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  1. If anyone has ideas on exercises for very out of shape people please pass them my way!


    Right now, i am "gazelling"



    It's no impact. I can do it any time - when it's raining or snowing, i gazelle away. When its ungodly hot, i can do this in our AC home. It's no impact, which i need right now. You can go faster and run, or do it slower and walk. I watch tv as i'm gazelling to help pass the time. I add some arm exercises in while i'm gazelling.

  2. I just started, but i'm using My Fitness Pal.

    It has a really good list of foods, as well as a place to input your own.

    You can add recipes.

    I have inputted my "exercise of choice"


    It tracks weight, calories, carbs, Fiber, protein, fat, amount of calories burned per your weight, you name it!


    i think, that like anything, it's a tool. The motivation has to come from within!


    Thus far, i'm happy with it!

  3. Chicken-Parmesan-Bake.jpg

    Chicken Parmesan Bake - 6 WWP+ (Without Pasta)


    32 ounces boneless skinless chicken breast, Pounded

    29 ounces tomato Puree, large can

    spices - parsley, oregano, minced onion, salt, pepper

    8 ounces part skim milk mozzarella cheese, shredded

    3 ounces parmesan cheese

    5 ounces croutons, seasoned

    1. Open can and season puree with seasonings of choice.


    2. Put thin layer of PUree on the bottom of LARGE pan. Preheat oven to 350.


    3. Pound chicken breasts out thinly - additional seasonings on chicken as desired


    4. Put half of cheeses down.


    5. Add crunched croutons


    6. Top with remaining cheeses


    7. Bake at 350 for 35 minutes.


    Top gets crunchy brown - you may want to cover with foil for last 15 minutes.

    Nutritional Info from Master Cook

    10 servings = 10 fat - 18 carb - 34 protein - 2 fiber = 7 WWP+

    12 Servings = 9 fat - 15 carb - 28 protein - 2 fiber = 6 WWP+


  4. Stock up ahead of time and make some zero Point soup .... Stock up on your WW essentials ahead of time (fresh fruit, veggies, low fat dip options, etc - whatever you use to keep you OP). I have a gazelle that I use for exercise indoors ... Snowball fight ... shoveling ... make some "me" time - like a nice hot bubble bath, deep conditioning your hair, do your nails, read a book that you haven't had time to read, get some movies (ahead of time) that you've wanted to see, but haven't been able to find the time ... Write up weight loss goals, your successes, your challenges ... Hot tea, SF/FF hot cocoa ... lots of stuff!!

  5. I haven't had that trouble with baking times.


    Serving sizes, is part of my problem to begin with!! LOL. What *I* think one cookie is, is *two* to others (who are often not challenged weight wise!)


    Seriously that is a warning with many recipes - you have to be sure you are cutting the meatloaf, portioning the casserole, dishing the soup into the right number of servings/cups, etc. It sounds like in your example, the size of cookie that your wife is making is larger than what the recipe suggests. She needs to either decrease the size of the cookie, or repoint it with the right number of servings for the portions she' preparing.

  6. Chai tea can come a lot of different ways ... black chai tea ... green chai tea ... and prepared/powdered mixes of chai teas that have milk and sugar added to them. i LOVE chai tea!


    I have some Timothy's Chai tea -that is black tea and the spices - but no powdered milk or sugar


    I have some K Cups of Chai Latte - that are 2 PP that have some powdered milk, sweetener, and other ingredients. Verygood too.


    Trader Joes had some powdered chai latte mix - that had the tea and powdered milk only ... no sweetener, you add yours of choice.

  7. And this is what I got from etools ,,, there are so many different sizes, methods, etc. Etools says the reduced-fat style one you mentioned is higher than you posted, but still pretty comparable to airpopped overall. There were a bunch of brand name values in etools too - Jolly time has some flavors I've never seen before! Marshmallow flavored?


    Food, serving size PointsPlus values

    Popcorn, light, butter-flavored, popped , 3 cup(s) 3

    Popcorn, light, caramel-coated, popped , 3 cup(s) 9

    Popcorn, light, cheese-flavored, popped , 3 cup(s) 4

    Popcorn, light, microwave-popped , 3 cup(s) 2


    Popcorn, light, plain, popped , 3 cup(s) 3

    Popcorn, movie, without butter , 3 cup(s) 4

    Popcorn, plain, air-popped , 3 cup(s) 2


    Popcorn, plain, microwave-popped , 3 cup(s) 3

    Popcorn, plain, oil-popped , 3 cup(s) 4


    Popcorn, plain, popped, packaged , 3 cup(s) 4

    Popcorn, reduced-fat (94% fat free), microwave-popped , 5 cup(s) 3


    Popcorn, buttered, popped , 3 cup(s) 6


    Popcorn, butter-flavored, popped , 3 cup(s) 4

  8. The breakfast recipe board is chock full of great recipes!


    My favorites for BK:

    Baked oatmeal (between 3 and 4 PP - tastes like a thick dense muffin/coffee cake!). I'm not a regular oatmeal lover, but I LOVE this!

    Hard boiled eggs




    Apples and PB

    There was a recipe about making "egg muffins" that you could bake then refrigerate and take 2 to work and nuke to warm - I think it was eggbeaters, ham, veggies - it was pretty good. I'll see if its still there and bump up today

    I found a raspberry scone recipe that looked awesome. Just didn't try it yet. I will add that to the recipe section.

  9. There are some awesome goals/resolutions here!


    Two of my major problems have been all-or-nothing thinking and my inner critic/poor self esteem


    Unfortunately, I don't have a meaningful answer for them now. I am giving it serious thought and will update.


    CW - it is so hard when our parents age. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

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