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  1. Well it has been a long time since I did weight watchers....maybe 5 years! And that was just the last time I attempted. I even was a part of BCB about 10 years ago before I had children. Weight Watchers is the ONLY diet plan that has ever actually worked. Now as I find myself at an all time high weight (this is how much I weighed while 9 months pregnant), I find myself back here. I wanted to loose weight. The Dr. gave we an awful weight loss plan that had me unable to eat lots of yummy fruit. I threw that plan in the trash after trying for a month and signed up yesterday for WW. DAY 1!!!!!
  2. My personal stir fry recipe is very close to this. I put a chicken breast (usually about 1/2 a lb), soy sauce, garlic powder and onion powder in 1 T of healthy oil. then i add my veggies to the point where a large frying pan is full. I add more seasonings for flavor, but no salt if you use soy sauce, it doesn't need it. I put a bullion cube in a cup of water and heat it for a minute in the microwave, stir it. add in 1 T of corn starch to the bullion. mix it with the veggies and chicken until it boils and thickens. Usually i can eat about 1/3 of the frying pan for 3 points (depending upon the size of your chicken). This is a favorite of mine!
  3. Okay, so I am used to having this fritata type thing in the mornings. i use 1 cup of egg beaters, 1 tsp oil, diced onion and a 1/4 cup diced potato. the potato only equals .5 pts. would you all typically just count this .5 towards your flex and then use your one potato/pasta/rice meal later.....? do you all try to eat one of those a day...potato/pasta/rice or is your day complete even without them? or for that matter, do you usually stay away from the you can have this once a day things. do you all eat all of your flex?
  4. Lynn - I am in south central pa in Three Springs...we are west of Chambersburg, north of McConnellsburg, east of Altoona, south of State College, Huntingdon and Mount Union. And YES I went to Penn State!
  5. thank you....i know the cure has msg and other preservatives in in, but they are not "caloric" things so i wasn't sure.
  6. Okay, so this might be a strange question, but do any of you know anything about homemade deer bologna being simply filling? my family hunts and we make homemade bologna (like the size of ring bologna. it is just ground deer meat (which has a fat content similar to that of chicken, it is very lean) and seasonings and spices. then you cook it. I know that processed lunch meat isn't simply filling, but i didn't know if this was homemade if that made a difference?
  7. thanks for the info...i could never do it every week, but i think it will be a nice thing to try every once in a while when i know i am going to be busy, but have control....i just love to munch on fruit!
  8. Hi Everyone, I have hit a bit of a brick wall with my weight loss and have had a lot of problems tracking lately. my meeting leader recommended that anyone who is trying to work through a plateau, try Simply Filling for a week or 2, to help get on track and to jump start losses again. I like the idea for short spurts at a time, especially during the summer when fresh fruits and veggies are all around and she said that you could go back and forth from week to week as you desired. since i have never done SiFi, I have a few questions and wanted to post them. I know that you can have 1 Weight watchers smoothie a day and then you have to count. is this true for SF FF pudding as well or any other dairy products? In my week 6 book when it explains simply filling, it mentions that teriyaki sauce is okay to use...does this mean store bought teriyaki sauce, because i like to marinade lean meat in it before grilling, but was concerned about adding points when doing SiFi. If you make a pot of soup (for example) and it includes non SiFi ingredients, do you just add those totals together per serving or does the entire soup become points. an example would be if you made chicken noodle soup with non-whole wheat pasta. the pasta is the only item in the soup that is NOT SiFi, so would you measure your pasta and then divide it by the number of servings? another example is salad, if I put Parmesan cheese or croutons on a salad with greens and grilled chicken, do i then have to count the chicken since i made the meal not simply filling? I hope this question makes sense... Thank you for your help, I really want to do well and this is nerve racking after being a tracker for so long.
  9. I love this recipe and have used it for years now....it is one of those recipes that sticks with you even when you are "not" doing weight watchers for whatever reason, so it is exactly what WW is about..lifestyle changes. I rarely make the whole chicken, i make drumsticks usually. My sister uses her leftovers to make chicken noodle soup. I do not recommend making it with boneless skinless chicken breasts because they end up really dry.
  10. I love this for breakfast or lunch....just think PB and banana....yum!
  11. I have read up some on set points but i am a bit confused about one thing. do you use set points even if you KNOW what the points value is...i get the restaurant situation but here is my example: i fry up 3 whole eggs for myself...2 points a piece. is that 6 points for 3 eggs, or is it 5 points as a set point value...is calling that 5 points using set points incorrectly?
  12. through ups and downs in my weight loss over years, this recipe has stayed with us. my dh and i love this recipe. NOTE: WE USE DRUMSTICKS AND LINE THE CROCK POT WITH ONE OF THE LINERS. EASY CLEAN UP!
  13. Hi. I am returning to BCB after an absence due to pregnancy. I have a few questions and my living location does not allow me to join WW formally, so I hope y’all have all the answers I need. My sister told me that the way to figure out how many points one gets in a day has changed and that it is no longer just a weight range and dropping 2 points per range that you decrease. She said something about age and activity level. Can anyone tell me how to figure out my points with this new system? I am about to have a baby J and plan to nurse. How does that change my daily / weekly points? Thank you in advance!
  14. really?....i got that formula some time last year on this site... according to my calculations, my points are only slightly higher then yours are (both would end up being the same number of points once yours is rounded. example: 100 cal, 2 grams fat, 1 gram fiber my way 100 + 2(5) - 1(10) = 100/50 = 2 pts your way (100/50) + (2/12) - (1/5) = 2 + .167 - .2 = 1.967 - i am just glad i haven't been counting wrong!
  15. hello all. i would like to make my WW time more sucessful by trying to follow the healthy 8's but i don't really know anything about it. could i be directed to the thread where it is explained or have someone please explain it to me. Just so you know: i have never been to meetings, and while i used to do the online version, now i do it on my own and use this site for my support, and nutrition sites like nutritiondata.com to determine points. i use the math equation cal + fat(5) - fiber (10) all divided by 50 = points
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