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  1. Stay Positive and strong and you will be just fine. alana
  2. You can make it stay positive and strong. Alana:bcb_up
  3. I missed this sight along with the success that I had with ww in the past. I am starting again also, and I am looking for a buddy to help me so that I won't fall off the wagon. I tried getting my husband but he's just not ready and he thinks going to the ww meeting is not man-ly (whatever that means). I look forward to being here again , and receiving lots of love and help. Alana sw 229.3 cw 229.3 gw 135
  4. I am not really new to BCB, I started strong on WW in 2005 and I lost 25 pounds. I was so proud of myself, then I could no longer afford to go to the weekly meetings,then I tried to do it on my own and failed. Needless to say I gained the weight back and at has been so hard to get started again. I loved WW before and this site was a great tool for me. I want to lose this stupid weight, I would like some help to get through this with. I will take this one day at a time and try not to beat myself up everyday. Is there any advice from anyone? Please I need it...
  5. asmcgee


    Simply Beautiful:)
  6. According to the manuel, yes. I looked under the core food list and it lists the types of potatoes : Potatoes baby bliss new O'Breien red sweet white Here you go. Enjoy:) Alana
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