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    Wow 50lbs!

    Congrats!! Clothes shopping is a GREAT reward for being OP. It helps with our self image too, when we wear new clothes that truly fit, as opposed to wearing too baggy clothes! Enjoy your shopping trip!
  2. Fantastic work! Congratulations on staying OP and focused on your goals!
  3. WOW! Congratulations! That is a fantastic loss! It sounds corny but .. slow and steady wins the race.
  4. BarbA

    I made 10%

    Congratulations! A great step in Your weight loss efforts and overall in improving your health! :bcbsalute Keep up the good work!
  5. I usually pack! Arby's has a Martha's Vineyard salad, that if you use FF dressing is only 5 points. It's pretty big and filling, has apples and cranberries in it. http://www.healthdiscovery.net/restaurants/index.html Is the restaurant link here on BCB for quick reference for restaurants near you! 11 points for a Hamburg Happy meal with water I usually opt for fast food salads (as long as the chicken isn't breaded and fried), Wendy's chili, or a plain baked potato. Little Ceasar's pizza is between 4-5 points - pretty reasonable for FF pizza
  6. I haven't made these yet .. just found the recipe on a Health Cooking group I belong to. Sounds good for fall. I won't have time to make them this weekend .. but i will do so next weekend! * Exported from MasterCook * Pumpkin Bars Recipe - 2 Points Recipe By : Serving Size : 16 Preparation Time :0:00 Categories : Cookies Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method -------- ------------ -------------------------------- 1 3/4 cup flour, all-purpose 2 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon grated orange peel 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves 3/4 cup sugar 1/2 cup applesauce 1/2 cup pumpkin 3 tablespoons egg substitute 1 egg white 2 tablespoon vegetable oil 1/2 cup raisins Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray 9x13 inch baking pan with nonstick spray. In small bowl, combine flour, baking powder, orange peel, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. In large bowl, combine sugar, applesauce, pumpkin, egg substitute and egg white, and oil. Add flour mixture to applesauce mixture; stir until well blended. Stir in raisins - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 129 Calories; 2g Fat (15.3% calories from fat); 2g Protein; 26g Carbohydrate; 1g Dietary Fiber; trace Cholesterol; 138mg Sodium. Exchanges: 1/2 Grain(Starch); 0 Lean Meat; 1/2 Fruit; 1/2 Fat; 1/2 Other Carbohydrates. NOTES : Nutrients per serving: Calories: 130 Total fat: 2 grams Saturated fat: trace Cholesterol: trace Sodium: 138 mg Carbohydrate: 26 grams Protein: 2 grams Dietary fiber: 1 gram Nutr. Assoc. : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  7. omg... Joanne! That is a wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations to you!
  8. LOL Laurie, I honestly didn't even look to see that it was first posted 5 years ago! Grinning. I love soup in the winter time and this looked great! Whoever makes it first can update this with the servings! Seriously tho, the other thing i did think of ... is that Mastercook gives calories to all the 0 point veggies and things too, and that can alter points, depending on how you calculate recipes points too.
  9. BarbA


    I'll be interested to see in what the experts say on this. I have 3 different theories: For those using the older systems which do not have a fiber cap: 320 cal; 2.5 fat; 15 fiber for 100 gram serving. = 5 points (no fiber cap). So one half of this would be 2.5 points. Others: 320 cal; 2.5 fat; 4 fiber for 100 gram serving = 6 points. So one half of this would be 3 points. Using half the calories, and half the fat. but still with the 4 grams of fiber still netted out with 3 points.
  10. Just a stupid question. How many cups does this make? I put it thru Master cook and estimated 10 cups. The nutrition came out as 100 cal, 3 fat, 2 fiber, which puts it at 2 points .... But 12 cups comes out as 83 cal, 2 fat and 2 fiber for 1 point.
  11. BarbA

    Food Diary Forms

    I don't have a copy of the food diary online ... i used an excel spreadsheet with columns for the food, points, fruits/veggies, water, milk. It has a column for tracking exercise in 10 minute increments ... and multiplied by the formula and weight, adds in more points. The bottom section lists out the total points, adds in APs, and a running tally for the FPs. a couple links http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=73802 Organized home has a daily diet tracker that you can print out and just change some column titles. http://www.organizedhome.com/printable/showphoto.php/photo/11/cat/508 Screen views for her template ... you email her for a sample http://www.rjrudy.org/main/portal.php?page=4 From Dotti's Weight Loss http://www.dwlz.com/WWinfo/dailyjournal.html
  12. BarbA

