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  1. This looks good. I might try skinless chicken thighs; not as dry as breasts. I'll let you all know how it turns out.
  2. The 3 cups for 2 points is WITHOUT dressing. Now with dressing it's 9 points. Big difference.....
  3. In my Food Companion, for a Greek Salad - 3 Cups without Dressing is 2 points. My question is this: Is that with Feta or without??? I tend to say without, but I'm not totally sure.
  4. Hi Joanne - I've had my pressure cooker for years. I have a bunch of links I can send you. I sure do wish there were more pressure cooker recipes here. I don't think I ever found 1 on this board except for the current one. I keep lookin' however! That's how I found your post. I'll be back with those links: I'm back.... http://www.missvickie.com/ http://www.dianaskitchen.com/page/pressure.htm http://homecooking.about.com/library/weekly/bl051997a.htm Usually you can find links "within" a link. I hope this helps you. Have fun.....I love mine. Hummm...I think I'll use it this week!!
  5. According to the Food Companion: California Rolls - 4 pieces, 1 oz each - 3 pts. But.....I just went to that linked site above and according to the nutritional values listed there, 12 pieces would be only 6 points.
  6. I'm not touching these until I find out what the point value is.
  7. Hola! Muchas gracias amiga!! Oh thank you !! If you could ask your leader next week I would really appreciate it. This has been one of those questions that I never could find the answer to. I do WW at home so I have no meeting. DH is Puerto Rician. He was born here but his Mother was born in Rincon and his Father lives in San Sebastian. So you know plantain is loved in this house. Again thank you and I'll wait to see your answer. You can either PM me or email me if you want. Again...thank you.
  8. According to the Food Companion, 1 cup of fried plantain is 4 points. But when you make "tostones" they're individual pieces. So should I stack 'em up in a measuring cup??? I'm very serious. I love them and have been avoiding them because I'm not sure how to count them. If I were mashing them then I'd be fine. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. How can I count tostones? The Food Companion says 1 cup fried plantain is 4 points. So what do I do; stack 'em up in a 1 cup measuring cup???
  10. You know, I have a can of Libby's Pumpkin in the cabinet. I think I'll make this. My DH and DS absolutely love pumpkin pie; so what if there's no crust!!!
  11. Hummmm....wonder if these could be frozen? Hey Christine - are you going to add the egg whites to this recipe??? I'm wondering about the texture.
  12. I made this lastnight and it was ok. The chicken was very moist and tender but I felt it lacked something in flavor. I was a little disappointed with the sauce; it wasn't "sticky". I expected the sauce to "stick to the chicken" and it didn't. I think I'll experiment with this recipe cause it has great potential. Thanks Christine for the post!
  13. Thanks Christine and Carla for the suggestions. I think I'll try making the cup cakes. If I remember correctly I can get 12 cup cakes out of the mixture. Wish me luck!!!
  14. This question has been asked a few times on the original post. Unfortunately, I think because the original post is soooooo big it's never really been answered. If it has been answered, sorry for the duplicate post. I'll need to go back, again and read the sticky thread. But recently, again, someone has asked: "is there anyway to prevent the cake from falling apart when you remove it from the pan". This happened to me and I just turned it into a Triffle. If anyone has any little "secret" please let all of us know. If your's never crumbles or breaks up please let us know what type of mix you use as that's the only thing I think would make the difference. Thanks!
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