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  1. Hi DAWN!!! Happy you took the plunge and posted!!! I love that fruit is 0 pts on the new plan too. I was talking to some of the other Mom's and Kiley's Girl Scout Meeting last night, and 4 of them just started back on WW. It has definitely taken some getting used to, with the new points and all. I used to have all my "favorite" breakfast go-to's and all memorized (points-wise), and I've had to re-learn all of it. I've also somewhat revamped the way I even eat breakfast. I used to always have a multigrain english muffin with peanut butter, and my yogurt. But all of those went up in points. So, now, I'm leaning more towards protein....egg beaters, turkey bacon, etc. Although I've been caught a few times. Like right after Easter, I had some jelly beans, thinking "they're zero fat"....chomped away on them, then figured out the points, and cause of the high carbs.....YIKES!! I wasted a lot of points on jelly beans. Hope you post often! I'm not going to bother to tell you about myself.....you've known me for what....like 10 years now? I think you know enough. hehehehe
  2. I had a coupon for these, so we picked up a few this weekend. I had one yesterday for lunch. There are 2 servings in the box, individually wrapped. One serving comes out to 5 points. I had one with a salad for lunch yesterday, and I have to say it was pretty good. I liked the taste of it much better than the Lean Cuisine pizzas or even the Smart Ones pizzas. It might not have been as "big" as a Lean Cuisine pizza, but the quality to me was much more "pizza-satisfying". I will definitely buy these again! They make for a great lunch paired with a salad! It's a nice thinner crust, and the sauce is yummy!
  3. Oh wow...those cheerios look yummy!! I'm definitely going to look for those at the store this weekend...thanks!!
  4. Wow...it seems everyone is kinda agreeing...I think I'll stick to my sweet and salty bars then! Thanks!
  5. Has anyone tried these?? I am going to try to run by a WW center and get some things. Was wondering how yummy these are and if they are worth it, or if I should just stick to the bars I know...
  6. Another thing to make it Core...you can use Hungry Girl's favorite thing, and put Fiber One in the food processor and use that as your breading. I had it on the poppers, and it was really tasty!
  7. yeah, that sounds about right. Mine just seemed to be swimming in cabbage...I think I may have put too much of that in...but just wondering how everyone else counted it. THANKS!
  8. OMG!! I'm eating these right now, and I LOVE them. I have the cinammon streusel kind, and it's like the cinammon twists from Taco Bell with icing. YUMMY!!!
  9. Hey! Anyone know how many veggie servings are in the WW 0pt soup recipe?
  10. I usually get a half of a sandwich, and get the LF veggie soup. The soup is only like 1 pt I think...or was it 2? The LF chicken noodle soup is 2. So, with a 6 pt sandwich, not so bad...The best is in the summer when you can get the LF soup paired with half a strawberry poppyseed salad (1.5 pts). BONUS!
  11. I looked for this at my grocery store this weekend, and didn't see it yet. Hopefully I will find it soon. I just know that it will be a favorite of mine! But if you guys want a low point YUMMO ice cream. Get the Blue bunny, it's eithef FF or no sugar...can't remember. But it's 1 pt for half a cup, and they have a brownie sundae flavor, and a caramel flavor. Both are YUMMO!!!
  12. I love the cheese nips!! And I like the chocolate graham ones from TJ's! Fudge Stipes are yummy! Lorna Doone's are yummy! And I finally found the grasshoppers, plan on trying one today for the first time! I love 100 cal packs. They are just really easy to throw into my lunch for a nice little portion controlled snack!
  13. If you are just putting it on ice cream or something, it's not so good, kinda bitter. But I like to mix it into chocolate smoothies and things, can't tell too much of a difference that way..
  14. Ooohh...I'll have to look for this. I always end up wasting a point every morning for my OJ...hmm....thanks Iris!
  15. Ok, I can't open it this year....ACK!
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