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  1. Good Morning Everybuddie!! We had EBT (early bedtime) last night. Dh is sick..yikes..rather a sick child than a sick hubby. He didn't work today so you know he has to be sick. Good thing, is I get up earlier with hiim in the house. LOL Busy week at work but I have help now.....my boss' college age son. He works a couple of hours a day. She said if we get him to work, then she doesn't have to "give" him money. I taught him to input claims into the state's website and to tricare. That take a big chunk of my time. Ok, I will check in later. Lisa
  2. Ok, my office is a whopping 58 degrees but my house at the same temp seems so much warmer. LOL I think it is the big windows. My hands are ice. It is supposed to be getting fixed. I probably will go next door and get a heater because we have a blind client coming in and my boss usually sees her over here. She had a wonderful time in Costa Rica..which I knew because I seen her at Walmart on Saturday. Last week was a little stressful and she called me into an office today. I asked her if she was talking to be as a boss, friend or counselor. I had a rough week but mostly because I impossed deadlines on myselif. I am going to teach her son to input into the state computer system to help me out. I also left some papers at home...and my lunch so I had dh pick me up and take me there to get my stuff. Oh....the chili smelled wonderful and it is so cold outside.... I brouht me a bowl back for lunch. I packed a salad but the chili just make it all the more wonderful!! Karen, what kind of procedure did Keri have? I missed that. Glad she is doin better. Sandy, dh had a wonderful time with Miss M. I think it is great they do that every year. I hope they do your procedure sooner than later. We will be prayin for you. We've gotten about a foot or more of snow since Friday. Sledding was a blast. Katy, I wish I could hang out my laundry but ...it would freeze. Ok..back to work. talk to you soono! Lisa
  3. Good Morning Everybuddie! It is cold here this morning. I don't want to get out of bed. Katy, sorry about SC uncle, hugs and prayers. Esther, good for you for doing the Wii. That is so awesome! Rhonda, glad you are using the drops. Sight is very important. My boss is back from Costa Rica so going to be a busy day. It went ok without her last week but I sure did miss her. It is the end of the month so always my busy week. Hope everyone has a great day, I will try to check in later. Lisa
  4. I went sledding..OMG... what does down must come up. I felt like I was on the Biggest Loser and doing one of those impossible challenges. Umm..I only went down twice. I probably would of had a heart attack if I went up more than that. I had a blast though. Here is the run. My poor feet were freezing. Rhonda, I make everything in an 8X8 pan. I buy the disposal pans. Makes clean up easier. They are slighly shallowier (word??) so it limits the portions. Also, we try to have a veggie, fruit or salad with dinner. Limiting the portion sizes helps with that. My menu for the week: Tonight, meatloaf, mash potatoes, green beans, cornbread.(I found this at Sam's Club and it is low in fat) Monday, chili Tuesday, chicken alfredo Wednesday, tater tot casserole. I made this with low fat sausage this time Thursday, fish and bake potatoe Friday, homemade pizza with mushroom and tomotoes Saturday, baked ziti In the freezer I have torilla pie, baked ziti, chicken alfredo,mexican lasagna, tater tot casserole plus a few things from last time. It is really helping that we have food already prepared. Esther, are you traveling again or at home. (ok...read closer and you are home. LOL. I never can keep up. I tought about buying a Wii this weekend but still thinking about it. I tried to find one in Sam's but was looking in the wrong place. I have the Y and need to make myself use that before I buy anything else. I did buy new shoes. Katy, grouper is my favorite fish. Last time we went to Clearwater and took Dave's grandsons..he and oldest went out on the fishing boat and caught grouper and then we found this place that supposely cooked yours for you. It was good... Nancy, I hope you are over the pain too. I normally am not in pain so to speak I just get flustrated when my blood sugar is high and I feel so darn tired. Ok..need to finish up dinner and I have a bday party to go to. The little girl (the ones in the father/daughter pics with Miss M) it is her bday so Miss M and I are going over. DH didn't want to. Lisa
