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  1. So, today is Wed, and I have today and tomorrow off, then have to work Fri, Sat and Sun. I'm working this weekend for my coworker who's daughter is graduating from college! She's so thankful that I said I'd work, but she and I do things for each other. What goes around, comes around! I overdid a bit yesterday-I'm sore today, but will go swimming and work some of the kinks out this morning. I got a call from my oldest dd yesterday. She said that she called to say that she loved me. She didn't post it all over FB, but she wanted me to know that she loved me deeply, and God forbid anything happens to me, she'd miss me terribly, but I raised her to be an independent woman, and she'd go on. This was prompted by my niece who has written all over FB how my sister is her best friend and she loves her and has no idea what she'd do without her, yada, yada. Kindof odd really, but as time goes on, I realize that both of my sisters kindof messed up their kids by making them so dependent on them. Her call made me smile-I told her that I know my kids all love me because they show it, and they tell me, and they're always there for me when I need them. Jo, FANTASTIC!!! 4 sizes?? You rock woman! How fun going to buy new clothes when you have such a difference.
  2. Mack finally did his business, so I'm back. He keeps on going outside, looking around and sniffing all over the place, coming back in the house and pooping upstairs in the hall. so now if he doesn't poop, we keep him on a leash until he does. VEry high maintenance and such a PITA. He'd better get the message loud and clear. SOON. I need to get moving. I have to get ready for swim, so I have to get breakfast in me quickly and get moving. I slept like a log last night, and needed it. I'll be back later!
  3. Hi buddies. I know that I have to shake myself out of this funk and I'm working on it. I hate self pity, so I won't be in this frame of mind for long.....here's why I feel this way. My vision is still not right-my one pupil is still dilated a little bit and it makes reading and using my eyes very difficult. My surgery foot is giving me pain-more than the previous one did, and although I can take pain meds for it, those just make me feel dizzy and compound the eye problem.....then there's my knee.....I rented the knee scooter, but kneeling on it is very painful unless I kneel just right.....difficult to do bc if I kneel in a certain way, the cast moves against my heel and causes more pain...makes it very difficult to get around between the knee on the casted foot side and the less than 100% foot on the other side. I felt overwhelmed today and had to have a pity party. Add to that that none of my family can even send me an email, and I've been in a foul mood. I'm allowing myself to have pity upon myself today and tomorrow it's all over. I will do my ball exercises tonight and pick myself up and move along. Rhonda, I can tolerate much, but being lied to is not something I can tolerate. I have no suggestions though. WTG on booking another show! Esther, believe me, I've been beating myself up over my attitude. I didn't expect it to be easy, but I guess I expected it to feel manageable. Bryan has at least given me space today, and backed away a little bit. I needed that, so I guess he was a smart man today. Cressa, I hate worrying about driving in the snow. Bald tires and snow don't mix well either. Glad you didn't have to go in. Karen, I can feel Keri's pain about no one calling her.....it's not like I expect everyone to fawn over me, etc, but a call or an email might be nice. I'm aware everyone has their own lives to live and everyone is busy, but I guess I only expect from them what I give to them. Ok buddies, I'll put my happy face back on and force it!!! There's no going back at this point in time, so I have to figure out how to move forward. I will though.
  4. Hi buddies. Bad attitudinal buddy here today. It's all wearing quite thin, and I'm fed up and irritated. Gonna be a lonnnnggggg recouperation...... Karen, hope you have a good day today! I sent you a PM. Katy, it's such a shame that you guys have to go north for the funeral. Safe travels and at least you'll be together on this trip. Tanya, I haven't golfed for many years.....I've been banned from many golf courses....
  5. Sandy, how long will you be off of work after your procedure? Glad your fingie is better today. How is Odie doing? I haven't done my own measurements yet, but should do that today. Let's wrap this challenge up and start the next one. The boredom of recouperation will not be a good thing for me..... Katy, soak up some wonderful vitamin D for me today, will ya? I need some STAT.
  6. Rhonda, I hope you can talk your niece into selling scentsy! Would be good for you, and also good for her! I'm a horrible saleswoman, and hate selling things. You're good at it-I stink at selling things. I love eggrolls, but love fried won tons even more. So wonderful that you made those contacts last night-you'll be a Scentsy mogul soon!! Do they give their top Scentsy sellers pink cadillacs?? Karen, hope Keri is well on the way to recouperation, and hope you're taking care of yourself too. Lisa, hope Dave gets well quickly and as painlessly as possible.
