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  1. Privacy is good. Would google still be picking up what we say in searches? It does now. Do we get a choice whether a post goes to public view or only receipe threads go there?
  2. That sounds right- how long did he follow it before he thought those were too much o did he follow it at all or try to eat less than he was supposed to?
  3. I tried the canadian Mcdonalds nutrition calculator: http://www.mcdonalds.ca/en/food/calculator.aspx they had 2 dif wraps called "snack"- so not sure the same thing- but the buffalo chicken one came out to 7 pts plus good luck
  4. Like gala apples and the thing I did today was order sashimi when I went out for lunch.
  5. I don't agree with the 8 pm thing either- pts are pts in a day and it does not matter when you eat them. It's 8:37 now and I am going to have my snack. so there.
  6. That's great- what a feeling to enter the new Year with. WTG
  7. CW- sorry about your mom's fall. Thoughts out to you and her- must be so difficult. This week down 3.4. left meeting ealry to go to water aerobics (sunday is usual meeting but in canada was closed because of a stat) I was very successfulon ww before and my goal is really to apply the same strategies and focus to other things so i am as successful in them as i have been and will be on ww.
  8. Healthygirlfor life not sure where you are in canada- here in southern ontario- the best deal is a monthly pass at 51.50 per month- which brings down the weekly fee considerably and includes free etools. The kit here includes a food companion, a canadian dining out guide and a three month tracker and a bunch of coupons including 1 for a free calculator. The kit is $20.50 or $21.50 in a binder. You need the calculator. You do get a get started book and food guide for free with the program and every week they have a weekly pamphlet they give out for free. Good luck
  9. You made me look- I was surprised to find it was still there- it appears you have to go to the home page to click on it? Anyway- I would talk t osomeone if they were there but I think you'd have to make an appt- so two people would be around at the same time.
  10. You have to either be on etools or online which will prompt you for questions or buy the calculator which wil lprompt you with questions or the receptionist at a ww desk will tell you. The minimum is 29 daily pts. I should add that you will need either the calculator or etools (online) or the food companion to figuure out how many pts anything is- it has all changed from before and the momentum pints are very different than these. Good luck
  11. I also do not drink juice- but eat potatoes corn peas yams etc- you have to spend your points on something. Deprivation is not a good thing and on the increased points for everything from dp to ap to wp- there are lots of points to eat these clean foods all of the time. So I eat them in proportion- put peas and corn in curries and maybe potatoes. make potatoes with steak and roast chicken etc. If meals do not seem normal then at some pt a person might get discouraged. yam fries- no reason not to make them (baked or lightly fried in the 2 tsp of oil you need to have) No reason we can't enjoy our meals and lose weight at the same time. hmm yam fries- got me thinking for dinner......
  12. Love skim- the lower you go, once you get used to it the other stuff tastes too creamy. Under P+ it appears that skim is 2 and both 2% and 1% are 3 pts- at least in my etools.
  13. I did it for some years- my exercise is for one hour and the land exercise was body for life exercise portion for 45 min quite intense and never had a problem when I was doing it. Had a big veggie omelette with toast usually afterwards that dh would have ready for me- and I lost 152 pounds when I was doing that. Should go back to it as I think that worked best. Now I have breakfast before but some time before and lunch right after,
  14. actually- when I was first on ww and lost 152 lbs I would go to the pool that opened at 6:15 am- and I ate after I got back. I would do the same after the first 19 month when I switched to the gym. worked for me. I don't get up that early to work out anymore- so now I eat first.
  15. HI- After my first week on the new program lost 2.6 lbs. Love the new program. Always eat breakfast unless going to a lunch gig that will be big. CW- the people who ate too much fruit did not have enough room for the rest of the food and did not do that well this week. But you should have seen the banana peels everfywhere- bananas rule- but only in moderation Off to plan how to deal with the potluck tonight Have a great week Arlene
  16. Thanks Luanne- 4 cups 0 pt liquid (water) boiled and 0 point veggies = 12 pts I don;t think the policy can possibly explain that (12 servings 1 pt each). There appears to be quite a few glitches and missing products in etools- at least in our neck of the woods. This has less stuff than the former 0 pt soup (do they still have that?)
  17. I rejoined 2 weeks ago tomorrow. The first week it bothered me that etools took weekly points first and then activity pts. So under the new program in the second week I changed it to take activity first. But I guess since I last was a member you no longer have to eat your Ap on the day. So all this week every time I do activity it gives me back weekly pts I already used. So today I had steak for dinner and was lamenting going into weekly pts the night before wi- when I realized- I got 7 Ap this morning- but they just put those into weekly- and I guess was just eating them- but the way the system works has me all confused. Anybody understand my rambling? Is there anyway to make the activity pts used on the day first if you already went into weekly points before? Tomorrow it will be important as I have a big potluck and will end up starting the week with weekly pts.
  18. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (accessed through etools) all ingredients 0 points. 4 cups of water is used before boiling- they say there are 12 servings at 1 pts each- now how can that possibly be. DH and I decided to count the whole thing as 0- but????
  19. I have seen the meal option recommended for not counting the 0 pt fruit and veggies- don't have the material in front of me- but definitely said so.
  20. Just leave out the zero pt stuff out of the builder and it will calculate everything else.
  21. Under pointsplus the NI of these bagels comes out to 3 points. even the mini bagels. Am I missing something???
  22. wow they have PB2 at the low carb grocery in canada: http://www.thelowcarbgrocery.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=2038&osCsid=1245a72d1715e56916bda36ec54fd725 never heard about it before- such great info here.
  23. Better to tap into your activity points than not. The more intense your exercise the more likely you would be eating every single point. You choose to exercise you should also schoose to feed it- you can also go into the old starvation mode if not getting enough nutrients for the energy you are expending. Good luck
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