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  1. Back from my ride. All went well. We had beautiful weather. They opened up a second century route which HUGELY eased congestion on the original loop that TnT did. I didn't really like the ride last year (crowded and rainy) and it turns out it actually is a pretty nice ride in good weather and with less people! Glad to be back!
  2. 10/8 I did my PT routine before driving down to MD for my big ride with the team. 100+ miles on saturday and then another 25 on Sunday!
  3. Hi and welcome Daisyduke! Congrats on the birth of your son! This board has been VERY quiet lately, just letting you know! Another work day here! The sun has finally come out after days of rain. This weekend is my fall TnT ride--Sea Gull Century out of Salisbury MD. The weather should be great! I'm looking forward to it! Make it great buds!
  4. 45 minute PT routine last night and 100 minutes of hydrofit this morning!
  5. Sounds great to me, Becky! I sorely need to do some cooking but don't know WHEN it will happen!!! Last night I roasted veggies but that was it! Better than nothing I guess. I have two chickens I want to roast. Maybe I can throw them in the oven tonight. I'd also like to head out for a ride. I have SO little time for riding these days!
  6. 10 mile bike ride this morning. Hoping for more this afternoon!
  7. Hi Becky, sure is getting even SLOWER here! Glad you had a great weekend and are enjoying your new car! We were visiting DS at Pitt this weekend. Now my week is off to its usual busy start. This next weekend is the fall TnT ride, only about three hours away, but another weekend away (three in a row!). I am QUITE exhausted. I am roasting some veggies now and REALLY need to cook!!!! I hate being out of all my staples! Not much else new to report here! I must admit I hang out at the WW filling foods board more now as it is more active and the less I am here the less active this is, a circular thing. Not sure it will ever pick up again here!
  8. 100 minutes of hydrofit! Where'd everybuddy go????
  9. Ingredients whole grain rolled oats (with oat bran), salt, guar gum, calcium carbonate, iron, niacinamide, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin b1), calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b6), folic acid. Googled. Sounds like plain oatmeal to me. Maybe WW assumed you'd have things added in?
  10. Sorry, it's slow here, and I am the only American who has never seen the inside (or drive through window) of a Starbucks!! I guess you could google and find out what's in it?
  11. Sorry, Lily, it's pretty slow here lately! I don't shop a lot at Walmart, but they should have the 94% ff popcorn. Better yet, just buy popcorn kernels and pop it in an air popper (if you have one)! You can get brown rice, dry beans/lentils, plain hot cereals (grits, oatmeal, etc.), whole wheat pasta, all the normal things like ff dairy, produce etc. Not sure what else you are looking for!
  12. Carol, don't know if you'll see this soon, but there is a woman on the WW FF board, "Ontheroadtofindout" (Patty) who is celebrating one year of eating vegan today. She is about your age and lives in the Pacific Northwest (WA I think?)....anyway, I don't know if you ever lurk there, I know you've been there occasionally...just thought I'd mention her to you. Heck, who knows? Maybe you're NEIGHBORS =)!! (I DO know you are NOT the same person! =)
  13. Did my 45 minute PT routine this morning! How are YOU moving today?????
  14. Hi Donna! So nice to see you! So sorry for your losses, buddy...and, YES, sounds like time to starting taking care of YOU again!!
  15. yep, still leading three ww meetings per week, though I haven't done my Saturday meeting for a long time due to training rides and other Saturday commitments, started leading a Tues night meeting back in March! Also still working as a school psych too!
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