  5. Good Morning Everybuddie!! Nancy, glad you in recovery. You will be up in no time. Hopefully the pain will go away. Sandy, I hope you are in recovery too. Have we heard from her? Katy, enjoy Fl and the nice warm temps. We are having snow, snow and more snow. We have about a foot on there ground and it is still snowing lightly. Tanya, enjoy your trip. Just found out the Y does a parent/child Zumba class. I am thinking that maybe it is something Miss M and I could do together? Cressa, I hate going to anyone's parties... I know that sounds bad but I feel obligated to buy something and sometimes I don't want to. Rhonda, you are doing so good. Are you feeling better now you have lost some weight? I went shopping yesterday for groceries. We made it 2 weeks without eating out at dinner! Wahooo for us. We are limiting lunch eating out to once a week sometimes twice. Last night dh took Miss M on their annual father/daughter date and the YMCA dance. He also took his adult daughter. They went to one of the nicest resturants here in town and had prime rib and shrimp. I wll be honest I went through McD's drive through. I also went to Hobby Lobby. I do want spring. LOL I bought some neat metal flowers. Here is Miss M's picture in case you didn't see it on FB. I am making tator tot caserole, torilla pie, low fat lasagna, chicken salad, chicken enchilla, chilli and meatloaf for tonight. Lisa
  6. Howdy Buddies!! I didn't fall off the edge of the world but my boss is in Costa Rica and I have lots to do before she returns. IT is snowing here. We have been busy watching the Olympics. Miss M's won best in show at her Science fair. Glad that project is over. I am doing ok. My blood sugars are finally almost normal for now. My weight is going up which I am not happy about....and something I need to change. I PROMISE I will be a better buddy. I am makin plans this week for next week's end of the month so maybe I won't be so slammed. Sandy and Nancy, hugs and prayers. Hugs Lisa
  7. Hi Everybuddie!! Thanks Katy for askin about me. I have been so busy at work and at home. Crazy Crazy week. My boss is goin to Costa Rica. (I hate this keyboard. It skips letters) My blood sugars are comin down but my eatin is somewhat not good this week. I am havin some issues about not bein grown up. I need to make myself and onlky myself accountable. I need to make myself be the adult I am and do what I am supposed to do. Christie, Lexi is adorable as always. Miss M loves when you post pictures of her. She has to look at each and every one. Nancy, your surery will make you more healthy and you will feel better. Lots of snow. We've been dry since Christmas. Our snowest months are coming. Esther, I was watchin the weather channel this mornin and seen how far south the snow line went. Crazy winter. Where is the global warmin?? My first husband and my annivesary was yesterday. Yikes too many years. Dave and I got married on June 5th and it snowed on our wedding day. Good snuggling weather. Sandy, hope you are doin well today. Katy, a webcam would be great. On Miss M's little netbook there is one built in and her and her cousin talk on Skype (?) Karen, stay warm. LOL Soon you will be complainin how hot it is. Cressa, I cleanned up our reception area. I really can't stand messiness. Someone dropped the paper dots (from the hole punch) all over the floor. They were in the lobby and down the hall. It looked bad. I finally just cleanned it up. Not in my job function but I just did it. Tanya, that is a nice jesture for your co worker. Trish, hope your new job is somethin you like and enjoy. I love my new job jsut wished I wasn't so busy all the time. This computer is drivin me nuts. I hate the wirless mouse and keyboard. it skips around. Lisa
  8. Good Morning Everybuddie!! I am up early for a Saturday. Miss M's gym is having a meet. She didn't want to compete so she is going to help. She will be gone most of the day. She has a bday party to go to tonight. I am probably going to go work in my office for a few hours today since I left early to go to my doctors appointment. I really like the endo doc. She talked in plain English. She didn't understand why I never have been given insulin at lunch. SHe did cut it down a few units but spread it out through the day. She said she probably will change my insulin too. We talked about diet and exercise and that piece of the puzzle but she wants me to consentrate on my meds and eating only 45 carbs per meal. It went well and I go back in 2 months. I need to take Miss M to the gym so I need to run. Lisa
  9. Actually peanut M&M are supposed to be good for my blood sugar..I will keep telling myself that. LOL Akk..long meeting today. I did redo all the contracts and that is done. I did secondary billing today and almost beat up the kid at Subway. Now I am at home working hard on other things. My endo appointment is Friday. Lisa
  10. Howdy Everybuddie Staff meeting in a few minutes but wanted to tell my buddies hi. Miss M is on track for staying by herself on President's day. She scared Dave to death yesterday. She left without telling me. HE though she went out to get a bottled water out of the car. She didn't tell him she was leaving....... not a responsbile thing to do but I think he over reacted somewhat. So allthough I think she is ready.... I don't think Dave is ready. LOL I did find out my boss will be in Costa Rica that week so Miss M could hang out in my office that day. So we will see. I finished my taxes last night. Praise the Lord I don't have to pay. LOL Ok..I will check in later. Hugs to everybuddie! Lisa I don't think I am a great mom but I do have a great kid. We are so lucky to have her and so blessed.