  7. OK, recouperation has run its course....I'm bored and ready to walk again....Bryan can go back to work, the dogs are going to sold to the first bidder, and I'm going to the beach to lay in the sun and forget about snow and dreary skies. That is my mind set today.....:bcb_huh::bcb_yuck:
  8. Good morning KAty. I posted another thread at the same time you posted this one, so I put a note on the other one to come here. Dreary and rainy here today. Kindof suits my mood.....I need some sun and warmth. I can't wait till all this snow is GONE and the sun comes out and this cast is off. There's a squirrel outside just sitting there looking in the window at me......honestly, if Mack was awake, he'd be going bananas. He dreams of catching those squirrels.....
  9. Top of the Mornin' to ya buddies! Go to Katy's thread-we posted at the same time!
  10. Good evening buddies. I've been farming on FB and decided to take a break and come visit here for a bit. My farm will do very well for a few weeks and then it'll fall into disrepair when my days are filled up with things other than sitting here on the computer. Already going a bit looney......dogs are driving me crazy and I'm just getting used to my knee walker. I've been able to adjust how I kneel to protect my sore knee....yes, I do feel old at times. I look at the Olympians, and I'm amazed at what they do and the commitment they have. I need about one ounce of that motivation and commitment......don't we all? WEll, things are moving along with the wedding plannng. I swear my dd will drive both of us crazy before this is all over. Good thing she's so well loved and also good that I understand her. Esther, we have broken all records here in Va for snow this year. Also in MD. Weird weather we have these days. Katy, I truly was going to do my exercise ball, but just am not feeling good enough yet. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can do it. I need a bit more balance to be successful on the ball. OK buddies, have good evenings!
  11. Whoops, forgot a few buds. Sandy, I hope you don't have to wait till March for your procedure. I hate things like that hanging over your head. As for your ds.....he needs to put his fear aside and support you. It's never easy for anyone to go through this kind of thing, and I am SOOOOOO happy that Freddie is with you on this. That is the most important thing of all. Odie bit you? Did you pull his tail? (I pull Mack's all the time, lol) Anyway, for a dogbite, I would clean the area, and keep neosporin on it. If not better in a few days, or if you run a fever, etc, you need to go see the doctor right away. Cat bites are different and can be much worse.
  12. Hi buddies. I got up this morning and took a heavenly shower. It always feels so good, even though Bryan is lurking right outside the shower and tries to tell me how to take a dang shower......he's so dang over protective,and I love him for it, but geez! Leave me to my shower. It all seems easier to me this time, as I got plenty of practice with the last foot, however, it's funny how the mind has such a memory-I keep thinking I need to favor my left foot, and it's the right foot now that needs the special care. Anyway, I got dressed and came downstairs, and Bryan insisted that we go out for breakfast. I gave in and said, yeah, what the heck. Well, I should have stayed home. Remember how I told you about the patch and getting it in my eye? Well, I don't have much of a problem when I'm inside-the pupil is still dilated, but not as bad as yesterday. I still have a hard time reading, etc, but once I'm outside in the brighter light, it isn't a wonderful feeling. Made me kindof sickly feeling. ended up getting my breakfast to go and I ate it for lunch. I should have known better and just stayed home, but I didn't. I still don't feel great, but not horrible either. The surgery center called to see how I was, and I told her about the eye. She went to the anesthesiologist and asked her about it, and she said not to worry-it will do that to the eye, but it will eventually go away on it's own. Nothing I can do to accelerate the process. So, I'm back on the couch, watching Dr. Oz with the boys and thinking that I need to just sit and recoup. Katy, I'm so sorry about SC's uncle. So sad for all of you, and the timing does stink for you too. How is SC's bloodclot doing? Will he be able to go back to work eventually? Rhonda, hope you have a wonderful scentsy party tonight. Hope you're getting a good nap in right now too. Cold by you and Lisa! I know what you mean about being embarassed with the exercising, but look what we're doing to ourselves! We're embarassed, so we don't exercise and nothing gets done. Lisa, hope you're staying warm. Your boss will be in such shock from being in the warm climate! Hope your week goes well, and good job on the BSs!! Tanya, have fun and don't spend too much! Esther, I certainly hope that Gerry's doctor is jsut being cautious. Will say a few prayers today about that! Karen, great news about Keri. I hope she recoups quickly. Is R in good graces lately? What about Cleveland? I have a wedding to go to, and OMG, I just realized what you're talking about! My childhood friend, Karen, still lives up in cleveland and we just reconnected after 30 years! We have plans to get together the next time I am up there! You are invited of course!!