    Boiled Shrimp

    How many will depend on what size they are. My points list had cooked shrimp, 1/2 cup (2 oz) for 1 point. So ... if the menu lists weight you can use that to figure out your points ... otherwise, you may have to estimate cup sizes. If you add cocktail sauce, 1/4 cup = 1 point. Enjoy your dinner!!
  13. It's not from Golden Corral (my kids LOVE that place!) ... but i went to Calorie King and searched and found a Sugar Free bb pie from Picadilly Cafeteria that was 314 cal, 17 fat, 3 fiber. Which would put it at 7 points. Way more than i expected! I guess in this case, lesson for me is no sugar doesn't mean low fat! Those 17 grams of fat surprised me http://www.calorieking.com/foods/food.php?category_id=14817&brand_id=1690&food_id=102040&entry_id=8518934&position=1&partner= Their Golden corral listings http://www.calorieking.com/foods/search.php?keywords=golden+corral&filter=all&partner=&showresults=yes were kind of neat to peruse. Their rolls are 4 points! Yikes!!
  14. I am so incredibly happy right now! This morning on WI, I had a huge loss, 4.5 pounds (and steeling myself for when the pounds don't drop off as quickily as they have the first two months) for a total of 28.5. AND ... I'm only 0.5 pounds away from a 10% loss. NSVs the jeans i've been wearing are too big and i dug a pair out of the closet that haven't fit in years and now they do! Walking was SO much easier on vacation ... normally I need to sit and rest several times when we're going from point A to Point B in the parks, but this time i didn't at all! In fact it was my 6 yo who looked up at me and said, "Lets stop for a minute mommy, i'm tired!"
  15. BarbA

    help me

    I agree with the other two posters .... It would probably help to post some of your actual menus, and the minutes that you're doing your exercise, so others (with more experience than me! grinning) can see if you're eating enough. It seems paradoxical, but at times you need to eat more to loose! Also .. how long have you had this plateau? A plateau is your body adjusting to your new weight .... it's not necessarily a bad thing. I'd not necessarily set a time deadline on those last 30 pounds .. if they are slower in coming off, you could be setting yourself up for a disappointment if you don't loose it by December. December isn't that far away and a lot of times those last few pounds are the toughest to come off! Either way ... welcome to BCB! :bcbsalute
  16. I second Hoosier Daddy! I love their french onion soup and their Sizzlin Chicken Skillet. Others have mentioned that their desserts are good too .. but i'd rather have the onion soup with my meal!
  17. I had this salad today (minus the almonds and their Rasp vinagrette dressing, added a FF vinagrette i have at home) It has Iceberg, romaine, spring mix lettuce; diced grilled chicken, diced apples, dried cranberries, some shredded cheddar and some grape tomatoes. 250 Cal; 8 grams fat; 4 grams fiber = a very yummy 5 points! I ballparked it at about 3 F/V servings?
  18. YEs!! It is great! I usually add some stevia powder for a little extra sweetness and a LOT of cinnamon!
  19. lol ... i said a red hoe! (Don't ask me why ....i hate to garden! But my youngest son's favorite color is red and he says the word CONSTANTLY!)
  20. http://www.dietfacts.com/html/items/9499.htm Lists the "stats" for APplebees, Low-Fat Asian Chicken Salad Calories 714 Calories from Fat 81% Total Fat 9g 14% Total Carbohydrate 121g 40% Dietary Fiber 9.6g 38% Unofficial Pts: 14 But it doesn't say if it's fried or grilled chicken. it says it is NOT the same as oriental chicken.
  21. Not a problem .. salt and vinegar sound good! That was always one of my favorite flavors .. may be a red light food for me tho!
  22. The product info is always generic ... based on a blend of available nutritional info for many different brands. It's always best to calculate your own off the labels for the individual products you buy. The data base that i have shows Rice cakes, other than plain - 1 (1/2 ounce) = 1 point Rice cakes, plain - 2 (3/4 oz or 6 mini) = 1 Even tho they were "plain" the multi grain thing must have added calories, but no fiber! Labeling is a funny thing - Multi grain does not always mean that teh food has fiber in it! There are a lot of products that sound like they should be chock full of fiber and they have very little. We think we're making healthier choices but we aren't necessarily. It's why it's so important to check the labels!
  23. :bcbsalute How awesome! WHat a fantastic achievement. Congratulations!
  24. Whoo Hoo!! Congratulations! WHat a great milestone!
  25. I don't know the consistency of the sauce ... but perhaps dipping strawberries and bananas in it? angel food cake is only a couple points for a piece, maybe drizzled on that?
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