  11. Howdy, real quick break at work. Sandy, thank you. One of my goals for 2009 and continue in 2010 is to have a posititve outlook no matter what. My health problems would lessen if I lost weight but with all the insulin it is very difficult. That is one of hte reasons I am going to the endo. It just takes a while to get to an appointment. There is only one in town. i wouldn't be a good buddy if I moaned and groaned all the time because surely no one would want to listen to me. Rhonda, dh loves Cracker Barrell...we have to go to Ft. Collins and about an hour away. Nancy, do you have a Once Upon A Child there. I love their stuff. They have been open as long as Miss M has been with us. Hubby did their commericals when they firstt opened here. Ok..advice from the peanut gallery. Miss M is very mature. She is 10... On Presidents Day they are out of school. I go to work at 8:30 and Dave gets home at 11:30am. My neighbor 2 doors down is a stay at home mom plus my next door neighbor is retired. Miss M wants to stay home by herself. Both Dh and I work about 5 minutes away. Do you think it would be ok. There is no law in our state that gives a minimum age. Lisa
  12. Good Morning everybuddie!! Dropping in this moring to Wave HI to everybuddie!! Have a great day. I will try to check in later. Today Miss M has a 1/2 day of school so her and dh are taking me to lunch. We found this wonderful Chinese resturant that has a wonderful lunch special. I have fallen for Mon. Beef. Lisa
  13. I thought one of hte little piggies had my name on it. Sandy..dh don't do tools. LOL If I want it done I do it myself. LOL He doesn't own tools. I do. Rhonda, travel safely. lisa
  14. Waving to Christtie..... awesome!!! Hope you can enjoy the gym Lisa
  15. Hi Everybuddie! I haven't fallen off the face of the earth but I have been really busy. There is so much work to do at the end of the month plus I am trying to do new contracts for everyone. My blood sugars are going down since they up'ed my insulin. I do have more energy but I took a nasty tumble yesterday sooooooooooooooo I am sore all over. Luckily I didn't break anything and I am just battered and bruised. I did manage to get all the Christmas stuff up, Miss M's room cleaned. The next thing I want to start doing is working in my extra room in the basement. I want to add some shelving, prime and paint (there is paneling there now) Hopefully by the end of summer I can have new carpet put in. I want to put up a 1/2 wall to seperate into an office/bedroom. It could be used as a family room but it does have a closet so I want to make it a bedroom. I also want to put a "real" door going into there. Actually what I want to do is take out the extra heater and put in french doors. I will see if I can talk Dave into doing that. LOL I also need to put flooring down in my hallway area. I want to do wood laminate plus I need to redo the basement steps and not sure what I want to do with them. Right now they have very old carpet and it needs to be ripped up. There is 1940.'s tile in the hallway now and in my laundry room. I could do tile in the laundry room but the drains would be a little difficult. I think I could do some kind of stick down squares..the have them now in 18" and they really look kewl. Nancy, hope you enjoyed swimming. Your spring pictures were inspiring. Sandy, you are doing great. Karen, how is the weather in Fl? Rhonda, Hope you had a great weekend. Cressa, just do it. LOL I finally got all mine done nad I had a ton of it. It is your mind over matter. Get busy missy. Esther, where are you going on this trip? Tanya, you really need to call me. I know a long time ago I gave you my number. 1st of all your stepdaugher is never going to put Aiden as a priority. You and your husband need to make a decison and stop waiting for the state to step in. Aiden should be on medicaid. They dont' refuse children insurance. I will give you my advice here. First of all I would tell your stepdaughter to sign custody of Aiden over to you. Tell her it is for HER own good. She is free to come see him anytime and she doesn't have to worry about being a parent. You are giving her time to find herself withhout the burden of parenthood. Tellher all the benefits for HER. (this computer is a little hard to ttype on so try to follow becaue it likes to skip letters and stuff) This generation likes it to be all about them. Do not bash her for being a bad parent or try to get her to be a good parent. It is NOT going to happen. You can probably get a notorized statement saying that you have custody but I would go one step further and get a lawyer to draw it up. What about her mom is she willing to take custody or help you and your husband? Soemone needs to step in before Aiden gets hurt. This is not an impossible situation but you have to be one step ahead of her. You NEED to now start your own documentation. Take out your feelings and only put in the facts of what she is doing. If you keep coming to Aidens rescue then it makes her look like a model parent. I am surprised the hospital let you bring him without parental consent. Do you have a medical statement for him? Ok..I need to go back to work. Tanya call me when you are ready and I will help you through this. Lisa
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