'll go for 3 mi or so tomorrow am, then shoot for 7 on Sunday. This is my last week of summer semester, thank God!
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