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  1. Alright, did weight watchers for the first time 6 years ago with good results. Last year I did Medifast and dropped 25 lbs. quickly, but need to eat real food while I'm trying to lose weight. So back to ww I go after gaining back 10-15 of my previously lost weight. Going to Hawaii in November and want to stay on track badly to lose as much as I can (ideally 15-20) before then. Looking for a group that actually talks about what they ate each day and what snacks they took to work, etc. I also can't figure out how to change my occupation, signature, or avatar. Any group suggestions? I don't have to time to respond to just daily life stuff and need to focus on the ww plan and foods. Thanks!!
  2. Hi ladies- Went and did my first workout this morning with the trainer, it felt good after. Menu so far: 3 small ez-peel tangerines 1 cup coffee 1 piece of sliced sourdough 5 slices of bacon salad with 1/2 egg, veggies, and ranch dressing (will have to check the points on the ranch and bacon when I get back) Dinner plans consist of probably something at the pizza parlor. I was thinking of doing a ham and pineapple calzone. Less sauce and cheese than a pizza, and the pineapple are fat free! Just on a break but.... Let's see what I remember, Tanya changed her avatar- very nice, Nancy has poision ivy-that sucks!! Jo kicked herself in the butt-kick me too jo! Rhonda needs to come garden my front yard-I love your picture! Sandy is on vacation-maybe?, Karen has a special visit coming this weekend correct? Phylicia (sorry if I spelled that wrong) had a great week but no loss-keep on plugging along girl it just means a bigger loss next week! Oh yeah and Lara had a stressful day at work, sorry! Okay that is as close as you all are going to get for personals right now. I am sorry to whoever I missed!
  3. Hi Ladies!!! Remember me??? I have a little time before our lunch rush starts so I thought I would pop on. I brought my laptop with me today, we have wireless. I have managed to keep my 10 pounds off that I lost during March. Scott and I have been struggling with eating dinner when we get off work (at 10pm). We eat smaller portions so that is good. I start back to my personal trainer tomorrow. I am going to go MT Th F and workout for 30 minutes in the mornings before we open. He is two doors down from the pizza parlor so it should workout well. I need to quit drinking soda again...been really bad about that. Went to the dentist to fix 2 fillings and felt the $400 pain of no longer being insured. I believe that I did say when I was here last that I quit my job at the Co-op. I've missed you guys and hope to start checking the posts again. Probably will happen early morning before my workout. I'd like to start tracking my eating as well. It is easy to stand in the kitchen in between orders and have a piece of garlic bread here and a bite of salami there, etc. I see that there are new people on board as well. Hi I am Stephanie, live in CA and own 2 businesses, put school on hold this semester so that I could be at both of them to get them going. I've been struggling with staying OP all the time. I kind of go in spurts. Lose weight, gain it back, etc. Hope to get you know each of you better. Hope that this message finds all of you healthy and doing well and OP!!!
  4. Steph1383


    Hello- I absolutely love asparagus. The only problem is that I like to dip it in mayo. Anyone have something that is lower on points that they put with their asparagus?
  5. Can someone help me please? I don't know what kind of meat I can eat. It seems like everything is high in points. I love Steak, Ribs, and all that good stuff. I desperately need help with meat dinner ideas! Thanks!
  6. I had 2 slices of london broil for dinner. How many points would that be worth? Also, I usually count 2 pounts for a baked potato before I put anything on it, is this right or am I undercounting? Thanks!
  7. So I have been buying some of the weight watchers meals and I've noticed that some say winning points and some just say points. What's the difference? Should I be counting them differently or something?
  8. I have Portuguese and went to the Portuguese celebration today. I need to figure out how many points alacatra and sopish (spelling?) is. I can't find anything even close to it in the points book. Anyone have any ideas??
  9. Can someone please tell me about earning activity points? I just started and I haven't learned about them yet. I workout with a personal trainer 3 times a week and do other activities as well. I want to make sure that I know how much AP's I'm earning and how to use them. Help! thanks! Steph
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