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  1. Just went for a pre work walk (which I never do) and I actually enjoyed it! Spring has sprung! Working on APS.....
  2. Long story short-I was a successful WW back in 2001- kept weight off for 2 full years, over the last 5 or so it has slowly crept back on. I am getting married in the fall of 2010, and would like to feel like myself again when i walk down the aisle. I would also like to be healthy enough to enjoy it. Heres my issue: I rejoined 2 weeks ago, so far have lost 2.2 lbs, was feeling better about it all , Ive gotten into the groove all of my planning is going well, packing lunches etc etc. Finally feeling like I can handle this again. Im a type A person, I like to plan everything and then stick to my plan. I had my WI this morning, then stopped to get my car checked it was making a funny noise. The repairman says it will be about 30 minutes. 2 hours later, Im still there with no end in sight. My orange is gone and Im STARVING. So I run over to Panera and grab an unplanned Sierra Turkey Sandwich. Thought turkey shouldnt be too bad and then went on with my day as planned had supper etc, just looked up points for that turkey sandwich 24!!!!!!! I was expecting like 12! So with that little innocent looking sandwich and the little bag of chips (3 points) I am now over my plan for the day by 15 points. Im a little worried about making it through the whole week with just 20 flex points. 15 are gone on my FIRST day of the week! UGH! Has anyone done this before? I feel like a fool. Now I am going to ahve to re evaluate my plan for Easter, I wont have that extra cushion I was hoping to have handy.
  3. Thanks for the help! I am a crockpot newbie, and so far we love the "to die for roast" I already tossed the marinated steak in this morning, so I dont have high expectations, the back up plan is grilled cheese. Tomorrow we are going to have an ice storm so i am trying another crock recipe. Lets just hope the power stays on this time!
  4. Over the summer I froze some steak tips in marinade, usually I pull em out and throw em on the grill. Now that it is cold out, I was wondering, can I just throw the meat in the crock with the marinade? Has anyone done this?
  5. The fiber one bars made my tummy hurt. Am i the only one?
  6. We were very dissappointed! I had a VERY bad experience! I got the steak and portobello 7pts, and my bf got the confetti chicken. My food tasted like a bad frozen dinner, and there was a sauce on my broccoli that was just awful. The potatoes were awful, brocc was awful, steak was bad...anyway you get the point!The mushrooms were the only thing on the plate that was edible. I am NOT a picky eater, and have never left a resteraunt without eating at least some of my dinner before. Ever. This was a first. The confetti chicken was also not a hit! Lesson learned, we really felt like we had "diet food" and left feeling very let down that it was so so bad. It was so bad that we didnt even eat more than a bite or two, didnt want to waste points on something so bad! Has anyone else tried the ww menu with any success? I will not again thats for sure!
  7. ok I think I am leaning towards the Transfirmation one, since I already have a fanny lifter. Is a transfirmer the same thing as a fanny lifter? Or a new kind of step thing that I would need?
  8. I would like to ask for a FIRM set for xmas, any suggestions of which set or dvd to start with? I have the bss1 but am looking to start off with something new. I am pretty out of shape, and I already have a fanny lifter. Is the Transfirmer set a good set to start with? Is there a different set that might be better? TIA
  9. Meshi


    thanks for all of your responses! Today I did a walk/run on the treadmill, I am still hurting, but will do another firm video either tomorrow or friday. I am looking forward to trying a different one, see how that goes. Heidib-lol, I felt exactly the same way! I gotta stick to it, I know it works. These videos really do kick my butt!
  10. Meshi


    Which Firm video did you start with? Which FIRM videos are your favorite? When you first started FIRM videos how hard were they for you? IM looking to get some new ones, there seems to be a LOT of choices.
  11. Surprisingly enough, today I feel really sore on my upper body, arms tricpes back shoulders and tummy. I would have thought for sure my legs and thighs would have been much more painful. My knees feel ok. I am going to keep going, but I am taking a day or two off to ease the soreness. Ill try for just a walk today. I like the idea of getting new videos to try, to moniter my progress that way, I think thats a good idea! Comparing to what I used to be able to do is just silly. IM going to start a doff thread for suggestions on which videos to get. Right now I only have the bss1.
  12. I used to LOVE the FIRM, but I used to be in a lot better shape I guess. I just tried one of my old favs, cardiosculpt from the first box set and I could barely get it together. I have never felt so weak, out of shape, and uncoordinated in my life. I am feeling REALLY discouraged right now. I dont remember it hurting this much before, and esp in my knees. Of course, all teh extra weight is prob whats killing my knees. Is their a Firm CD that you recommend for beginners? I tried following the modifications in the cd I did, but that wasnt much help. Maybe I should just stick to something diff until I wokr my way up to better shape? IM sad, Because I had such great results in the past with the firm, and this tape was my favorite! Right now my knees are not loving the workout I just had and Im not motivated to do it again any time soon. advice please
  13. stovetop makes an italian flavored stuffing, its perfect for using this recipe to make meatballs!
  14. I cant find them either! What section of the supermarket are they in?
  15. You look fantastic! And I must mention, your hair also looks great like that! Thats a great cut!
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