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  1. I also hate points plus. I see it called "pounds plus" on a lot of the less to lose boards. I think it works for maintenance and for people just starting their journey but if you have "less to lose" it is a problem for many including me. I gained weight consistantly on points plus. I am now back to flex. I too am mad at myself for tossng all of my old material for the new points system. :/ lesson learned.
  2. I got my old points calculator on Ebay.
  3. That's great! I know years ago I was sort of miffed that white bread and wheat were the same points as were white rice and brown rice. Some people need to be gently encouraged to eat the healthier option but why would you if it were the same or even more points than the nutritionally empty food? yay!
  4. I have the exact problem. That can be where my whole day fails. I plan a snack for pm, maybe I should plan it for 10 pm because it's a little closer to bedtime.
  5. Me too, I have managed to keep the weight off for years with loosely following weight watcers (gain 3 pounds, lose 3 pounds) but I need to get to goal, get those last pesky 10 off once and for all!!!!
  6. I don't know what to do. I'm sort of floundering out here. I lost most of the weight. I really want to get ten more off. Trouble is, I've wanted to get this last ten off for a year. I am thinking I need some sort of extra support. I love looking at the posts around here but wonder if the new ww site has more online tools than before when I used it (about two years ago) it's hard to tell without joining. I'm really leaning that way.
  7. Do you think it's worth the cost to pay for WW online?
  8. my grandfather always ate like this and was painfully thin. hmmmmmm, maybe you're on to something here
  9. where can i find these recipes?
  10. i bought pilgrim's pride grilled chicken breasts there. they were 1 to 2 points and super yummy. i use them as my convenience food. i dice them over salads, serve them with rice or potatoes...as chicken parm....so versatile! I soooooo agree about the so called "food" at walmart!
  11. Everyone is right on the mark. When you follow the rules without breaking them you WILL lose weight. People like to blame the program for their own mistakes. Keep up the great work!
  12. thanks! and oh crap, lol
  13. I also have a question about that. Does my two daily fish oils count as my oil for the day?
  14. i journal my points, calories, sodium, sugar, and fiber (when i journal)
  15. i need to focus more on my food journal
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