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  1. Have you tried another browser? I cannot get on through Firefox, but got on right away through Safari.
  2. Our leader actually suggested that we log on to read about the changes before our meeting to help us follow along more easily as she explained the changes.
  3. Finished reading Chapter 2. I am going to work on strengthening my resistance "muscle" as opposed to my giving-in "muscle" (shaded area at the top of pg.29). When I can master this, I will get to goal. About that "it's OK to disappoint people" business. I just cannot hear those words ever coming out of my mouth. Even if I would actually say the words (or dance around and sing them. oh how I long for that day) they would just be words. To truly FEEL that way would be freedom.
  4. Going to look for my book too. I ordered it after reading about it on these boards last year, or maybe it was the year before that. Don't think I even cracked it open. I really like the phrase "I have to cement the reasons in my mind" because at this stage of the game cement is the only thing that will work. Looking forward to this. Mary
  5. maryg

    Loss of period??

    My daughter went from 205 to 135 and she told me the same thing happened to her. I don't think that it is a big concern unless you are trying to get pregnant. I told her to ask her doctor at her next visit just to make sure its OK. Mary
  6. Thanks for the reminder Lynn. Popped in yesterday, TJ Maxx is only 50 feet from the Weight Watcher center, and found my favorite flavor, SF french vanilla. Mary
  7. Here, in Ohio, they go by Arnold Sandwich Thins. I have had the whole wheat, multigrain and white, all are delicious. Have not found the rye yet but would love to try it. These also freeze beautifully, so feel free to stock up when you find them. They are great for your Boca burgers, make a tasty pizza snack and a very good PBJ. So glad these are available so abundantly here now. They used to hard to find because EVERYONE was buyng them up as fast as they came in.
  8. Linda, This is the topping I make for falafel: 1 cup plain yogurt 1 med. cucumber, peeled,seeded and shredded 2 t. white vinegar 1 clove garlic, minced 1/4t. each pepper, salt and sugar Very good. Even the 22yo DS ate it without complaint.
  9. Wow! Laurie, that little picture instills such big inspiration! Now, that, is what TRIUMPH looks like. Really, if you did not tell people that you were 57, they would guess 10-15 years younger every time. Whatever you have been doing is working so keep it up. While I am not inspired enough to enter a foot race I am inspired enough to up my exercise routine. Thank you. Congatulations, Mary
  10. This sure does sound good. I'm going to make it next time I make the mexican polenta casserole as a nice light side.
  11. Thanks for posting about these. Saw them on sale for 3.00 so picked up a bag. You are so right. They are delicious and 14 crisps are definitely a nice sized serving.
  12. Thanks. Checked after reading this. Mentor, OH did indeed have them but only the peanut butter flavor which is a point more than the other flavors. Just wasn't willing to spend the extra point to save some money. Great deal though.
  13. Found mine at Target by the granola bars. I don't think that they taste like Kellogg's Pop Tarts but I do think that they taste good. Mary
  14. Brilliant Luanne! What a good, thought provoking question for discussion Peggy. I would count the full cup using the fiber cap. I will definitely use Luanne's suggestion from now on though. Mary
  15. Made these this afternoon. Nice texture and tasty. Very easy to put together. Next time though I will cut back the splenda to 1/3-1/2 cup as 3/4 cup made these too sickly sweet for me. Mary
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