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  1. Kristie, Thanks for the motivation. I just saw some vacation pictures of me from last week and can't believe how much I've gained. I look forward to being able to post losses in a year as good as yours! Thank goodness for WW, this website and people like you. Grey Bird
  2. Just a quick note. Ground seeds are better nutritionally as long as they're fresh ground. I salute :salutthose of you who grind as you go!! I keep my seeds (flours too) in the freezer. They stay fresh longer. Nothing will put you off seeds or such as rancid or buggy batch.
  3. HI Amy, Bulgur is cracked wheat that has been steamed so it is partially cooked. It is very fast cooking - you can soak it in boiling water and it's done. You can use it as a cereal or in a salad. It comes in different sizes, fine, medium, and coarse. Really yummy in a pilaf. It is sold in ethnic (Armenian, Greek) food stores, health food stores, and larger grocery stores.
  4. That's Fantastic!!!! Congratulations.
  5. MY HUSBAND WILL GO NUTS!! He loves Fry's Electronics. Now he'll have an excuse. "But honey, I went to get you some Monin's syrup" riiiight:crazy:
  6. made the recipe last night. We had a "Mexican" supper the night before and I used the leftovers for toppings. "Mom" and DH both liked it very much. We are having it again for lunch which is handy. One less thing to cook. Next time I make the core'nbread, I will skip the Splenda, too sweet for my taste. Thanks everyone for all the ideas on how to fix it.
  7. where are they sold? I'm not familiar with the brand.
  8. I think this thread is one of the best "reads" I've seen in a while. Saw several books from my reading list Good Earth - Pearl Buck She wrote many many books and they were based on her life in China so very accurate. There is a book that follows the Good Earth about Wang Lung's sons. Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell oh, do read it if you haven't! The Mitford series If you like mysteries - John Sandford's "The Night Crew" - it was the first Sandford mystery that I read - wow! My absolute favorite Adventure/Love story, whatever LIE DOWN WITH LIONS - by Ken Follett Thanks to all who have posted on this thread, I'v now got a whole new reading list going.
  9. Just found them today at TJ Maxx. Got the Caramel, Chocolate, Kahlua. Got home and DH took the caramel with fresh strong coffee & 2 T protein powder + icecubes in the blender. YUMMY and very refreshing!! we're hooked.
  10. After reading everyone's rave reviews, I went to the site and ordered samples. Sounds too good to be true! They did say it would be 4 - 6 weeks for delivery so may just go buy some. NO PATIENCE!!
  11. You can make this with QUORN naked chiken cutlets and it's vegetarian.. Really good - thank you
  12. Grandkids love them too. AND (for once) there's no "Nanna are these real meat??" Another tasty treat were the Trader Joe's (no) chicken tenders - that's not the right name but. . . The kids had them last night as a clean out the freezer dinner and just woofed them down. Even my mother liked them
  13. the recipe? It's an old WW recipe that used cornmeal, one egg, crushed pineapple and you put it through the blender. I've lost my recipe:embarrass and wondered if anyone had it. Thanks
  14. Just had a 2 point vegetarian breakfast! One Boca all american flame grilled patty (1point) on a Thomas's light whole grain english muffin (1 point - toasted). I added a slice of onion and some homemade salsa. It was plenty. Now I'll see how long I can last before I'm hungry. . .
  15. good morning, could someone list the 8 guidelines? water, exercise ??? thanks
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