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  1. I love the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I've read them 3 times now.....
  2. Hey everyone! I am a newbie to Couch to 5K. I just finished W2D2 and it went pretty well. Better than I imagined! I'm actually enjoying myself!
  3. I counted it as a Moderate Intensity workout. It was 2 AP's for me.
  4. Hey Everyone! I thought I would stop by and say hello. Last night I did W2D1 and it went pretty well. I have a couple of questions. Do you all count that as high intensity for your AP's and when it says 20 minutes does that count your 5 minute warm up? I have been doing 20 minutes after the 5 minutes of warm up. TIA!
  5. You are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing! I am so impressed!
  6. I have a question.........I made the 1pt veggie soup (California blend veggies, velveeta, etc...) My question is if I have 2 cups is it 2pts or 3pts? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for answering! That is about what I was figuring but just wanted to check and make sure I wasn't off.
  8. I ate at Hometown Buffet and had 3oz of Baked White Fish. It didn't say what kind of fish and I can't find points anywhere. Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. I went to Hometown Buffet yesterday and had about 3oz of Baked White Fish. Could anyone take a guess about how many points that might be? TIA!
  10. Congrats! WTG. I am so happy for you!
  11. Mon: 4 mile express Tues: 4 mile express Wed: Walk/Jog
  12. Thanks for the replies. My next question is, if I get a heart rate monitor how do I know what my target heart rate should be? Is there a website that I can go to that will tell me what my target heart rates should be for moderate and high intensity? Hope this makes sense.
  13. Yes I am sure this question has been asked 1500 times, but here goes again. I weigh 272lbs and would like a general consensus about intensity level for these. I have been counting it as moderate, but on the 4 mile express and the Walk/Jog on some parts I get so winded I can't speak. So I was thinking about figuring for high and moderate and going somewhere inbetween. Or should I just count it as moderate and go on? Thanks in advance!
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