  13. Hi buddies. Erika has left the building and Bryan is down the basement while I'm supposed to be taking a nap with the boys. I'm not sleepy enough yet, so I thought I'd check in here first. Weird thing happened to me today. Right before surgery, they put a scopalamine patch behind my ear to eliminate the nausea and dizziness I had last time. Well, it worked, but it was itching bad today, and I took it off. Never washed my hands, and I must have rubbed my eye. So, a little bit later on, it felt like I had a big goober in my eye. I went into the bathroom and my one eye was dilated, but the other one was fine.....looked up on the internet, and sure enough, scopalamine IS used to dilate eyes. Feels weird and I can't focus well. Won't do that again, that's for sure. Rhonda, after dealing with chronic pain for the last 2 years, I can completely understand how it can get you down. It's not easy and that's one reason I went ahead and just did this surgery. I need to get back to the point where I have days without pain. I can only hope and pray that's where I'm headed!!
  14. Hi buddies! Happy Sunday to all. I'm dressed and downstairs ready for another day. I have a little pain-I'm moving this foot more than I moved the other foot due to my knee pain....yes, you can all make cracks about me getting old and falling apart because it's true, lol. I'm getting around and feeling less fuzzy today. Katy, at least you use your beads to make beautiful things. Sounds like you had fun. I'm going to try and exercise today-my big exercise ball is sitting here, and I'd love to try and at least do some of those exercises. We'll see. Yesterday I wasn't steady enough, but today I'm better. Rhonda, I love BLTs, love projects and who was at your door?? Inquiring minds want to know, lol. Tanya, have fun today and hope your weather is good. It's supposed to be 50 again here today, so that's a good thing. Perhaps it'll melt this dang snow. I'm through half of my magazines-I bought photography and gardening magazines and I got some good ones. I'm planning out my veggie garden-too much wasted space last year. This year, I'm gonna pack it solid! New developments with the wedding. Seems that we're going to have the main event in a hall right next to a winery about 20 miles away from here. Lovely place and Bryan and I are thrilled. Now we don't have to worry about weather and oh, so many other things. Long story short-the tent would have to go in the front yard, and they don't want it there. the rest of our yard is on a slope, so this is what the kids want, and this is what they're gonna have! Yahoo, now I can breath again. (and have lots more fun-that's why Christa and Erika decided to do it this way) OK buddies, I'm off to the loo. Takes me a while to get there, so I have to give myself time....
  15. Hi buddies. My daughter Erika is here today, and it's so good to see her. She has been telling us about her new job, and I'm so happy for her. She loves it all so far, and she deserves it! My foot is doing fine, but I do feel pain today. Half a pain pill with a tylenol is handling it well. My shoulders and arms are very sore today-they must have been pulling on them yesterday to position me for surgery. they had me walk to the operating room, and then lay down on a stretcher. Gave me the sleepy juice, and then they turn me over onto my stomach for the surgery. I'm jsut very sore today to the extent that I can hardly use my arms very well. Other than that, I'm good! katy, so glad that Sc missed you! Nothing like a warm welcome home to make a woman happy. Have fun today and don't overspend! You still have to shop for a new suit for the interview! tanya, have fun and stay safe! Rhonda, great deal, and you'll probably sell them all. People love animal prints. I rented a knee walker-the kind on wheels like I had last time. My knee is still quite sore, but I'm able to hobble around. I'm still not as steady as I want to be, but I'm getting there. we had a heat wave too-got up to 50 here today.
  16. Hi buddies. Surgery is all done, and i'm feeling pretty good. No pain yet, but hungry. bryan is making me soup and I've had a few crackers. I'll see you all tomorrow! Thank you all for your good wishes, and our 2 traveling buddies are in MY prayers too today! Love you guys!!! Thanks for all of your support. It means so dang much.
