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  1. Thanks for the info-I've been checking every day since I posted hoping for a response! I guess I was doing ok then as far as when I was eating. I know I'm not training for a marathon or anything, I just wanted to make sure I was taking as much advantage as I could as far as eating for energy. Thanks again!
  2. Kristen- I think that's great the restaurant did that for you-word of mouth is the best advertising & now they've got someone who'll be sure to tell everyone how helpful this place was. I also think it's great you took control of the situation. You know, "they" always say to do stuff like that-call ahead, and/or have the restaurant prepare a meal to your specific requests-even Kirstie Alley talked about it on Oprah. (Of course, I'm sure most celebrities have no problem not only making special requests but also receiving them!) But how many of you out there are like me & outside of asking for the dressing on the side don't want to make a fuss, especially when you are out with other people? Thanks for the inspiration-I'm going to try out some "food assertiveness" the next time I eat out!
  3. I like to have a snack, usually something along the lines of a banana and an energy bar, before I leave work. I go to the gym after work & if I didn't have a snack I'd be dying! My question is: what is the best amount of time before working out to eat? I usually start my workout about 5:45, and I was just wondering if eating the snack an hour, 1/2 hour, 15 minutes or whatever is best. I'd like to think my snack gives me energy during my workout, but if it's not even absorbing into my body yet then that can't be helping! Thank you!
  4. Holy cow those micorwave potato chips sound great! I'm definitely trying them soon!
  5. The Pillsbury wheat dinner rolls are 3 points for 2. If I remember correctly, they have 90 calories & 2 or 3 points fiber each. I just know when I figured it out it maxed out to 4 fiber & 180 calories (2g fat?) for 3 points. I like having warm bread with dinner sometimes & to me it's worth the 3 points. They are soft on the inside & crusty on the outside & you can make however many you want at a time-they come in a ziploc bag. (They are in the frozen food section.)
  6. I tried the banana, & while it was a nice, big portion that was filling, I just didn't care for the taste too much. I think next I'll try the low-sugar or the Kashi brand. Maybe the Apple & Cinnamon flavor tastes better?
  7. I happen to make Hamburger Helper probably once a week because like you said, it makes a quick meal when you need it. I figured out once what the info would be using the extra-lean ground beef, which I've been buying. One regular serving is 6 points (1 cup prepared, I believe) but with the extra-lean it came out to 5. (This is for the lasagna kind, without the cheese topping.) Not a dramatic difference, but a point's a point! So I usually give myself one cup and make steamed veggies and 2 of the Pillsbury whole wheat dinner rolls for a 9 point meal. (Butter spray on the vegies & rolls, of course.) It's pretty filling!
  8. Thanks for the great ideas! It's like it's all there under my nose but don't see it until someone else points it out. The cabbage salad made me remember the WW recipe for Oriental Salad, and the idea of a pepper with the cheese sounds great. And I never would have thought of the low-sodium V-8.Thanks again everyone!
  9. Does anyone out there have any ideas for getting my veggies in for snacks? I don't really get sick of having my fruit, but lately I'm getting sick of just doing fresh veggies & FF Ranch. I like to have them as a snack at work, and it' an easy way of making sure I get my veggies in for the day. I usually try to get in 2 serving of fruit and 2-3 servings of veggies throughout the day. Thanks!
  10. I've made this recipe many times & my fiance loves it-as do I. It's so easy too, once you get the chicken cut up.
  11. I have to agree with MrsD, I tried the choc. cakes & thought I'd rather use a point towards a little splurge instead if I want chocolate. I haven't tried the carrot-maybe they're more worth it? However, I have tried the blueberry muffins-for me, they are worth the 3 points. Very moist and good-sized portion. I bought the choc. choc. chip but haven't tried yet-waiting for the weekend for a treat. I didn't have any of these products around my home town until Super Wal-Mart came to town-they also have a better variety of the frozen meals & treats too.
  12. I have-I've tried the the pepperoni & the supreme & they are really good! I agree-much better this time around. Totally helps satisfy the pizza craving. The Lean Cuisine ones are pretty good too. I also tried the South Beach, but they are more expensive at roughly the same points value, so I'm sticking to the other two.
  13. Here's a few of my fave's to add: 1. Veggie burgers-I experiment with different kinds 2. Light whole wheat bread/buns 3. Orville Redenbacher Caramel Popcorn Cakes 4. Alexia frozen french fries 5. Fat free American cheese slices
  14. Dena- Just wanted to let you know the only place I was able to find the No Pudge brand was at the new Super WalMart that just went up by me. I'll tell ya' though, I just had the 2-point sundae cone last night-YUMMY! The ice cream was so creamy! I haven't tried the other bars yet, but I'll definetly be doing so in the future.
  15. Has anyone tried this with the diet/caffeine free soda? I made mine with Diet Pepsi & chocolate cake & it turned out great. My mom used chocolate also but used Diet & Caff free pepsi & it turned out flat. She thinks she may not have mixed it enough. Any ideas on what the reason could be? Thanks!
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