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  1. Thanks for stopping by and reading my Halloween blog. I had a great week and made up for the sodium weight last week by losing 4.4 this week! I love the avatar of the dog ( Yes I am a sucker for a pretty dog lol)

  2. I read your post about Halloween and I can so relate with you. I think its awesome you can remind yourself of the progress you have made other than the scale too. Your doing great. Hang in there.

  3. Hi I am back after 6 years and want to join a thread and get familiar, I hope I am still welcome, I am excited to be back. Waiting for guidance Ida
  4. Hi, I can't believe how good you look, especially your stomach is so defined. Has to be from the running. You are really an inspiration to me, just starting program again today. WOW! Thanks for the pictures!
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