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  1. I am hoping this is the place to ask this question. Has anyone tried the delicious KFC grilled chicken and know how many points to count it. I just want to make sure there are no "hidden" calories in it. Thanks, Billie
  2. I have tried it and liked it. It gave me energy. I don't get it through the mail anymore as I need to be thrifty right now. I still have some orange liquid concentrate (my favorite) and some chews. My son is a runner and swears by it. Maybe you can get a starter kit (I did) for a miminal amount of money and give it a try. Hope this helps.. Billie
  3. Nice...I know you are proud....
  4. Wow.....way to go.....congrats....I know you must be so proud of yourself!
  5. Journal, journal, journal. I can't make it without the daily journal accountability. Also, you always...I absolutely mean always....eat the right things. I have several friends who are "attempting" the Program. I say that because that is exactly what they are doing. They will tell me, "I am doing the Program but I am not losing." I ask, "Do you journal?" The reply, "Well, uh no." I ask, "Do you keep up with every little itty bitty thing that you eat?" The reply, "Well, uh not exactly. You see this past week-end..." You get the idea? There is only one way...be true to yourself and be accountable for every thing you do. Then.....it will work for you.
  6. This may be a question that others have asked before. If so, please one more time for me. I like to take chicken breasts (no skin) or pork chops and pan fry them with maybe 2 teaspoons of olive oil and some Pam. I count the olive oil and the meat's points but nothing extra for frying. Is this right? I really didn't think any thing of it until hubby asked me, "Don't you have to add some points for frying something, even pan frying?" I told him I would ask this board.
  7. Yummy...I prebaked one and let it get kinda crispy. Then added tomato sauce/paste, turkey pepperoni and low point cheese. Wow...it was so good. The whole thing was 3 points. I love finding good foods with great taste and low points like these.
  8. Thanks....can't wait to try one. Hmmmm, maybe in the morning.
  9. I stumbled onto the Flatouts and bought some. I am forever cruising the stores to see if anything new (low point) is out. I haven't made anything with them yet. Question? When you use them for pizzas, do they get toasty crisp?
  10. Thank you Bethgracie....:bcbsalute I knew it would be a shot in the dark if anyone had a clue about Groucho's. I guess I could just break down the contents and type of sandwich bread I get using the books I have from the Program. Maybe I will hear from the site itself. If I do I will post it here.
  11. Hubby and I love to hike the mountains of North Carolina. We pack string cheese, apples, bananas, whole wheat crackers, dry nuts, grapes, Trail Mix, low point granola bars, raisins or low point diet bars (not all of these things at one time). I think all of these high energy things can be figured out point-wise and they satisfy your hunger without filling you up too much. Happy Trails to you....
  12. I live in South Carolina and we have a fabulous Deli here called Groucho's. There are several of them located in the capital city of Columbia. I was just wondering if anyone here knows of them and could help me with the nutritional information of some of their fab sandwiches and salads. I hate to guesstimate foods and this Deli boasts of their own original recipes, etc. I emailed the main site for info. I was just wondering if anyone here knew of the Restaurant. Thanks...
  13. Congrats :bcbsalute You inspire me to get on the ball and try harder to reach my goals
  14. I viewed your pictures a few months ago and thought, "Wow, what a beautiful girl." The new pictures just show you are looking better and better. It is so great that you are changing your food choices at a young age. You just keep it up and enjoy a healthy life.
  15. Congratualtions. Your pics show that you have done such a good job staying OP. I know you are so proud of yourself and you should be. Enjoy the smaller sizes and how great it feels to be in a smaller body. You deserve it all. I noticed you are from a great state.
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