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  1. "Don't I deserve to feel just as lovely on that day as the next bride? Don't I deserve to enjoy my life? " YES!! You do deserve to feel beautiful, fit and thin on your wedding day! THAT thought is powerful motivation when you are around all the temptation before your wedding. You can make great choices and stay active everyday.
  2. Have you heard that song by Danielle Peck... "I like chocolate but my hips sure don't, I like drinkin' red wine but tomorrow my head sure won't. These are the things that I love that are bad for me." :bcb_grin:bcb_grin:bcb_grin
  3. Ha, Ha, I think they are called "Beer googles"
  4. Yes, I too need to push the cat off my wi-fit and dust the thing off. I haven't started it up for 2 weeks.
  5. Hi Irene Let me say Wow! You are doing awesome you are under 24 BMI. GOOD JOB and you are so pretty in your avatar. Keep up the great work... -C
  6. April Pizza you are sweet talkin' me. I love using a low-carb whole wheat small tortilla, heat up the pizza stone and bake the tortilla until a little crispy, add tomato sauce with garlic and basil, FF cheese and veggies. --melt. The tortilla is 1 point then I add the points for the sauce, cheese and veggies. If I am really craving meat I will put chop up 2-3 pepperoni slices and add those points. A yummy meal for under 6 points. Better that the frozen WW pizza in the grocery store. I have even ordered a personal pizza at Toppers with only sauce and veggies. -C
  7. Laura - You look so good. You are so beautiful, I think you are supermodel gorgeous and could work that runway any day of the week!! Excellent job. You are an inspiration to me...Thank you for putting your pics out here. -C
  8. Kimberley Sounds really good. My parents are from England and I really miss fish and chips. Yum.
  9. Thank you.....I am very frustrated that I am not further along...but I will get there!!

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