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  1. tewzer

    WW Online

    I was thinking of trying WW Online. Most of the material is available at our local meeting center but the Getting Started book that explains the program is only available to those who join. Is that information available on WW Online?
  2. Can't find the Points Plus member kit anywhere...except, of course, eBay where people are trying to make a buck! There was one woman at one of the meetings in our area trying to buy a dozen of the points calculators in what I'm sure was another attempt to make a buck. She were told no. Even Weight Watchers is out of stock on the At Home Kits. Wonder how long it'll take for the "newness" to wear off.
  3. This is where my problem with WW lies and why I have just had very limited success in my many attempts at WW. I've heard there were changes coming and it has sparked my desire to possibly give it another try.
  4. Does anyone have any inspirational blogs that they follow regularly?? TIA!
  5. tewzer

    Your Demon

    Thanks to everyone for your responses. Healthydays...I totally agree that I'm looking for that "magic" which I know doesn't exist. Part of my problem with that is that over 20 years ago, I went through a divorce and with the stress from the divorce, I dropped 40 lbs. without even trying. AmyLynn...This little guy is always in my head too! He's going to be my biggest challenge. Healthydays...I think this will be key for me as well and look forward to getting to know everyone here! Tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping and getting ready for the week! Jeannie
  6. tewzer

    Your Demon

    I have tried weight watchers *cough* times with limited success. I know my biggest issue with Weight Watchers is that you can eat anything as long as you count the points...I find that I don't make good choices. I have let myself go and need to lose over 100 lbs. so I have a very long road ahead of me. I find myself reading magazine or books looking for the program that will work for me and I can live with. If I'm every going to be successful, I need to pick a program and I live with and DO IT! I know Weight Watchers works if I work the program correctly. I'm digging out all of my information and am going to start with the basics. So I was reading through some things in this forum... What is your demon and how did you figure out what your demon was? Jeannie
  7. Pretty much what I was going to say...I had heard once that it you wait to find motivation, you'll never start. Motivation comes from doing....
  8. I've heard you can get them at Asian stores. I've personally not been able to find them but haven't checked an Asian store.
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