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  1. I just started doing intervals on the treadmill that makes the time go SO FAST and gives me an awesome workout. Mind you, I haven't run a lot lately, so today my intervals went like this - 1 minute at 5.5 mph, 1.5 min at 4.0. Rinse and repeat 12 times for a 30 min run and I covered 2.3 miles. The treadmills at the gym let me program that in, so I don't have to do any button pushing except the setup - so it's just run and go for me. I'm loving it so much right now...I'm working on increasing the amount of intervals so I can get up to a 5k and then I will work on increasing time and distance after that.
  2. I found I was almost running FASTER outside than I was on the treadmill - maybe because it was more interesting (scenery, hills, etc). I did the C25K exclusively on the treadmill and after finishing the program, moved outside. Go for it!
  3. with hands on the step, or feet on the step? I've done it both ways in step class at the gym....
  4. 1 large egg (with yolk) = 2 pts 3 egg whites = 1 pt 1 egg white = 0 pt
  5. I bought a kit at my center today- it had: the new dining out companion the new food companion a 3 month journal a dvd about....ww stuff. LOL a small book about cooking techniques a small easy recipe book ummm...probably more things I"m forgetting since it's not sitting in front of me. and it all came packed in a great lunch bag!!! One of the main reasons I bought it
  6. Carol (and other audiobook lovers) I got some more info today! Yea!! So, what's happening for libraries is that netlibrary.com (with OCLC) is rolling out DRM (digital rights management)-free audiobooks in January/February. The person today said they'd probably have at least 250 titles starting in January, then adding more throughout the month into February. There's going to be a whole new interface for downloading, which is AWESOME looking - and you will be able to limit your search by those titles that are DRM free. There's some great authors listed that they've obtained the rights to, plus classic titles, college lectures, the bible, etc. It depends on what your library system purchases, but I'd be surprised if they didn't get all the DRM-free titles possible, since thats what most customers want.
  7. The info I have right now... “Currently, they (eAudiobooks) will not work on players that do not support Digital Right Management, including Zune and iPod. However, beginning early next year, titles will be offered for those devices.” but who knows how many, etc. It probably depends on what your library system purchases.
  8. For audiobook lovers - make sure to check your library. Not only can you borrow books on CD and tape, but you can also download e-audiobooks. My library systems use a provider called netlibrary.com - it works on mp3 players except iPod's and Zunes. BUT in the new year that might be changing...I'll be learning about that on Friday
  9. Oh cool, I just wanted to see what this was. Looks like a wall - like facebook, LOL.

  10. I guess if you have an espresso machine, you could make one at home. I have the Cocoa Latte machine, and I'll use it to make my faux ones - with instant coffee, milk, and splenda. You just count the points for the milk. You can get SF syrups if you want to make it "special"
  11. I've got some in my cupboards that are open and a couple years old...
  12. I've snapped a tube at the gym...but it was just like a rubber band and didn't hurt. Mostly just surprising!
  13. Just noticed you had pretty much the same question a few months back... http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=179725 I agree with Kim - use a training schedule for your sprint. Putting in 16 hours a week IMO is beyond sprint training - more towards IronMan. Also agree with Kim about making your workouts more worthwhile in a shorter amount of time. Even if you have 3 hours a day at this point in your life, will you in 6 months? A year?
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