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  1. Hey Tracy, How are you doing? It's been some time since the T-20's has been poppin'. Hope everything is going well for you.

  2. awe yay so glad to hear things are going good, I cant believe your getting married too that is awesome! I also love the knot! Do you have a bio? I want to see it!

  3. Life has been pretty good. I'm still in Austin, and I truely love it here. I work for the city, and I'm getting married in like less then two months. Things have been kinda crazy the past few month, and I'm really getting ready to have the wedding and move on with the next part of my life.


    I see you're gretting married! Congrats! If you need any help or pointers, I'm your gal! I'm on the knot all the time. :)

  4. Of course I remember you! How have you been? fill me in on life!

  5. Not sure if you remember me, it's been a while. i just wanted to say hi, and I hope to be around a bit.

  6. I dont eat the skin, so I tried the suggestion of rubbing the seasoning UNDER the skin, and it helped a lot. I recommend doing that! Deb, I made a smaller one when I did this, and I still did it on high, it came out perfect enjoy.
  7. I have been using the step system the Transfirmer for about 7 workouts now, and have had 2 people in this past week alone ask me how much weight I have lost and told me I look good. I have been struggling for a year and half to lose, and still am around the same weight, yet now thanks to the firm, people are noticing my shape changing!!! DO IT!!!
  8. thanks Kimmi. I thought about getting the jiggle free buns and jiggle free abs, maybe I will!
  9. Hey everyone! I am new to the Firm workouts (4 works out in so far) and I have already grown addicted to it! I was just wondering what dvds you guys have as absolute must haves? also after I finish the first 10 workouts I want to try some other rotations. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance, and thank you all, seeing everyones success and love for the system convinced me to go out and get the transfirmer and I am in love and feel sooo strong!
  10. My gym membership is up tomorrow and right now I dont feel like I'd go enough to renew it. There is a local ad selling a Gazelle for $75 and I am thinkin about getting it. It is the one with the cup holder and digital screen and resistance and everything. Does anyone have opinions on the gazelle? have experience with it? results with it? or should I spend $15 less and but the transfirmer?
  11. I have a xlarge apple (.72lb). its equal to about 1.5 large apples. if one medium apple is one fruit serving, how many servings is MY apple? Ha I know this sounds like a math equation but i am really wondering! Im thinking its 2, but Id like to hear what you guys think?
  12. I think if i can get to the store quick enough today i might just make this!!
  13. Not in the same house, shes in Virginia, im here in Ny
  14. I was looking to get one for myself and my sister for her birhtday but there are so many out there! I was looking for any recomendations you guys had if any!! Thanks!
  15. I myself have been to a nutrionist, because I wasnt losing, and it was because I was not taking full advantage of high fiber foods that allow for more calories. more over, generally, to lose weight, I was told I should be comsuming no more then 1500 calories a day, exercising 5 days a week for 45 min at a time. You dont subtract the calories burned by working out. I have adjusted my points by dividing my flex through the week plus eating 25 pts, so about 30 pts a day, and have consistently seen losses and success with this. I try to incorporate the healthy 8 as best I can, and get in the exercise. your not eating to little, the amount of calorie intake is fine. I was told to stay between 1200-1500. under 1200 and your body starves, over 1500 and your body will maintain the weight you are. good luck. * side note, everyone is different, so please anyone reading dont think im trying to tell you what you should be doing, if it works for you, stick with it! this is what worked for me, and me still being able to live a WW life!
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