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  1. i can never tell the difference. what do you count most of The Firms as?
  2. When do you think the new batch of videos will be released to CollageVideo or Amazon? I have not had good luck ordering directly from the FIRM.
  3. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but these biscuits are def. 2 PTS.
  4. Does anyone have a WW Fried rice Recipe?
  5. Does anyone have a granola recipe that they like? (with oats, raisins, nuts...)
  6. Does anyone have any good homemade granola recipes?
  7. Has anyone had problems with any of their dvds in the new kit? The Cardio Sculpt tells me there's an error and it wont play!
  8. Anyone have any redwhiteblue desserts for Wednesday that would be OP? Thanks!
  9. ok!! Thank you very much! I am so excited about the new Firm that I cant even wait!!
  10. I was notified yesterday that my Firm had been shipped and they gave me a tracking number but I dont know what good a tracking number does without a carrier! Who shipped yours?
  11. My first weighin is Thursday and I am a nervous wreck about it. Any tips? Thanks!
  12. Thank you very much for the info! I will definately be looking into both of them!!
  13. I am looking for a Yoga video and I have found that the Firm makes one. Does anyone have this? Do you recommend it? Thanks
  14. Hi all! I'm a 17 year old and been using WW Online since January. I'm having a hard time staying OP and think I need to go to regular meetings with my mom. I have heard some mention of there being some different materials for young members-is that true? Do I have to get a doctor's note to join? THANKS!!
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