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  1. I have just come back to this board and love the new software (which is probably no longer new, but new to me!). I go to WW meetings, but do love to get ideas and information. My leader has been telling us about the roll-out of the brand new program at the end of the month, so I figure I better get connected as much as possible! BCB is a wonderful board!
  2. I know this was asked a while ago, but someone at my WW meeting mentioned that she uses this College Inn White Wine broth. My leader gives us quite a few recipes with wine, and some of us don't have it at home. I see that this is available at Wal-Mart. She said the points are almost as low as regular broth, but I can't find the nutrition facts online.
  3. I switched to the light soy milk which is only 1 pt a cup.
  4. Just go to the Heathy Choice website and look up the meals you are wondering about. It gives you the nutritional info and you can calculate the points. You can pretty much do the same with any of the products you are wondering about.
  5. jillwbee

    Soy Crisps

    I get them at BJs also! I get the variety of pretzel, coffee and cookie dough. I haven't see the "sensible portions" in cinnamon bun, cheddar or ranch. I will be looking out for those!
  6. Yes, unfortunately it is a very fatty choice of steak. I stick with filet or sirloin strip (trimmed) for a good steak. Round is lean but isn't very good for a steak.
  7. My favorite is TCBY chocolate sorbet bars. They are huge and 1 pt each and completely non-dairy. I get mine at BJs wholesale club but I bet they are sold other places. They taste much better than a fudgesicle.
  8. How about some protein with the salad, like some chicken breast? I made pork tenderloin for dinner tonight and it is only 130 cals for 4 ozs with 3.5 of fat.
  9. I think if the veggie product lists vegetables as the first ingredients then I would count it as a veg. My favorite veggie burgers are Dr. Praegers and you can see the vegetables in the burgers as you eat them. I would hesitate to count some vegetarian products that have breading on them or a lot of fillers. I'm not sure about the V8. I have never tried it.
  10. I have wanted to try these but all I have found at my store are the banana nut ones and I think some type of berry. Those are good as well, though.
  11. The store had huge fresh cauliflower heads on sale for 99 cents today so I picked one up and steamed it for supper. We have tons left over and now I know what to do with it. I used to eat mashed cauliflower on Atkins all the time but that was a higher fat version I would do now. I got some low fat low salt swiss at the deli today I am going to try in it and will probably throw in a little LF sour cream.
  12. Yes, it is the same as a tortilla.
  13. Have you tried Nonni's biscotti? It's a little pricey but I bought some with a coupon at the regular grocery store and it is a decent size and very yummy. 110 calories and 2 pts.
  14. I agree with your calculations of 8--that still sounds a lot for what I am imagining this patty to be looking like. I like making the (pre-cooked) 4 oz 96% patties for 2 pts a piece! What a difference some fat makes, huh?
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