  17. Rhonda, those squares are very pretty, and yes! You did make me smile. I don't know why I'm feeling this so much today-I just have this sense of forboding and not about the surgery. Just about the next 2 months I guess. Maybe I rushed this, etc, etc. I will be fine, and yes, thank you to everyone here for listening and just trying to get me out of my rut. Sandy, yes, I am a strong thinker.....for everyone else's problems, lol! I have plenty of projects to do, and photograph duties. I'm going to be making a large photo album to watch at Christa and Ben's wedding. I have a large stack of Ben's baby photos, and have to find all of Christa's, then scan them all and upload to the proper media. That should be fun. I have flowers and baubles to decorate the centerpieces for the wedding, and Lord knows I have plenty of phone calling to find deals for the wedding. Also bought a bunch of magazines. One photo magazine, and many gardening mags. It's soooooo hard not to read them, but I have to wait!! Esther, greasy spoons are so fun sometimes. For a once in a while treat, so worth it. Tanya, very cute pictures!! Aiden looks older in that pic! He's really growing up. Katy, when do you leave for FL? I hope your weather is good. Gotta be better than MI. Probably much better than VA too.
  18. Howdy buddies. I'm at work and will be here again tomorrow, but upstairs... OMG, I don't wanna, but I gotta. Sandy, even though you're scared about the procedure, it needs to be done, and you'll be fine. Now, I can practice what I'm preaching!!! I'm not actually afraid of the procedure-I should not have lots of pain or anything, but it's the dang confinement. I'm such a whiner today. I'm sick of people expecting too much from me the day before I'm to have surgery. Rhonda, yes, I did rent a knee walker, but I might not be able to use it. My knee is really bothering me, and if I can't kneel, I can't use a knee walker.....I will make it work somehow though. Crutches are for the birds. Tanya, vacation will be all that much better bc you're so dang stressed right now! Hang in there!
  19. Hi buds. I'm on the downside of my day, but we're having a lab meeting so people will be getting here early today. I think that the reason I'm nervous is that I hope and pray that my "good" foot can handle being my main foot while the other one is casted. I'll be severely limited and that doesn't bode well with my nature......I WILL be stir-crazy in a matter of days. The pain from the surgery is minimal, so I'm OK with that, but I hate certain parts of this recovery. LIke taking a shower sitting down....I know that seems so stupid, but it makes you feel like an invalid. OK, enough pity party. I'll be fine and I have lots of stuff lined up to do. I plan on doing things a bit differently this time. As long as I can get past Hitler...oops, I mean Bryan. There I go again. He is a great nurse to me, and I'm being mean. He will drive me crazy, but this too shall pass. Sigh. I'm sorry buddies. Not very uplifting person these days. I'll see you all tonight. I'll paste a smile on and fake it if I have to.
  20. Hi buddies. At work today and tomorrow, surgery on Friday. It's an outpatient surgery, so I'll be home the same day. My oldest daughter will be coming for a visit this weekend, so I'm looking forward to that. No word on my mom at this point. I've told her not to come at this point. My dd's have offered to meet my brother half way, but he hasn't responded back to me, so I think he doesn't really want to do this, or he can't. At any rate, we'll be fine. We will come up with innovative ideas to make this work. Lord knows, we've been through much worse. Katy, you sound good today, and sounds like you're getting excited about FL. I'm glad you'll be on the board next week, and yes, the wall of fame is an excellent idea!! That sounds very promising about the jobs!! Perhaps the economy is creeping back. I hope so. Esther, any cuddles are good cuddles! How are you doing without your Wii? Sigh. It's just how I feel today. My stomach is a mess-I am a bundle of nerves today. Don't really know why I'm so much more nervous about this surgery than I was with the first foot.
  21. Hi buddies. OK, it's official. We will wrap up this challenge this week. Send me a PM with your final numbers and I will tally and post results as soon as everyone gets me their info! I will give everyone another week to send me their info, and then I'll post the results with whoever completes the challenge. It's been good, but we all have issues and things to do in the next couple weeks, and we need to just call it quits for now. However, remember the pigs!!! Do not backslide!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay the course, and remember those goals that we started with.
  22. Hi buddies. Sorry I haven't been around much. I'm doing prep stuff for my surgery on Friday. Going to the stores, cleaning, laundry, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. I'll never get everthing that I want to get done done. Today I washed all the wood flooring in the house.....smells much better in here and looks great. I have the guest bedroom to make up and I'm done for today. I've done lots more today, but the bottom line is that I'm exhausted and I work tomorrow and Thurs. I cannot believe my surgery is in just a few days. Ladies, how about we end the challenge this week? We can all wind down-send me your final weights and measurements, and I'll post the final winners. Bottom line is that I just can't keep up this week-I'm struggling to get things done, and I'm hardly here. We can start another challenge later on, but I think we should tally up and end this one, take a break for a few weeks, and then hit it hard again. Seems like everyone has kindof dropped out-myself included.
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